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cat news

KC Cat Hoarder Speaks; Hoarding History Discovered

Kansas City animal control seized 153 live cats from woman’s home on Monday and found many dead cats . Updates include a report on the cats, discovery of a previous seizure and a surprising interview with the woman. Read more

Good Samaritans Rescue Kittens Thrown From Minivan

Pyper McFarland and a second person both saved kittens thrown from a moving minivan on Thursday morning in Portland OR. Two of the three kittens are receiving care but a third did not survive. Authorities are looking for the person responsible, who can be charged with a felony. Read more

Good Samaritan Rescues Injured Hurricane Kitten Irene, Vet Center Provides Care

Little injured hurricane survivor kitten Irene owes her life to a good Samaritan who picked her up in the storm and pounded on the door at Waccamaw Regional Veterinary Center on Saturday morning, and to the staff at the center, who were so touched by her sweet purring self that they could not bear to have her euthanized. Read more

Wilana Frazier, Dexter Kitten's Alleged Killer, Due in Court

Wilana Frazier is alleged to have brutally beaten Dexter kitten and an unnamed sibling in a Brooksville FL park, while egging on her two young boys to join in and spewing a curse filled angry tirade. Read more

Pet Detective to Search JFK for Missing Jack the Cat

Tomorrow, a pet detective and her dog will search the American Airlines baggage area at JFK airport for signs of Jack. Read more

San Antonio Cats Win as Controversial Proposal is Dropped

Thanks to the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition and other animal advocates, concerned members of the community, and city councilor Diego Bernal, a controversial cat trapping amendment to a city ordinance was dropped before it went to vote at a city council meeting today. Read more

Miss Bernice is Looking Good

In response to requests for an update on Bernice kitty’s progress: Miss B. looking furry and blissfully contented while clutching her little catnip apple. Read more

Um, if it sounds like meowing coming from under the hood ...

… then maybe you should open it up and see if there is a cat in there. Read more

He Tried His Best: Spirit Burned Kitten Succumbs to Injuries

We had two stores earlier this month on Spirit, the intrepid little fighter whose will to live captured hearts after he was burned in a Carson City NV house fire. Sadly, he was unable to overcome his injuries. Run free little guy. Read more

Family Saves Kitten Found During Tropical Storm Irene

A Niskayuna NY family made an extra effort and rescued a little kitten who was all alone during last weekend’s major storm. Read more

Jack the Cat Lost in AA Baggage at JFK: Airline Pressured by Viral Posting but Cat Remains Missing

Social media and news outlets have made Jack and his family’s plight a cause célèbre and caused the airline to publicly respond and take action. Five days on, though, Jack is still missing. Read more

Houston Free Feline Spay/Neuter Day

Two nonprofits in Houston are stepping up to help those in need with spay/neuter costs for their feline friends. Read more

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