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cute cat video

Bengal Cat Talking to her Kitten

Mama Bengal kitty talks to her kitten in this sweet, heartwarming video. Read more

Cats And Dogs Vs Toilet Paper Compilation

Cats and dogs engage in one of a pet’s favorite activities – unrolling and tearing up the toilet paper – in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cat knocks things off the table

Put it on the edge of the table … and kitty knocks it off. Read more

2 Cats, 1 Cat Tree!

Cole and Marmalade have fun with a new cat tree. Read more

Sleepy Kitten

A sleepy kitten nods off after getting some kisses from Daddy. Read more

Sleepy Kitty Cuddles Her Doll

A sleepy kitty cuddles her soft bunny doll at naptime in this adorably sweet video. Read more

Cats Enjoying a Massage Compilation

Cats enjoy getting massages from their people in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

A pushcart and Maru

In one of his cutest videos ever – and that’s saying a lot! – Maru pushes a little cart around the room. Read more

Bob's Exercise Routine

See Bob the cat’s exercise routine … . Read more

Laser Pointers Rule

A young cat and a toddler chase the laser pointer’s red dot. Read more

Cute kitten asks for kisses before nap

A sweet little kitten asks for kisses before curling up for a nap. Read more

Cat Gets a Massage

Kitty really loves the new massager. Read more

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