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cute cat video

Give me your paw!

Kitty gives one paw, the other paw, and then both paws when asked – just like an obedient dog. However, a session with a dog might not end like this! Watch! Read more

Adopted kitten bonds with family cat

A super sweet video shows a new kitten bonding with the family’s cat. Read more

Cats vs Rare Bathtub SHARK!

This time it’s purrsonal! Cole & Marmalade discover a shark in the bathtub … a (not so) vicious battle begins! Read more

Copycat Kitten

Neo the kitten tries to copy his mama as she bathes. Read more

How To Survive Working With Cats!

Take Your Cat To Work Day is June 25th. Cole and Marmalade help demonstrate some tips for surviving the workplace while office supurrvisors “help.” Read more

Cat sees petmom

Kitty sees his petmom outside the window. Watch! Read more

Cat Won't Let Boy Listen to Music in Peace

Kitty is so lovey-dovey his favorite boy is distracted from listening to music and looking at his phone. Read more

Curious Cats Compilation

Curious cats take an interest in everything around them in this cute compilation of video clips, sometimes to comic effect. Read more

Curious cat is absolutely fascinated with baby

A cute cat is fascinated by a strange little creature … a human baby! Read more

Kittens Do Stuff For The First Time

A lighthearted little video shows kittens being cute while doing things for the first time. Read more

And the box becomes a part of Maru!?

This time, The box becomes a part of Maru. Read more

Kittens in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions!

Funny compilation of kittens confused by their own reflections … check out what happens when kittens see themselves for the first time! Read more

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