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cute cat videos

It's For You

Kitty gets the phone and brings it back to Mom when there’s a call. Read more

Shiro and the Kitten

Shiro switches his tail and Mimi the kitten does what any kitten would do. Read more

Lap Kittens

Doug Brown aka DrNworb’s adorable foster kittens take a break from their usual mayhem and practice being the perfect lap cats, in a beautiful video.
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Existentialist Cat is Back: Henri 3, Le Vet

Henri shares his existential ennui once more: “I try to tell the doctor about my depressive state and my growing disillusionment with the word, but he just checks for gumk in my ears.” Read more

Baby Kittens All Settled For The Long Awaited Bottles

Tabby triplets at feeding time.
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Sexy & I Know It - Super Cat Style

Mia rocks the plastic bag on the catwalk (with supervision, of course).
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City The Kitty Finds A Way Into The Box

City the Kitty wants to get into his box of t-shirts.
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Kittens Sleeping A Lot

The adorable sweeties from the popular video Sleepy Kitten … Wake Up are back and they’re sleeping up a storm.
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Many Maru 8

Fun with Maru.
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Face, Please

Feels so good.
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Cat Daddy Excited to Meet his Daughter Kitten Marshmallow

The final video episode following kitten Marshmallow’s development. Here she meets her Daddy Jumbo.
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Cat Massages Tiger

Helga, the cat, practices her massage routine on a very cooperative tiger! Read more

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