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STOP Cats Scratching / Jumping on Furniture

Cat and dog trainer Robert Dollwet presents a helpful tutorial on keeping cats from scratching the furniture and jumping up where they should not be. Read more

These cat just want to be petted!

Cats want their people to pay attention to them and pet them in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Hammock and Maru & Hana

Maru & Hana are relaxed on the hammock. Read more

Kittens taped into beer box and dumped are rescued

Two black and white kittens dumped taped into a beer box have been rescued and are safe in care at a shelter Read more

Cat Interrupts Cross Stitching

Marmalade the kitten/cat loves to help his mom cross stitch, as you can see he’s very purrsistent! Read more

Why Cats Are Basically Dogs

A humorous compilation of video clips suggests that cats are a lot like dogs and concludes that maybe cats are really man’s best friend. Read more

10 cats and Soap bubbles

The ’10 Cats’ kitties – or some of them, anyway – are fascinated by soap bubble on the other side of a glass door. Read more

Curious cat is absolutely fascinated with baby

A cute cat is fascinated by a strange little creature … a human baby! Read more

And the box becomes a part of Maru!?

This time, The box becomes a part of Maru. Read more

Cats Who Are Actually Spies

They could be watching you right meow. Read more

STOP Scratching/Jumping on Furniture

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to stop your cat from scratching/jumping on furniture/counter tops. Read more

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Cat Happier

Want to improve your cat’s life? Here are five easy and inexpensive ways to get your cat moving, spice up her playtime and channel her natural instincts. Read more

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