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cat news

Rabid Kitten Adopted From Shelter Leaves Family's Pets in Quarantine

Poor little Silverbell contracted rabies and carried it with her as she entered a shelter and then went to her new home. Now the family’s pets are in quarantine and the future of adopton for strays and ferals is in question in Wake County NC. Read more

Rescuers and Adopters Needed For Hoarder's Cats at Miami-Dade Animal services

A hoarder turned her 116 cats over to Miami-Dade Animal Services. MDAS and rescuers would like to see as many cats as possible go to homes and rescues immedialely, and power outage at the shelter today has dropped the cost to $0. Read more

Bedraggled Kitten Rescued: Survived Earthquake, Hurricane & Flooding

Little Yoda began life as a stray, then survived an earthquake, hurricane and flooding in the space of one week. The MD couple who rescued him are compassionate animal lovers; the woman rushed to Joplin MO in May to help cats and dogs after the tornado there. Read more

Young Woman and Missing Cat Reunited Across 50 Miles and Over a Year Later

A cat and his person are reunited after a year and across the miles, thanks to an ear tattoo identification program begun by the vet where kitty was brought when he was found hanging around a woman’s neighborhood. Read more

Former Animal Control Officer Gets Probation for Killing Kitten In Bar

A former animal control officer pled guilty this week to a 2007 animal cruelty charge for killing a kitten that wandered into a bar where the man was drinking. The barbaric act was committed in front of stunned patrons, who called police. Read more

Two Day Rescue Effort Saves Trapped Swedish Kitten

Now that’s dedication! A five man team used high tech equipment and old fashioned hands on techniques to locate a wet, hungry, frightened kitten and lure it back out to safety. Read more

Black Velvet Arkansas Tornado Cat Returns 5 Months Later

Black Velvet disappeared after the April 25 tornado that caused destruction and upheaval in his town. Five months later, the family thought they would never see their cat again, yet he casually turned up just days ago. Read more

Canadian Medical Community Disapproves of Pets in Airline Cabins

Should pets be allowed to travel with their human in the cabin of an airplane? The Canadian Medical Association recommends that all pets, with the exception of service animals, be relegated to the cargo hold. Read more

Willow: Co to NYC Cat Mystery Solved ... Sort Of

The mystery of how a Colorado cat who went missing five years ago turned up this week at the Manhattan, NYC ACC may be partially solved. Read more

This Cat Rescue is a Laughing Matter!

Thanks to the power of blogging, one Canadian couple was reunited with their cat, who’d been missing for weeks. Now this pair of comedians are giving back by way of a comedy show fundraiser. Read more

No One In NYC Comes Forward About Willow, Cat Who Travelled From CO

Despite widespread coverage of her remarkable story, no one has come forward today to say they have been caring for Willow, the calico cat found on the street in Manhattan NYC yesterday,and who disappeared from her Colorado home 5 years ago. Read more

Teens Plead Guilty to Drive-By Cat Shooting Spree

Teens who shot at 100 cats, hitting at least 50, were charged as juveniles and will get no more than two years when sentenced next month. Read more

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