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Cat vs. DVD Drive

Don’t know what it is? Better smack it! Read more

Harlem Shake Featuring Rambo the Cat

Rambo takes all the roles in our favorite version of the Harlem Shake. Read more

Maru cannot readily go into the box

… but he believes he can get in, so he does. Read more

Snow and Maru

Maru is inexperienced in walking on the accumulated snow. Read more

Sleepy Cat

A minute and a half of pure beauty and love. Read more

Mending Mickey

Mickey was wasting away, barely able to open his mouth and eat. He was dirty, matted and thin when he was rescued after being abandoned. Now he is getting the help he needs. Read more

Cat Meows When Music Stops Playing

Practicing violin and I noticed my cat would meow every time I stopped playing. Read more

Mighty Lou: A Cat Overcomes Physical Challenges

Diabetic cat Lou had limited use of his hind legs but, with treatment and loving care, he’s walking and running again. Read more

A Christmas Stocking and Maru

Maru plays in a Christmas stocking, in a classic holiday video. Read more

I'm Climbing Up The Christmas Tree Neow!

Shorty and Kodi demonstrate how they “help” with the festivities in their first Christmas carol! Read more

Oskar the Blind Cat Begging and Talking

Oskar is a very vocal kitty – he likes to express what’s on his mind! Read more

Kitten Attacks Christmas Decorations on Tree

Eight month old Lily plays with the decorations on the Christmas tree. Read more

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