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cat news

San Antonio Cats Win as Controversial Proposal is Dropped

Thanks to the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition and other animal advocates, concerned members of the community, and city councilor Diego Bernal, a controversial cat trapping amendment to a city ordinance was dropped before it went to vote at a city council meeting today. Read more

Miss Bernice is Looking Good

In response to requests for an update on Bernice kitty’s progress: Miss B. looking furry and blissfully contented while clutching her little catnip apple. Read more

Um, if it sounds like meowing coming from under the hood ...

… then maybe you should open it up and see if there is a cat in there. Read more

He Tried His Best: Spirit Burned Kitten Succumbs to Injuries

We had two stores earlier this month on Spirit, the intrepid little fighter whose will to live captured hearts after he was burned in a Carson City NV house fire. Sadly, he was unable to overcome his injuries. Run free little guy. Read more

Family Saves Kitten Found During Tropical Storm Irene

A Niskayuna NY family made an extra effort and rescued a little kitten who was all alone during last weekend’s major storm. Read more

Jack the Cat Lost in AA Baggage at JFK: Airline Pressured by Viral Posting but Cat Remains Missing

Social media and news outlets have made Jack and his family’s plight a cause célèbre and caused the airline to publicly respond and take action. Five days on, though, Jack is still missing. Read more

Houston Free Feline Spay/Neuter Day

Two nonprofits in Houston are stepping up to help those in need with spay/neuter costs for their feline friends. Read more

Family Loses Everything in Fire: Cat Found in Debris Weeks Later

Meows are how Sinders the cat first got the attention of his family eight years ago as a tiny kitten, and how he got their attention two weeks ago, as they checked the wreckage of their burned out house one last time. Read more

Alachua County Humane Society Haven Acres Cat Adoption Event A Success

550 cats and kittens from the huge Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary seizure in June were finally made available for adoption over the weekend. About 235 found homes and the HS says they are committed to finding homes for the rest. We’ve got video and pics of some of those cats who got their forever homes. Read more

Women Rescue Ferals Before Hurricane Hits

For days, everyone on the east coast of the U.S. was preparing for the landfall of Hurricane Irene. For two Massachusetts women, preparation included ensuring the safety of some local feral cats. Read more

Tragic Cat Shooting by Police Highlights Need For Policy Change

Haze was shot and killed by a police officer after he lay down panting in a neighbor’s yard and someone called the police. Petmom Dori Stone and animal advocates say the city’s policy that allowed this needs to change, and is in violation of state law. Read more

US East Coast Shelters and Residents Brace for Storm

As Hurricane Irene bears down on the US Eastern seaboard animal shelters and pet parents prepare for possible emergency conditions. Here are links to some resources for pet parents who may need to find pet friendly accommodations, and for those who may want to help out at shelters, if needed. Read more

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