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Cat's Protection

Cats and Children

Growing up with a pet can be an extremely rewarding experience for any youngster. Find out how cats and children can live in harmony. Read more

Dexter's family travel 800 miles to be reunited with their missing cat

Dexter went missing after a car accident as his family prepared for a long-distance move. Locals searched for him and he was finally found. Read more

Rescued stray cat gives birth to 10 kittens

Heavily pregnant stray Donatella surprised her rescuers by giving birth to 10 kittens. Read more

Family finds missing cat online after 6 years

A family who lost their cat six years ago found her again on the day they decided to look for another cat. She was listed for adoption at a local shelter. Read more

Therapy Cat Elias Helps His Army Veteran Petdad

Elias is a caring companion who serves as a therapy cat for his Army veteran petdad who suffers from PTSD. Read more

Clementine: Caring Cat Helps Family Cope During Difficult Time

Clementine the cat is a loving, caring companion who has helped her family through a very difficult period. Read more

Hero Cat Alerts Woman to Husband's Heart Attack

When Richard Jenkins was upstairs alone suffering a heart attack, Cleo the cat rushed up and down the stairs to get her petmom’s attention. Thanks to Cleo, paramedics arrived in time to save him with emergency treatment. Read more

UK Considers Bill to Regulate and Limit the Breeding of Kittens for Profit

If a UK bill to regulate the breeding of kittens for profit is passed by Parliament its proposals would improve the welfare of the mama cats and their kittens and place limits on their breeding. Read more

Bonnie Kitten: Disabled Kitten Gets Help

The adorable Bonnie Kitten was born with a severely bent leg, but that does not get her down. She will probably be a tripod when she is placed for adoption; meanwhile, she is the star at her own Facebook page. Read more

Nelson: 20 Year Old Cat Overcomes Adversity and Beats the Odds

Nelson has survived an attempted drowning, life on the docks, an attack that cost him and eye and a recent diagnosis of a heart tumor. The family he adopted in 2009 calls him their little miracle. Read more

Bendy Legged Kitten Harvey Thrives in Foster Care

Special needs kitty Harvey has come a long way from the a tiny kitten rescued after his owner put him on a Craigslist type site to get rid of him. Now he frolics like any other cat in a specially designed garden at his foster home. Read more

Body Language in Cats

An excellent new video explains some common and typical examples of body language in cats. Read more

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