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cat photos

Lil Pebbles

Lil Pebbles couldn’t be cuter, as these adorable pics show! Read more

Kitty Gets Cuddles From Her Friend

A kitty gets some rare cuddles from her friend after returning from the vet wearing the cone of shame. Read more

Duck and Cats are Friends

Two cats and a duck adopted later, after their family lost their beloved dog earlier this year, have all bonded and become great friends. Read more

So, this is where they choose to sleep ...

These girls have a whole cat tree, and an entire house to explore and relax in… they choose this box and always sleep together Read more

Mama Kitty Cuddles Her Day-Old Kittens

A Mama kitty bonds and snuggles with her newborn kittens, who all have homes lined up. One will stay with Mama and the other two will be adopted together. Read more


Meet Baron Urdnot Dr. Grunticus von Visskers III, PhD in Adorability. Read more


Meet Max, a Maine Coon/Ragdoll mix tuxedo cat beauty with striking, fluffy white ear tufts. Read more

Found together as stray kittens. Now 12 years old. They have slept like this every day.

Two closely bonded cats who’ve been together their whole lives still love to cuddle together. Photos. Read more

The Foster Kitten

A foster caregiver with the attitude that each kitten fostered and sent on its way is another life saved posted one of the cutest kitten pics we’ve seen. Read more

Cat and Dog Bond in Grief and Remembrance for Recently Deceased Sibling

A cat and dog who don’t usually get along are napping together now in an expression shared grief and remembrance for a recently deceased fellow pet. Read more

Little Orange Furball of Cuteness

The little orange furball of cuteness is a pair of rescued kittens who have been adopted into a loving home. The kittens are featured in a beautiful series of photos. Read more

Frank and Boots: Brotherly Love

Frank and Boots are never far apart, as this series of photos shows. Read more

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