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cute cat video

Cat cuddles his sleeping pig friend

2-year old Ragdoll cat Leonardo diCatzio cuddles sweetly with Moritz B, his sleepy 12-year old pig friend. Read more

Bedtime with Cole: Do You Let Your Cats Sleep on the Bed?

Cole of Cole & Marmalade fame is a regular visitor to his petparents’ bed at night, as seen in this night vision camera view of the goings on. Read more

Cat Unrolls Toilet Paper

A cat unrolls a roll of toilet paper onto the bathroom floor in this cute video. Read more

Cole & Marmalade and the new couch

Cole and Marmalade explore the family’s new couch and lay claim to it for themselves. Read more

The Most Loving Cat In The World

Ville the cat shows his love for his petdad in this heart-meltingly sweet video. Read more

Cats vs Lasers: The Ultimate Showdown

It’s cats versus lasers in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cat in love with vacuum cleaner

Dorik loves having his belly stroked with the vacuum cleaner brush – while the machine is running! Read more

Alto and Apache

A little kitten who wandered in as a stray has become best and loving friends with the family’s white shepherd dog. Read more

A Test of a Cat's Will Power

Kitty has a hard time maintaining self control when there is a fish placed in front of him on the counter. Read more

Mama Cat Won't Dance With Her Kittens

Mama kitty Kami is not joining in as her darling little kittens form a kitten chorus line. Read more

Kitten Wrestling

Two cute little kittens tumble around in the wrestling ring. Read more

Timo The Cat And His Special Friendship With A Koi Fish

Timo the Ragdoll cat shares a special friendship with a koi fish in his garden pond. Read more

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