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Rescued bobcat kittens are happily paired at animal refuge

Two rescued bobcat kittens who became too acclimated to human contact to be returned to the wild are in care at an animal refuge center. Read more

Yeti's Rescue

A scared, stranded cat fought her rescuer – an expert at soothing and saving cats in distress – but was successfully brought to safety. Read more

Teatime for Maru & Hana

It is teatime for Maru and Hana with Matatabi tea (Tea for cats). Read more

A Cat's Guide to Boxes

Cole and Marmalade present A Cat’s Guide to Boxes. Read more

Dramatic Kitten Rescue

A kitten is safe in foster care and has a home lined up after a difficult rescue operation initiated when she was seen falling through a grate and into a drain. Read more

Cat vs the Water Faucet

Silly Yorgi can’t decide whether to drink from the stream of water coming from the faucet or go to battle with it. Read more

Sight impaired kitten and sister share special bond

A a pair of closely bonded kittens – one of them at least partially blind – will remain together say shelter staff. Read more

Scout and Lucy: Sister kitties both need rescuing the same day

Two cats from the same family both had to be rescued last Thursday. Lucy had to be rescued from a tree and her sister Scout needed help getting off of a roof. Read more

Firefighters rescue kitten and try to find her a loving home

A cute little black kitten is staying with her rescuers at an Orlando, Florida fire station while they find her a good home. Read more

Ozzy's Story

Ozzy’s quirky crosseyed look endeared him to his family and helped return him home after he got lost and was brought to the shelter. Read more

Lucky tortie cat is rescued from sunken boat

A very lucky tortie cat survived an hour in a sunken boat and was not discovered until the following day when a mechanic got the surprise of his life. Read more

Honda repair techs rescue kitten from inside car

Repair techs at a Honda dealership rescued a kitten stuck in a car’s engine compartment, and the kitten was safely returned to its mother and littermates. Read more

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