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Pippa Goes Home

An Aussie cat who traveled in a shipping container without food and water for 49 days has recovered and is back home with her loving family. Read more

Meet Lucius, "Britain's Happiest Cat"

A competition to find the UK’s happiest cat has been won by a kitty from Northampton, but life has not been all tuna and catnip for the winning feline. Read more

Russell makes a friend

Russell the cat has a new friend at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care, a motherless fawn called Darla Read more

Funny little girl feeds her cat cookies

A baby girl gets the giggles as she shares her cookies with the family cat. Read more

Shackleford the Cat - A Rescue Story

Shackleford lost a leg after being caught in a car engine but he gained a chance at finding a better life. Read more

Trying To Eat with a Cat Around!

Whatever you have I want some! … Eating with cats around can be a struggle. Read more

Henry and his foster kittens

An update to the story of Henry, the young male cat who adopted a litter of abandoned kittens, has video of the foster papa with his babies. Read more

Special needs male cat adopts abandoned kittens

A young male cat named Henry has adopted six abandoned kittens rescued after being found on the side of a road. Read more

7 Week Old Tuxedo Kitten Showing Dalmatian Lady Who Is The Boss!

Little foster kitten Uno is fearless when romping in play with loving Dalmatian friend Lady. Read more

Ohagi's Teatime

Who knew a cat’s teatime could be so entertaining and so much fun? Read more

Gotta Get That Tail!

A kitty is determined to catch his tail in this cute video! Read more

Reuniting soldiers and the pets they bonded with overseas

Nowzad’s founder spoke this week about his organization’s mission to reunite dogs and cats adopted at bases overseas with soldiers who have returned home. Read more

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