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Morgan's Story

Tabby’s Place cat sanctuary occasionally has the privilege of meeting a cat who qualifies as a medical miracle. Mighty Morgan is such a cat. Read more

Toronto Firefighters Rescue Cats

Toronto firefighters rescued a family’s two cats and gave them oxygen at the scene when a fire broke out at their home. Read more

Vincent and Spike - A Love Story

Vincent the cat and Spike the bearded dragon share a little love. Read more

SLC Firefighters Revive Cat at Scene of House Fire

Salt Lake City, UT firefighters rescued and revived a cat at the scene of a house fire Tuesday morning, using a pet oxygen mask and CPR. Read more

Firefighters Rescue and Revive Cat at Florida Apartment Fire

Pumpkin appeared lifeless and had burned paws when firefighters found him collapsed in his home on Sunday. Paramedics revived him with oxygen and CPR. Read more

Brownie - Now Gary - Gets Help After Losing Leg Due to Abuse

A stray cat who lost a leg either directly or indirectly due to abuse is getting help and will have the chance at life in a good home soon. Read more

Cat Steals the Show in Couple's Wedding Photos

The bride and groom didn’t mind when Coco the cat upstaged them both in photos from their July 6 wedding. See the photos here. Read more

Cat Plays Pool

Kitty runs the table. Read more

Police Rescue 4 Kittens From Meth Lab

A police department helped for kittens found living in a meth lab, taking them from the scene and getting them to a vet for checkups and decontamination. The four will be available for adoption from the local humane society. Read more

Kitten Reading a Book

A cute kitten finds the perfect vantage point, draped over a girl’s head. Read more

Libby's Rescue: Woman's Dogs Alert Her to Kitten in Trash Can

Thanks to chance circumstances leading a woman to change her usual route while walking the dogs, a tiny kitten is now safe and headed to a better life. Libby is now in the care of Tenth Life. Read more

Kitty & Cat Mommy

A cute feisty kitten and his lovingly tolerant Mama make this beautiful video so sweet. Read more

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