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cat news

Chihuahua Gets To Keep The Kitten She Adopted

We shared Layla and Pete’s story in August, when the chihuahua was acting as foster mom to a baby kitten. The two are devoted to one another, and now they will not have to part. Read more

Networking Brings Catnapped Kitty Slim Back Home

Catnapped farm stand kitty Slim is safely back home after being missing for several days. Read more

Rescuer Tells More on Supermama Cat Jolie Who Led Him to Her Kittens

More details on the inspiring story of tenacious Mama cat Jolie who led her rescuer to her babies, and an update from the cattery. Read more

Inside a Hoarder's Home

Schenectady County SPCA made this video record when they removed 34 cats and a dog from the filth encrusted home of a Rotterdam NY hoarder. Read more

Catloving New Haven Cop Rescues Kitten

Lady in blue to the rescue. With three cats at home, Lt. Wasilewski was determined to get a trapped kitten to safety. Read more

Police Report Purrfect Ending to Cat Call

Chaska MN police received a call when a woman discovered a cat trapped in her car’s engine compartment. According to the PD, as they left the scene “both the cat and the vehicle were purring like new”. Read more

Update: Tabitha Kitten Doing Well in Foster Care

Tabitha, the little crushed kitten with broken ribs and a damaged lung, is doing well so far in foster care. Read more

"Lucky" Kitten Trapped in Sewer Rescued by Homeless Shelter Resident

Homeless shelter residents came to the rescue of a tiny kitten who cried for 5 days when he was trapped below ground in a drain. Read more

Bernice Gets Her Beauty Rest

Bernice is resting this week as she heals from a procedure meant to replace scar tissue and give her increased mobility. Read more

Abandoned Supermama Cat Jolie Leads Rescuer to Her Kittens

Supermama Jolie was thrown from a car before her litter was born. After she was saved and then returned to the scene, she insisted that a RSPCA officer follow her to her newborn kittens so her little family could be rescued. Read more

Unclaimed Bastrop TX Fire Pets Up For Adoption Today

A month after a horrific fire destroyed hundreds of homes in Bastrop TX, area shelters are offering remaining unclaimed pets for adoption beginning today. Read more

Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood Survivor Kitten Yoda Still Waits for a Home

Adorable little Yoda was rescued when his cat colony was destroyed by the flooding that followed Hurricane Irene. Despite his utter cuteness and a fair amount of publicity, he is still waiting for someone to adopt him. Read more

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