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cat news

"Wonder Mum" Cat Adopts Four Kittens at Animal Hospital

A Mama cat who lost her own babies is dubbed “Wonder Mum” after adopting four kittens from three different mothers at Putnry Animal Hospital.
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Dumped Kittens Found At Recycling Facility Are Adopted

A litter of four kittens found by workers at a construction materials recycling facility near Calgary, AB were all adopted within a day of a news broadcast on the story.

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#pipekitty Creates a Sensation During Her Rescue

A tiny kitten known in Memphis as Pipe Kitty and across the internet as #pipekitty was rescued after a lengthy effort from city workers, the humane society and plumbing companies. Read more

Tuffy the Tiny Kitten Is Rescued After Abuse and Dumping

Poor little Tuffy was tossed in a dumpster after someone poured paint in his eyes. He was rescued and is in foster care.
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Jubilee Kittens Rescued During the UK Holiday Celebration Weekend

A litter of kittens rescued in the nick of time from an abandoned industrial site during the recent celebrations in the UK are being called the Jubilee kittens. The shelter that saved them has named them Diamond, Palace, Jubilee and Royal.

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Pet Health News: New Guidelines Set For Dog, Cat CPR

Statistics showing that dogs and cats have lower heart attack survival rates than humans compelled experts to come up with new guidelines for CPR for our pets.

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Domestic vs Wild Cat Mixups In The News

A cougar sighted in Salem, OR turns out to be a Maine Coon Cat, and a kitten rescued in Phoenix, AZ is found to be a bobcat.
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Anakin, Kitten Born Without Hind Legs, Is Rescued And gets A Home

Anakin was rescued when he showed up to eat at a feral colony feeding station known to his new Mom. He has no other known medical issues and walks with his front legs, using his tail for balance. A video shows  this  special boy walking to follow a toy.

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Missing Cat Turns Up 6 Months and 280 Miles Later

Ash was adopted as a kitten and had only been with his petdad a month before he went missing. Thanks to a microchip and the person who picked Ash up and brought him to the SPCA, the cat will be reunited with his petdad soon.
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Kitten Healing After Fireworks Abuse Incident Brings Call For Caution As July 4 Nears

The case of a kitten now on the mend after suffering burned paw pads in an animal cruelty incident with fireworks prompts a warning reminder to pet owners and animal lovers as July 4 celebrations near. A PSA video speaks to all of us and a news report tells about the kitten and the case.

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Alley Cat Rescue Shares National Feral Cat Survey Results

Alley Cat Rescue of Mt. Rainier, MD has released the results of their survey of groups involved in the care, management and protection of feral cats in the US.

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Zucchini, Beautiful Kitten With Rare Ectrodactyly Front Paws Gets a Home

Zucchini is a 4 month old beauty available for adoption through the Nevada Humane Society. Her front paws are each missing their middle toe from the genetic anomaly, giving her a somewhat unusual “cats with thumbs” appearance. Read more

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