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School bus drivers rescue cat

Margie was rescued when school bus drivers found her tangled up in the engine of a bus. She lost a leg and her unborn kittens but has found a good home. Read more

Punky's Thanksgiving Homecoming

Three months after a fire displaced Punky from his home, he was reunited with his family on the day before Thanksgiving. Read more

Photo: Woman is reunited with her cat at Thanksgiving

A woman and her cat shared a touching moment when they were reunited at Thanksgiving after spending several months apart. Read more

Clinton Gets Help

Clinton was rescued from a neglectful situation, having a deformity caused by an untreated broken paw. Read more

Missing Albuquerque Kitten is Found in Maine

A kitten missing from Albuquerque, New Mexico turned up 5 days later and 2,300 miles away in Portland, Maine. Read more

Rare male tortie Harry turns up at shelter

Staff at a Scottish shelter were surprised when a tortie kitten handed in to them turned out to be a rarity – a boy! Read more

Duck and Cats are Friends

Two cats and a duck adopted later, after their family lost their beloved dog earlier this year, have all bonded and become great friends. Read more

Fat cat Texas stuns shelter staff and goes on pre-Christmas diet

Texas has been placed on a diet and fitness plan after stunning shelter staff with his massive weight. Read more

Missing cat Marmie is found after 4 months

A woman who carried out a unique awareness campaign in order to find her missing cat has finally been reunited with her pet after four months. Read more

Seemingly lifeless kitten suffering from hypothermia is revived

Lucky was declared DOA after being found in a shed in the cold but a last-ditch effort at CPR brought him back to life. Read more

Cat Plays in the Tub

Enix loves the water, and he plays with a bottle cap in the tub in this cute cat video. Read more

Tilly the Cat and her Dog Tricks

Tilly is a rescued cat who took to doing tricks for her petmom in a way that most people associate with dogs – not cats! Read more

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