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Hearing impaired woman teaches her cats sign language

A hearing impaired woman has taught her cats sign language and has trained them using it. Read more

Life Hacks for Cats, with Shorty and Kodi

Are you a cat who wants to make your life even easier? Follow these life hacks to sleep better, maintain a clean litterbox, and get away with anything. Read more

Mother and daughter cats dumped in box find happy new home

A mother and daughter pair of cats who were dumped in a cardboard box with nothing but a note have found a new home. Read more

Cats vs Bananas

From distrust to nom, nom, nomming, cats have different reactions to bananas in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Maru & Hana10

The always entertaining Maru and Hana frolic and play together in their latest video. Read more

Murphy's Journey: From feral colony to happy housecat

Murphy was rescued from a feral cat colony as a kitten and grew up to become a happy house cat. Read more

Goodbye, crazy cat lady. Hello, cool cat parent.

It’s time for a “cattitude” adjustment: New survey reveals changing feelings about cats and cat people. Read more

Firefighters resuscitate unconscious cats at house fire

Two cats found unconscious in their smoke-filled home were resuscitated and brought back by firefighters on Monday. Read more

A Visit to Aoshima: Japanese Cat Island

Welcome to Aoshima, the Japanese Cat Island where the cats far outnumber the people, and a ferry brings day-trippers out to visit the cats. Read more

Cats are the best babysitters and nannies

Some cats really love babies, and they show it in this very sweet compilation of cute video clips. Read more

Cats find love with Tinder

Vancouver’s cats are going digital as they search for true love on Tinder. Watch as they catfish unsuspecting users. Read more

Scientists Create Cat Music!

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have created music especially for cats! Cole and Marmalade give it a listen and their petdad tells us more about the project. Read more

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