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Catnip - Simon's Cat (A Christmas Special!)

A curious cat goes crazy for catnip! Read more

Kitty's Reaction to Catnip

Just say no? Most cats love catnip but this kitty isn’t so sure. Read more

8 Signs of Addiction, featuring Shorty the Cat

Shorty the cat knows what it’s like to battle addiction; she’s got it real bad for that banana toy. Read more

Cats on Catnip: The 5 Stages

Ever wonder what your cat experiences on Catnip? These are the five stages of their catnip experience. Read more

Silver vine tree and Maru

Maru gets high while nibbling and rubbing on the leaves of a silver vine plant, a Japanese equivalent to catnip. Read more

Crazy Cat

Too much catnip? Read more

Infographic: A Guide to Understanding Catnip

Fun facts about catnip. Read more

Panther's Magical Trip

I’m a huge fan of video creator Doug Brown aka DrNworb and his work, and it’s always a good day when there’s a new video to enjoy. In this new video, Panther experiences his butlers’ laps while on a far out nip trip. Read more

City the Kitty Gets His Nip On

Help yourself, City!
Read more

I Get High - Cat Gets High on Catnip

How can we expect our cats to stay clean when cat videos continue to glamorize the use of this drug?

Read more

Oskar the Blind Kitten Tries Out Catnip Spray

More fun from the adorably inspiring video star.
Read more