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cat tree

2 Cats, 1 Cat Tree!

Cole and Marmalade have fun with a new cat tree. Read more

Cory & Loki

“The pets are over here!” and Loki goes from cat tree to cat tree to find them, in this super cute video. Read more

Oskar the Blind Cat and The Cat Tree

Oskar the Blind Cat demonstrates the safest way to descend from a tall cat tree when he can’t determine what’s below and doesn’t want to jump directly to the floor. Butt-first fireman pole style! Read more

Battle for the Top Bunk

Epic battle for the top bunk on the cat tree, with Shorty and Kodi. Read more

Kodi the Madcap Kitten and the Cat Tree

Watch Kodi’s acrobatics as he gets the hang of the cat tree and really take it out for a spin in the end. Read more