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Cat's Protection

Bonnie Kitten: Disabled Kitten Gets Help

The adorable Bonnie Kitten was born with a severely bent leg, but that does not get her down. She will probably be a tripod when she is placed for adoption; meanwhile, she is the star at her own Facebook page. Read more

Nelson: 20 Year Old Cat Overcomes Adversity and Beats the Odds

Nelson has survived an attempted drowning, life on the docks, an attack that cost him and eye and a recent diagnosis of a heart tumor. The family he adopted in 2009 calls him their little miracle. Read more

Bendy Legged Kitten Harvey Thrives in Foster Care

Special needs kitty Harvey has come a long way from the a tiny kitten rescued after his owner put him on a Craigslist type site to get rid of him. Now he frolics like any other cat in a specially designed garden at his foster home. Read more

Body Language in Cats

An excellent new video explains some common and typical examples of body language in cats. Read more

William, Cat Who Dragged Himself Home After Injury, Wins Award

William was recognized for his exceptional story at an awards ceremony last week. He dragged himself the half mile to his home using his front legs after an animal attack earlier this year. Read more

3 Months and 134 Miles Later, Kitz Comes Home

A microchip scan brought Kitz the cat back home to Jason Williams in Leeds, UK after the woman feeding her, 134 miles away in Mildenhall, took her to the vet for a checkup and the scan revealed her identity. Read more

Stowaway Kitten Travels 2,000 mi. From Turkey to England

Yonda crept into a transport trailer in Ankara and was not discovered until journey’s end, nine days later, at Dartford, Kent. Read more

Phoenix: Burn Victim Cat Rises From the Ashes

Phoenix’s spirit and will to live helped her to overcome injuries suffered when she was burned. The veterinary staffer who adopted her tells the story. Read more

Schnookums: Psychiatric and Behavioral Therapy Cat Shows Value of Animal Companionship

Schnookums had an immediate effect on patients when she went to work with her psychiatrist petmom, Laxmi Kathuria, who says “Where words fall short, a purr soothes away the pain.” Read more

Bindi: Cat Detects Breast Cancer and Saves Her Petmom's Life

Valerie Lubbock was told “I think you can thank your cat for saving your life,” as she left the hospital after her mastectomy. Read more

Leo Stands His Ground: Cat Frightens Off Burglar and is Nominated For Hero Award

Leo defended his turf and scared off an intruder by yowling up a commotion during an attempted burglary. Read more

Profiles: Hero Cats Charley and Alfie

Charley saved her petmom’s life when she had a diabetic episode, and Alfie has been the constant companion to a girl with a health condition, who needed his friendship. Both are among the finalists for a Cat of the Year award. Read more

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