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cute cat video

6 Week Kitten Falls Asleep with Two Dalmatian Dogs!

A sweet little kitten falls asleep with her big Dalmation dog friends. Read more

Cute Cat Wants Milk

A cute kitty is determined to get a hold of the baby bottle, and climbs her owner’s leg to get a taste. Read more

Horse Nuzzles Cat

A kitten and a three year old horse share a tender moment in the barn. Read more

Funny Cats Sleeping in Weird Positions Compilation

Cats find some interesting places and positions for sleeping in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

CAT vs LIZARD - Black Cat Security System!

Cole the Black Cat loves to watch “Kitty TV” and check out the birds and squirrels… He also does a great job protecting his home from lizards! Read more

Playing marimba with kittens

Marimba player Yi David Yang had company every day during his practice sessions while fostering a pair of cute littermate kittens who, happily, were adopted together. The patient musician says: “[This is] what I had to deal with every day after they grew big enough to climb onto my marimba.” Read more

Timo the Cat vs the Vacuum Cleaner

Timo the Ragdoll cat has shown curiosity toward the vacuum cleaner since he was a kitten. Read more

Mohawk Cats

Shiro and the gang model furry mohawk hats in this adorably absurd video. Read more

Milo Wanted Attention

Milo hijacks his petmom, yoga instructor Jahzel Dotel,’s video of her workout. Read more

Mr. Bouncy Cat

The surprising Mr. Bouncy Cat looks up at us a couple of times and then gets up on his hind legs and hops across the kitchen floor. Read more

Petting the Cat

Messi the cat wants to be petted but has some do’s and don’ts about how and where it’s best done. Read more

Kittens and Soap Bubbles

Brave kitten Panda tries to catch the soap bubbles while his littermates are not too sure what’s going on, in this very cute video. Read more

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