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cat news

Justice For Adlai Grace

A kitten who lived for a few short months has inspired a movement for justice, for awareness and for people to do what they can to help stop animal abuse. Read more

Adlai Grace's Message of Love

Adlai Grace knew abuse, injury, abandonment, and finally love, in her short life. Petmom Wendy Matthews has made a poignant video with Adlai’s message of love. Read more

Peanut, Almond & Nutmeg: Rescued From Being Tied Up In A Sealed Box And Dumped

A sweet trio of kittens are safe now after a very close call. Read more

Motorists Work Together To Rescue Kitten From Traffic

Two motorists got out of their cars, and others stopped or slowed, so a tiny, injured feral kitten could be saved. Read more

Bill Filed to Enact "Dexter's Law" Animal Abuser Registry

The bill to enact a “Dexter’s Law” animal abuser registry in FL has been filed with the State Legislature, to honor Dexter’s memory and to help protect other animals from similar abuse. Read more

Update on Andrea, Cat Who Survived 2 Gas Chamber Shelter Killing Attempts

The cat who made headlines after beating the odds is living the good life in foster care, and will receive further medical care and testing to determine what long lasting effects there may be. Read more

Case Against Man Helping Feral Cats is Dismissed

A Minnesota man who fed feral cats and practiced TNR to help control their numbers was cited in April for violating his city’s laws. Read more

Little Kitten Big Dig

Kittens and drain pipes! Stormy’s rescue was caught on video, as Mama cat paced on the scene. Read more

Happy Ending for Lily, Kitten Found Crying After Being Shot With BB Gun

Lily was found crying and hurt in a Target parking lot last Saturday. Now she is safe and has a good home. Read more

Mittens: ASPCA Cat Of The Year

The object of intentional cruelty, burn victim Mittens went into the house where he abusers were to tend to her babies as soon as the flames were out. The super Mama has now been honored for her dedication. Read more

Little Heart Kitten's 12yr Old Killer Found Guilty But Justice Is Weakly Served

Little heart’s killer was found guilty yesterday, but a point of law watered down the charge. Punishment will likely be weak, as well. Read more

Tabitha Kitten Update

An update on the Albany NY kitten found crushed and suffocating in a dumpster, and then put in an oxygen chamber. She continues to breathe on her own now and is doing well in foster care. Read more

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