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cat video

Cat "Helps" Make The Bed

Squash, who we last saw as the kitty helpfully waking her petparents in Cat Alarm Clock, now “helps” to make the bed. Read more

Cat Alarm Clock

Squash is a gentle yet persistent kitty alarm clock. Read more

Cats vs the Machines

Cats battle it out with household appliances and office equipment in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Sammy Helps Herself

Sammy helps herself to a drink from the water cooler. Read more

Little kittens meowing and talking - Cute cat compilation

Need to hear some adorable little kittens meowing? Then this cute compilation of video clips is for you! Read more

Cat and Bunny are Best Friends

A cat and bunny are loving friends. Read more

Sneaky Savannah Cat

Vashi the Savannah cat has a surprise for his dad. Read more

Cats Stealing the Dog's Food

Cats won’t let the family dog into his food bowl, and even help themselves, in this compilation of video clips. Read more

Kitty Wants Some Love!

Kitty gives some lovin’ and wants some in return, in this sweetly cute video. Read more

Exercising with the cat

One woman does her daily workouts with a furry exercise buddy. Read more

The lamp cat

A pink and white knitted shade cosy has turned a table lamp from a simple lighting device to a cool play spot for kitty! Watch kitty’s Jack-in-the-box moves! Read more

Timo the Ragdoll Cat and his plush puppy

What does a curious cat do with a mechanical plush puppy? Watch Timo the Ragdoll cat and see! Read more

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