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cat news

Dottie Gets Help

Dottie was found in a parking lot after something terrible had happened to her. Her hind feet and one ear had been cut off.  She was rescued, and her caregiver and supporters are doing everything to help her.

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Four Months After Seizure, Whiskerville Cats Are Freed up For Adoption

Over 170 cats seized in January were freed from the ownership of Wydell Dixon yesterday, as an appeals jury made the unanimous decision to allow the county to find them homes.

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Montreal Shelter Cats Die After Eating Diamond Pet Food; FDA Releases Plant Inspection Findings

A shelter says that some cats have gotten sick and died from eating pet food associated with the salmonella recalls of several brands made at a plant in Gaston, SC. An inspection of the plant found unhealthful conditions.

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Senior Cat Missing for Seven Years is Back Home

Finley escaped and went missing the day his family moved in 2005. The 19 year old is now back home after the woman feeding him called a rescue group when he did not look well. The rescue tracked his family down.

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Treasure at the Charity Shop: Rare Male Tortie Kitten Found Dumped in Bag

Kawaii and his brothers Amai and Farore were recently discovered after being dumped in a carryall tote at the Cats Protection charity shop in Gillingham, Kent, UK.
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Miracle Cat Annie Lives Two Years Wrapped in a Piece of Wire

It’s being called miraculous that Annie survived from the time she was a kitten with a piece of wire wrapped around her belly. Vets operated and she is expected to be fine. She will stay at a shelter until she finds a good home.

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Sophie: Lost in Transit, then Found, Wants to Rejoin Her Family

Jon and Liz Trewhella’s tortie cat Sophie went missing at a NY motel enroute to Fort Jackson in SC., where Jon is stationed with the US Army. Sophie was later found and is staying at the motel until transport can be arranged to get her back with her family. Read more

Where did you go? Out. What did you do? Nothing.

The jig is up for Booker T, Archie and others who used to have private lives all their own when they went outdoors, before University of Georgia researcher Kerri Anne Loyd put cameras on them for her study of 60 cats and their secret lives. Now their secrets have been revealed. Read more

Isis the Tree Kitten is Rescued and Up For Adoption

A kitten living all alone in a hole in a tree in San Antonio, TX for three months has finally been rescued, is in foster care, and is available for adoption.

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Motherless Kittens Adopted by Yorkie Who Lost Her Pups

A litter of motherless kittens came to the Humane Society of Utah just as Bridget gave birth to her puppies, who did not live. The kittens and the mama dog were paired together in the shelter’s Foster Care Department.
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Blind Fox Kit Makes Friends With Three Kittens

A baby fox injured and temporarily blinded in a car accident has become friends and playmates with three kittens who may have saved his life by keeping him warm as he recovered at Kent Wildlife Recovery Service in the UK. Read more

Dora the Kitten is Adopted by the Men who Rescued Her From Danger

Tiny Dora was thrown from a moving car on a Dearborn MI highway, but the terrible incident changed her life for the better. Two men who witnessed the act stopped and rescued the frightened kitten, then gave her a good home where she will be safe and loved.
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