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cat news

A Dilemma: The Cat With Two Homes

A young Scottish cat is at the center of a court case where two women are vying for him in a bitter dispute. Both have been petmom to the cat at different times, and a court will decide who will get to keep him. Read more

Publicity on Boy's Rescue Effort Brings City to Rescue Kitten

Workers from several city departments followed through with an all-out rescue operation to save a kitten trapped below ground. Read more

Missing Cat Trapped and Dumped by Neighbor Safely Back Home

Jill Petreny and her dog Bo are thrilled to have Easy the cat back home, and Easy is very glad to be back. A TV news crew visited the happy family after Easy’s return. Read more

14 Year Old TX Boy Tries to Rescue Trapped Kittens

A TX teen saved one kitten from falling into a drain and continues his efforts to bring the rest of the litter up from a narrow pipe. Read more

Homeless Shelter Resident Tells About "Lucky" Kitten Rescue

Rescuer Cole McCassland and adopter Britnie Daugherty talk about the rescue and about Lucky the kitten, in a video report. Lucky makes an appearance, too! Read more

Chihuahua Gets To Keep The Kitten She Adopted

We shared Layla and Pete’s story in August, when the chihuahua was acting as foster mom to a baby kitten. The two are devoted to one another, and now they will not have to part. Read more

Networking Brings Catnapped Kitty Slim Back Home

Catnapped farm stand kitty Slim is safely back home after being missing for several days. Read more

Rescuer Tells More on Supermama Cat Jolie Who Led Him to Her Kittens

More details on the inspiring story of tenacious Mama cat Jolie who led her rescuer to her babies, and an update from the cattery. Read more

Inside a Hoarder's Home

Schenectady County SPCA made this video record when they removed 34 cats and a dog from the filth encrusted home of a Rotterdam NY hoarder. Read more

Catloving New Haven Cop Rescues Kitten

Lady in blue to the rescue. With three cats at home, Lt. Wasilewski was determined to get a trapped kitten to safety. Read more

Police Report Purrfect Ending to Cat Call

Chaska MN police received a call when a woman discovered a cat trapped in her car’s engine compartment. According to the PD, as they left the scene “both the cat and the vehicle were purring like new”. Read more

Update: Tabitha Kitten Doing Well in Foster Care

Tabitha, the little crushed kitten with broken ribs and a damaged lung, is doing well so far in foster care. Read more

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