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Some Notes On The Aftermath Of The Passing Of Jack The Cat

News of Jack’s passing yesterday has spread worldwide. Supporters have flocked by the thousands to Jack’s page and AA’s, to express their condolences and share their sorrow and lingering outrage. Read more

RIP Jack The Cat

Just yesterday we reported that Jack’s doctors had upgraded his condition from critical to serious on Friday. Now, with great sadness and disappointment, we must report that Jack has died. Fly free, Jack. We are so sorry it has ended this way for you. Read more

Heartbroken PA Woman Forced to Give Up Well Cared For Cats

A heartbroken Kennett Square PA woman has been told that she must give up 8 of her 10 cats, and she does not know where to turn. Read more

Cat Walks 1900 Miles Back To Her Old Home

An Australian cat stayed only a few weeks at her new home, then left on the long journey back to her former home and kitty siblings, where she turned up over a year later. Read more

Reward Rises in Weighted Cat Drowning Case

A community has come together in shock and grief over the drowning of a cat. They’ve pitched in to raise a reward offer from $1,000 to $8,400 in three days. Read more

Good News on Jack The Cat

Jack’s doctor upgraded the cat’s condition from critical to serious on Friday. Read more

Coffee the Cat Recovers From Arrow Wound As His Petmom Asks Why

Coffee was lucky that he was not more seriously hurt when someone shot him in the face with an arrow. His petmom grapples with who could have done such a thing as police investigate. Read more

Buddy the Cat Saves Petdad From Fire

Smoke detectors were not working when Buddy the cat woke his petdad as their apartment filled with smoke during an early morning fire. Read more

Jack The Cat is Moved to Manhattan

Jack The Cat’s condition improved and stabilized enough for him to make a planned move to a Manhattan animal hospital. Read more


The National Zoo accepted the resignation of Nico Dauphine on Monday, effective immediately. The researcher, whose field of interest is cats as a threat to birds, was convicted Monday of putting rat poison into cat food. Read more

Seek, Cat Swept Up By Joplin Tornado Returns Home!

Seek was carried up and away in the tornado. Five months later, after an ordeal that took him from 20 pounds down to 4, he is back home with his loving family. Read more

$26 for 26: Polydactyl Cat Daniel Helps Shelter

Daniel and his toes are helping Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center to raise funds for an upcoming move. The novel campaign has grabbed the public’s attention, and each $26 brings MARC closer to their goal. Read more

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