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cat news

Two Boys Rescue Kitten Floating Down Leeds/Liverpool Canal In Basket

Mo was tied into this pink plastic basket and in danger if drowning when the two boys rescued her. Read more

Beloved Prison Cats Find Health and Hope

Local Rescue group helps beloved Durham County prison cats through TNR efforts, medical care, and adoption. Read more

Cat Killer Gets Jail Time Thanks to DNA Evidence

Madea died in December of 2009 and a Brooklyn NY man convicted of animal cruelty thanks to DNA evidence was sentenced to 6 months out of a possible 2 years today. The investigation and prosecution were diligent but the presiding Supreme Court Justice softened the sentence. Read more

Another Joplin Tornado Cat Reunited Today!

A woman was reunited today with the cat she had not seen since the Joplin MO tornado of May 22. Read more

20 Year Old Tiana Dumped: Shelter Gives Her Priority And She Is Rescued

Elder cat Tiana was dumped by her family because she had become an inconvenience. Two great programs of the Phila ACCT gave Tiana priority status and now, days after she was posted online, she is in safe hands with a rescue. She is still available for adoption. Read more

Oscar Missing Cat Back Home After 3 Years

Sherrie Fox is overjoyed to have her boy Oscar back after 3 years. The animal services agency that Sherrie visited repeatedly after he disappeared was thrilled to return him to her at long last when a scan on a stray revealed him to be Oscar. Read more

Bernice Burned Kitty Doing Great After Skin Procedure For Increased Mobility.

Onward! Bernice is healed from a successful procedure to replace tight scar tissue with good, supple skin to help with her mobility. She looks better, too. Read more

Willow Cross Country Cat Reunited With Her Family

We’ve got Willow and her family’s appearance from this morning’s Today show, plus some great still photos from the reunion in the family’s hotel room yesterday. Read more

Rabid Kitten Adopted From Shelter Leaves Family's Pets in Quarantine

Poor little Silverbell contracted rabies and carried it with her as she entered a shelter and then went to her new home. Now the family’s pets are in quarantine and the future of adopton for strays and ferals is in question in Wake County NC. Read more

Rescuers and Adopters Needed For Hoarder's Cats at Miami-Dade Animal services

A hoarder turned her 116 cats over to Miami-Dade Animal Services. MDAS and rescuers would like to see as many cats as possible go to homes and rescues immedialely, and power outage at the shelter today has dropped the cost to $0. Read more

Bedraggled Kitten Rescued: Survived Earthquake, Hurricane & Flooding

Little Yoda began life as a stray, then survived an earthquake, hurricane and flooding in the space of one week. The MD couple who rescued him are compassionate animal lovers; the woman rushed to Joplin MO in May to help cats and dogs after the tornado there. Read more

Young Woman and Missing Cat Reunited Across 50 Miles and Over a Year Later

A cat and his person are reunited after a year and across the miles, thanks to an ear tattoo identification program begun by the vet where kitty was brought when he was found hanging around a woman’s neighborhood. Read more

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