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cat news

Babysitting couple charged after cat tossing video is posted to Facebook

A man charged with cruelty for playing catch with two cats and posting video to Facebook later remarked that people “blew the f**k up about it.” Read more

Mighty Lou - Special Needs Ambassador Cat Extraordinaire!

Mighty Lou has been helped to overcome his disabilities and now he is an ambassador helping homeless cats in need. Read more

Vet and surgeon to humans team up to fix kitten's cleft palate for free

A veterinarian and a doctor to humans who is a Craniofacial Surgeon teamed up to help a little kitten with a cleft palate free of charge. Read more

Pixie the cat and the £2,000 blade of grass

A frightening and expensive health scare for a sweet and friendly cat turned out to be a simple matter after all, caused by a blade of grass. Read more

Cat is unharmed after 26 story fall from high rise building

Jommi astounded her petdad when she survived an accidental 26 story fall from a high rise apartment building completely unscathed. Read more

Woman is stunned to be reunited with her missing cat after 8 years

Malcom disappeared just before his family moved to Crete in 2007 and miraculously reappeared this month, shortly after their return home. Read more

Bart the Miracle Cat: Update on his recovery and a Q&A on his custody case

Miracle cat Bart, who returned from the grave is turning out to be a sweet, friendly cuddlebug. His caregivers have posted a Q&A about Bart and his custody case. Read more

Firefighter rescues and revives cat at house fire

Firefighters rescued a family’s cat from a house fire in Neenah, WI this morning and revived the kitty with oxygen at the scene. Read more

Animal lovers cite karma at work as abuser who beat cat with metal bat is injured in freak accident

A man facing animal cruelty charges got little sympathy last week after falling from a second story window and being struck by a garbage truck. Read more

Neighbors get help for cat stuck up a utility pole crying for 2 days

Concerned residents in Helena, Montana got help for a poor, distressed kitty crying from atop a utility pole for two days. Read more

Cat found frozen to ground is reunited with his family

A cat found frozen to the ground Thursday afternoon is back home with his family after widespread media coverage helped them find him. Read more

Dexter's family travel 800 miles to be reunited with their missing cat

Dexter went missing after a car accident as his family prepared for a long-distance move. Locals searched for him and he was finally found. Read more

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