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Wadsworth Turns 27, May be World's Oldest Cat

A cat born as the sickly runt of his litter, and then discarded, has reached the great age of 27.Waddy was adopted at 4 weeks old by the woman he lives with today, and he has enjoyed a good and happy life. Read more

Many Maru 11

Maru does a bit of this and that in Many Maru 11, which includes an adorable little adventure with a paper bag. Read more

Cat Loves Baby

An adorably sweet kitty cuddles with baby. Read more

Simon's Story

Simon went from being an abandoned FeLV positive street cat to a pampered house cat thanks to a rescue group and its dedicated volunteers. Read more

Sneakers Cleans House

Cat takes charge and cleans house. Read more

Playing Maru 17

Maru charms with his skills batting a toy in the hallway. Read more

Elmo the Water Cat: Hydrotherapy Helps Overweight Cat With Hip Problem

Elmo suffered a hip injury as a kitten and, at 7 years old, was fat, barely mobile, and asthmatic. Hydrotherapy and a diet plan have him back on track. Read more

Skillful Forefoot of Maru

Maru’s front paws are surprisingly skillful; he uses them like little hands. Read more

Cat vs. DVD Drive

Don’t know what it is? Better smack it! Read more

Harlem Shake Featuring Rambo the Cat

Rambo takes all the roles in our favorite version of the Harlem Shake. Read more

Maru cannot readily go into the box

… but he believes he can get in, so he does. Read more

Snow and Maru

Maru is inexperienced in walking on the accumulated snow. Read more

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