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Cat receives Feline Hero award for saving owner from medical emergency

Simba is usually calm and gentle, but he jumped on his petmom and scratched her face when she was losing consciousness in a medical emergency. Read more

Kitten is rescued from brush fire on live TV

A reporter doing a live segment was on hand as Miami, FL firefighters found a kitten in a box while fighting a brush fire. Read more

Lulu makes Biscuits

Lulu is busy kneading on her petdad, making kitty biscuits! Read more

Texas veterinarian is fired after killing cat and boasting at Facebook

A Texas veterinarian has lost her job and is the subject of widespread outrage after killing a cat, then bragging and joking about it at Facebook. Read more

Bebe; Kitten born with Manx syndrome

Bebe is a beautiful rescue kitten born with Manx Syndrome. Read more

Tired 4 week old foster kitten meows sweetly while falling asleep

Little foster kitten Uno makes sweet little sounds while nodding off to sleep. Read more

Ship's crew cares for stowaway cat and her kittens enroute to the US

Frederica and her kittens are safe in foster care in Houston, TX after getting the best of care from sailors on a journey from Spain. Read more

Felix, cat lost in transit at JFK airport, is found!

Felix was safely found Wednesday after he’d been missing for two weeks at JFK airport in Queens, NYC. Read more

Demolition crew finds cat in Illinois tornado rubble

Demolition crews found a cat in the rubble of a house destroyed by the Fairdale, IL tornado and rescued her before the house was demolished. Read more

Missing cat reunited with owner after fire

Neighbors found a cat who was missing after a fire destroyed his home and reunited him with his family. Read more

Cat and Puppy Love

Zulou the cat eventually warmed up to Winston, the family’s new puppy. The pair show their love for one another in this sweet little video. Read more

Cat loves watching wildlife documentaries on TV

Kitty loves to watch wildlife documentaries on TV. Read more

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