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Cats vs Lasers: The Ultimate Showdown

It’s cats versus lasers in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

The Story of Maru &Hana

The story of Maru and Hana. Read more

Inmates bottle feed foster kittens in prison program

Kittens, a shelter and prisoners all benefit in a prison foster program matching motherless kittens and inmates. Read more

Maru sleeps on the hammock

Maru is sprawled out on his back napping on the hammock and he couldn’t be cuter. Read more

Did you hear? Black Cats Are Cool!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! Read more

9 Reasons Black Cat Owners are Lucky!

Black Cat Appreciation Day is coming right up, on August 17th. Here’s 9 reasons why one is very lucky to be owned by a black cat! Read more

Teach STAY to your cat - TUTORIAL

Want kitty to sit still for photos? Didga the cat’s petdad and trainer Robert Dollwet shows how to train a cat to STAY. Read more

8 Clever Ideas to Keep Cats Active

Check out these ideas for 8 clever ideas for keeping cats active, happy and healthy. Read more

Maru & Hana14

Maru and Hana star in a compilation of video clips. Watch! Read more

Dumped kittens nearly taken with trash are on the mend

Seven kittens who narrowly escaped being hauled off with a vet hospital’s rubbish are doing well in their recovery a week later and have moved to a rescue. Read more

Cats playing Hide and Seek...But, where are you?

Hmmm … I feel like you are somewhere near this paper shopping bag but I cannot figure where!!! Read more

Teatime for Maru & Hana

It is teatime for Maru and Hana with Matatabi tea (Tea for cats). Read more

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