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Cat and Bunny are Best Friends

A cat and bunny are loving friends. Read more

Missing Cat Tigger Back Home After 17 Months

Tigger was reunited with his family after he’d been missing and living as a stray for 17 months. Read more

Exercising with the cat

One woman does her daily workouts with a furry exercise buddy. Read more

Large Painted Mural Seeks Return of Missing Cat Buddha

A woman and her friends have created the ultimate missing cat poster, painting a large mural in a downtown area near where Buddha disappeared. Read more

Good Samaritan and Vet Save Kitten Thrown from car

Together, an eyewitness and a caring veterinarian have rescued and saved a little kitten in need of help. Read more

California rescue cat Sophie sets new record for longest fur

A cat with nearly 11 inch long fur has been named by Guinness Records as the current record holder for the cat with the longest fur.’Sophie takes the title following the passing of the previous holder, Colonel Meow. Read more

These two kittens are sleeping next to the dog. Too cute!

CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! A dog sleeping with his KITTENS Read more

Boston Firefighters Rescue and Revive 2 Cats at House Fire

Firefighters used pet oxygen masks to revive 2 cats found lying on the floor at a house fire in the Roxbury section of Boston Tuesday night. Read more

Therapy Cat Elias Helps His Army Veteran Petdad

Elias is a caring companion who serves as a therapy cat for his Army veteran petdad who suffers from PTSD. Read more

Clementine: Caring Cat Helps Family Cope During Difficult Time

Clementine the cat is a loving, caring companion who has helped her family through a very difficult period. Read more

Hero Cat Alerts Woman to Husband's Heart Attack

When Richard Jenkins was upstairs alone suffering a heart attack, Cleo the cat rushed up and down the stairs to get her petmom’s attention. Thanks to Cleo, paramedics arrived in time to save him with emergency treatment. Read more

Cat missing after fire makes remarkable reappearance

A cat missing for a month after a deadly Philadelphia fire ran to a neighbor’s home Friday when he heard his petmom’s voice on speakerphone as she spoke with her neighbor. Blake’s family say they felt incomplete without him and they are elated to have him back. Read more

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