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cat video

Cat knocks things off the table

Put it on the edge of the table … and kitty knocks it off. Read more

2 Cats, 1 Cat Tree!

Cole and Marmalade have fun with a new cat tree. Read more

Sleepy Kitten

A sleepy kitten nods off after getting some kisses from Daddy. Read more

Sleepy Kitty Cuddles Her Doll

A sleepy kitty cuddles her soft bunny doll at naptime in this adorably sweet video. Read more

Cats Enjoying a Massage Compilation

Cats enjoy getting massages from their people in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

A pushcart and Maru

In one of his cutest videos ever – and that’s saying a lot! – Maru pushes a little cart around the room. Read more

Washed Up - Simon's Cat

A sleepy cat gets a rude awakening! Read more

Bob's Exercise Routine

See Bob the cat’s exercise routine … . Read more

Laser Pointers Rule

A young cat and a toddler chase the laser pointer’s red dot. Read more

Cute kitten asks for kisses before nap

A sweet little kitten asks for kisses before curling up for a nap. Read more

Cat Gets a Massage

Kitty really loves the new massager. Read more

Kitties Talking to the Birds

A pair of beautiful kitties enjoying a little visit outside their doorway talk back to the birds. Read more

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