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Childhood Pets Make Lasting Impact on Our Lives

Survey respondents showed that beloved childhood pets leave lasting imprints on our lives and our attitude toward our parents. Read more

Kitty Rides the Roomba

In a new video, a kitty rides the Roomba like a champ. Read more

Habitat For Cats: A Beautiful Tribute to a Colony in Honor of Feral Cat Day

Gorgeous photos in this video show the beauty and personality of a colony of well cared for cats helped by a group dedicated to the homeless cats of their area. Read more

Missing Cat Marissa Reunited with Her Family After 15 Months

Marissa’s family is thrilled to have her back with them agaiin, and she is thriving in the family’s new home. Read more

Neighbors and Good Samaritan Rescue Cat Stranded Atop Pole

A good Samaritan with the right equipment and expertise helped a group of concerned neighbors to rescue a cat when no one else would. Read more

Cat Who Survived Abuse Joins Anti-Bullying Campaign

PBJ is a sweet girl who will go to schools to teach children compassion for others and to help those who have been abused. Read more

Meet Izzy

Izzy is a young special needs kitten in the care of Tenth Life. She was born with twisted back legs. Tenth Life is optimistic about her progress and expects her to thrive. Read more

Cat and the Skinny Box

She’s no Maru. Read more

Venus the Chimera Cat and the New Cat Condo

This is Venus playing with her “brother” Mojo & “sister” Ginger on their new cat tower/condo. She’s a sweet as can be and the smallest by far but you’ll see that she IS indeed the alpha in the pack. Read more

Bernice's Amazing Journey: One Year Later

Jackie K., a veterinary student employed at Animal Hospital of Oshkosh made this new video on the amazing Bernice and her recovery from severe burn injuries. Read more

Animal Haven Adoption Stories: Profiles of Love

A new video shows happily ever after stories for former NYC shelter pets and their families. Cat lover and shelter volunteer Suzi Anders is featured in one of the three stories. Read more

My Toy

Kodi shows off the new toy he found while Shorty looks on. Read more

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