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Cat learns how to play pool

Cassie the cat learns how to play pool in this cute video. Read more

Cat lost for 2 months during Maine winter is found!

Indoors-only cat Cheddar was missing for two months during a cold and snowy Maine winter before his determined petmom found him and brought him home. Read more

19 Kids and Counting star runs into cat with sled

Duggar family member Derick Dillard is seen on video deliberately sledding into a cat to the delighted laughter and cheers of family and friends. Read more

Woman is reunited with her missing cat after 2 years

Oreo is back home after 2 years. His petmom’s mother recognized him when he appeared on TV with a staffer from a local animal shelter. Read more

GoPro: Didga the Skateboarding Cat

Didga the amazing skateboarding cat from Australia shows off her mad skills at a local skate park. Read more

Weird case of the cat found floating in suitcase on a canal

A cat who had been missing from his home has been discovered in a suitcase floating down a canal. Read more

Sightless kitten Hope finds a home

A sightless kitten who was rescued along with her mother and sister got the help she needed and is now in her forever home. Read more

Memow survives RV explosion and gets help

A cat who escaped when his family’s RV exploded is getting help for severe burn injuries at a Seattle animal hospital. Read more

Cat survives trip in car engine with minor burns

A lucky black cat was rescued from a car engine with only minor injuries after a terrifying ride trapped inside. Read more

Tumbelina gets her wheels

Mobility-impaired kitten Tumbelina was rescued by Valley Cats, Inc. and she was given a chance to get around on her own! Read more

Sugar is reunited with her petmom after 3 years

A Maine woman got a most surprising and happy reunion earlier this month when her beloved missing cat was found after almost 3 years. Read more

Billie Jean is rescued from cold and frostbite

By the time a little cat staggered into a New Jersey garage last month, she could barely stand due to severe frostbite. Read more

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