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cat video

Timo the Ragdoll Cat and his plush puppy

What does a curious cat do with a mechanical plush puppy? Watch Timo the Ragdoll cat and see! Read more

Kittens Learning to Walk Compilation

These kittens learning to walk for the first time might be one of the cutest videos you’ll ever see. It will definitely make you say aww over and over again! Read more

Roomba Riding Shark Cat Entertains Shark Baby! Happy Shark Week!

Cool Shark-Cat Entertains Cute Shark-Baby! Happy Shark Week!!! The famous Roomba riding Max-Arthur the Snowshoe cat aka Shark Cat is back with another great video! Read more

Light blue tent and Maru & Hana #2

Playtime with the light blue kitty tent for Maru and Hana looks a lot like a smackdown on the mat in this new video from the original superstar internet cat. Read more

Cat Versus Tail

Joy can’t quite get a grip on her tail, or her dignity. Read more

Rolling Kitten

An adorable kitten shows us his big belly as he manages to roll himself over a few times. Rolling over never looked so cute. Read more

Yoga Lesson with Cat

Hayward at Yoga Oasis Hawaii is joined by Indie the cat for a lesson on maintaining one’s focus when faced with distractions. Indie provides the distraction. Read more

Mulder Opening Doors

Mischievous kitty Mulder likes to open doors. He shows off his skills in this viral video. Read more

Kitten Chasing Toddler

A toddler and the family’s kitten play a merry and spirited game of chase in this adorable video. Read more

Kitten on the Keys

When Jonathan Singer practices Zez Confrey’s “Kitten on the Keys” on the marimba his kitty Oscar takes a special interest in the composition. Read more

Cuteness Alert! Sweet Dogs Playing with Kittens

Some sweet, big dogs play gently with their kitten friends in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cat cafe for cat lovers

This is an incredible concept for a cafe – A Cat Cafe! Melbourne have opened their first Cat Cafe. Read more

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