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cat video

Focused kitty is focused

Kitty’s attention is completely focused on … something? Read more

Cute little kitten waking up

Simple and sweet: A sleepy little kitten wakes up from a nap in this cute cat video. Read more

How to Trap a Cat - CAT CIRCLES!

Cole and Marmalade take part in the recent trend where petparents see if their cats will sit inside of circles laid out on the floor. Read more

Adorable Kitten Falls Asleep to Kisses

An adorable little kitten nods off and falls asleep to kisses, cuddles and a soft voice. Read more

Cute cat talking to a fly

Buffy has a little chat with a fly on the wall. Read more

Many questions and Maru

Maru’s cute new video is presented in the form of a fun Q&A. Watch! Read more

Cat Riding Magic Flying Carpet

13 year old Roomba Riding snowshoe cat Max-Arthur – aka Shark Cat – is dressed as a Princess Jasmine for Halloween this year. Naturally, Jasmine flies around on her magic carpet. Read more

Would You Adopt a Black Cat?

Watch, as Chris Poole, petdad to Marmalade and Cole the Black Cat, approaches people on Oceanside Pier to find out what kind of cat they would adopt. Read more

Cats vs Giant Spider!

Sho and Ko can’t keep their paws – and teeth – off this Halloween costume! Shorty wants a leg and Kodi especially loves the “web” that is going to go through the back. Happy Halloween! Read more

Cute Cat Loves His Stuffed Friends

Timo the Ragdoll Cat loves his all of his treasured stuffed animals, as this sweet video shows. Read more

Mealtime with Scoop, the ambidextrous cat

Scoop not only takes one piece of kibble from her bowl at a time, she alternates between her left and right paws throughout the meal. Read more

Talking Siamese Kitten

Ollie is an adorable little charmer who likes to talk. Read more

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