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cat video

Mason climbs the towel rope to get back inside!

Evgeny Kochetkov‘s cat Mason comes home and climbs the towel rope to get back inside. Read more

Will Kitty Notice It?

Which random objects will Kitty notice? Read more

Fuzzy Kittens Spazzing Out!

Kittens are playing and spazzing out in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cat learns how to play pool

Cassie the cat learns how to play pool in this cute video. Read more

Cute Black Kitten Shadow Boxing!

Adorable kitten confused by his own shadow… Cole does his best to catch the other “black kitten” mimicking him! Read more

Cat vs Treadmill

What IS this thing? … a Siamese cat wonders about a treadmill as he investigates the bizarre contraption, finally deciding to go on the attack. Read more

Many Maru & Hana 20

Maru and Hana get up to a variety of antics in this super cute compilation of video clips. Read more

9 cats eat their dinner in all in a row

The 9 cats from the 9 cats blog and video channel line up in a neat row at meal time and enjoy their cat food all together. Watch their cool video! Read more

Behind The Scenes! Marmalade STAR CAT

Watch the cute behind the scenes footage of cat video star Marmalade’s photo shoot for a magazine cover. Marm is joined – and nearly upstaged – by his buddy Cole. Read more

4 Reasons Why Nikita Is The Craziest Cat in the World

Kitten wannabe Nikita – now 2 years old – shows 4 reasons, why she’s the craziest cat in the world! Read more

Ramses Goes Fishing

Ramses try his “paw” at virtual fishing. Read more

Epic Dance Battle of the Kittens

Who wins this kitten chorus line dance off? Rocky and his siblings? Panda and her siblings? Or Orfey and his siblings? Read more

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