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cat news

Achilles is Rescued From Airport Ceiling

A Bengal cat traveling with his pilot pet parents crawled up into the ceiling at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in CO on Monday. Thankfully, today he was removed from a trap he’d been lured into with tuna.
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A Most Dangerous Precedent

A guest post by Nathan J. Winograd follows his earlier post Gone in 60 Seconds, about the NY shelter “Quick Kill” bill that survived a committee vote today.  This further call to action is aimed not only at the NY bill but to the precedent it has set for possible legislation nationwide.

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Anfield Cat: Stray Who Interrupted Play Rescued After Video and Twitter Fame

The Anfield Cat got more than fame when he dashed onto the pitch at last week’s Liverpool-Tottenham match. He set himself on the road to a new and better life.

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Tashi Special Needs Kitty Finds A Home

Special needs kitty Tashi has become very well known since he was found as a kitten 3 years ago.  Many good hearted people have helped in those three years and now he has gone to his forever home.

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Gone in 60 Seconds

NY State residents are urged to act quickly to defeat a bill that would shut rescuers and pet owners out and cost shelter cats and dogs their lives.

Guest post by Nathan J. Winograd
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Monumental San Diego Spay/Neuter Cat Clinic Expected to Break Records Today

Local cat groups have teamed up to hold the biggest one day neuter/spay event ever today in a effort to mitigate the coming springtime kitten population explosion.  The well organized event will sterilize hundreds of cats in a whirlwind of coordinated activity.

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Reunion! Lucy is Found 5 Months After Bastrop TX Wildfires

Thanks to the persistence of lost and found networkers, a Bastrop TX cat and her family are together again for the first time since devastating wildfires destroyed their house last Labor Day weekend.
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Sweet Burned Meshach Heals as the First Arrest is Made in the December Incident

Meshach, the sweet Oregon stray burned in December, is healing well and living at a farm sanctuary. Authorities announced the first arrest in the case on Friday, as a 17 year old was charged.

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Community Pitches In After Moline IL Shelter Fire

Cats ran through the door of the Animal Aid Humane Society and into the night during the fire of 1/30. Volunteers found most of the cats, and the search for the others continues.

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Truck Stolen With Cat as Man Sleeps in Back

A WA man awoke to find his truck being driven off, with his beloved cat up front.
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Zamboni the Special Kitten

Zamboni is a special needs kitty born with a back leg sticking out the wrong way. Long Beach Felines has lovingly cared for him as he has grown big and strong enough to have life changing surgery.

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Madison Grace: Lost and Traveling On Her Own, Then Found and Going Home

Madison Grace was lost for 6 weeks after escaping from the car during a move that took her family from Hawaii, to Michigan, and then Tennessee. A Humane Society volunteer found her in Ohio and, thanks to a microchip, she will rejoin her family soon.
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