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cat news

Toronto area woman's distressing craigslist post about her cat: A call for help

A cat is suffering in a back yard near Toronto, we have discovered through a Craigslist post. The owner will allow someone to remove her, so please help or share with those closer to the scene, if you can. Read more

Clark Kent update: Cat found in gutter improves, PSPCA Law Enforcement investigates

Though still weak, Clark Kent is better, and eating well, and his care is funded. City Kitties asks that further monies be directed to the PSPCA Humane Officer investigating the family whose callous indifference and neglect endanagered Clark’s life. Read more

RIP, George: Cat lost at Edmonton airport freezes to death after 2 months

Another sad outcome for a cat lost by an airline. George passed away after 2 months on the loose at Edmonton Airport, just as a renewed push to find him was underway. Read more

Helping Joplin's displaced pets as winter nears: Part 1

Part 1 of 2 ways to help the pets of Joplin MO whose lives are still in upheaval 6 months after the tornade that disrupted their lives. Read more

Singapore outraged over CCTV footage of kitten being dumped into bin

Kitty is fine after being placed into a trash bin, then discovered and rescued. The public is appalled and authorities will press charges of the man can be identified by his license plate. Read more

Jessie the cat's amazing 1,900mi journey home to her brother; the real story

The cat who amazed us all recently with the story of her 1,900 mile journey home was on a quest to return to the brother she loved. This guest post from the two women at either end of Jessie’s journey tells the rest of the story. Read more

Tiny Timmy: He's never going to be the cat he was born to be.

Tiny Timmy and Claudia Tietze are in the spotlight this week as she supports a lawsuit against harmful OTC flea products. Timmy came to Claudia flea ridden, coated in chemicals, and with neurological problems. He has made great progress with diligent care. Read more

Update: The full story on Clark Kent, sick cat abandoned and found in gutter

The cat found sick and weakened in a Phila gutter last night is receiving the best of care. This guest post from the rescue caring for him, City Kitties, tells the full story on the cat now called Clark Kent. Read more

Rescued cat found in gutter, family says they put him out because he acted sick.

According to City Kitties, this microchipped cat’s family put him outside because he was acting sick. He was found in a gutter and the rescue is doing everything they can to restore the little fellow to health. Read more

LA's Stray Cat Alliance comes to the rescue in neighborhood with 12,000 unhomed cats

SCA is reaching out to one distressed and overrun neighborhood in LA as part of their effort to manage the city’s unhomed cat population. Read more

Calhoun, frisky and cuddly rare male tortie up for adoption at shelter

A rare 7 month old male Tortoiseshell cat available for adoption hams it up for the camera. Read more

Prison workers free miraculously unhurt kitten tangled in razor wire

Prison workers spent an hour untangling a stray kitten from deadly sharp razor wire atop a fence, saving her life. One of them will get to give her a new home. Read more

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