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Are You My Mother?

A duckling follows a cat around as though it is the bird’s mother. Read more

Sleeping Maru

Maru is a master of the art of sleeping. Read more

Mama Chaos and the Orphaned Kittens

New Mama Chaos showed an orphaned litter of kittens some mother love when they were rescued by Tenth Life. Their touching story is told here. Read more

Photos: Seattle Firefighters Resuscitate Cat at Scene of Fire

Firefighters searched a condo unit and found a cat hiding under a bed, barely breathing. They were able to revive the cat with the use of a pet oxygen mask. Read more

Many Boxes and Maru 3

Maru loves various boxes. Read more

A Cat Named Lazarus

Lazarus appeared to be stillborn and was placed into the trash, but lived. The woman who adopted her as a tiny baby tells the story of the queenly cat who lived to the ripe old age of 17. Read more

Kitty and Birdie Chase the Laser Pointer

A cat and a bird get along like best friends while chasing the laser pointer together. Read more

Kitty Fetches the Toy

A nimble cat climbs way up high to retrieve a toy in a game of fetch. Read more

Kitty Turns the Door Knob

A resourceful cat knows how to open the door when he wants to move from one room to another. Read more

Wadsworth Turns 27, May be World's Oldest Cat

A cat born as the sickly runt of his litter, and then discarded, has reached the great age of 27.Waddy was adopted at 4 weeks old by the woman he lives with today, and he has enjoyed a good and happy life. Read more

Many Maru 11

Maru does a bit of this and that in Many Maru 11, which includes an adorable little adventure with a paper bag. Read more

Cat Loves Baby

An adorably sweet kitty cuddles with baby. Read more

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