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cute cat vdeo

Cat cafe for cat lovers

This is an incredible concept for a cafe – A Cat Cafe! Melbourne have opened their first Cat Cafe. Read more

This cat knows when he does something wrong

This cat knows when he does something wrong See what the cat does when he get caught in action Read more

Jumping Kittens vs Wall Paper

Kitty Cats New Years Resolutions 2012

Happy New Year! We’re embracing the new year and starting off on a high note with this feel good video. Chase Holiday’s fabulous Furball Fables kitties – Merlin, Fairy, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi – share their resolutions and goals, their hopes and their wishes for the new year to come. Read more

Cat vs. Ferret

It appears cats and ferrets have a similar play style. Read more

Oskar the Blind Kitten & Klaus: Feline Bromance in Omaha

Oskar and Klaus have become inseparable. They spend all day either cuddled up together sleeping, or playing together, or eating out of the same bowl. Read more

Gourmet Cat

Gourmet cat is livin’ good. Read more

Ginger's Secret

The secret life of Ginger The Cat is finally revealed. Read more

Meowy Catmas

We asked at Facebook for holiday themed pics of your cats. Here they are in a slideshow. Read more

Cats Christmas Magic: Furball Fables

Christmas eve night the Furball kitties wait for Santa Claws to stop by for Tuna Egg nog and tuna cookies. Read more

A Shironekoshiro Christmas

The Shironekoshiro cats pose with their holiday hats on. Read more

Gordon Makes a Snowball

This is Gordon’s first time in the snow and his first snowball. Read more

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