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cat news

Tripawd kitten Nancy is fighting on

At just three weeks old, kitten Nancy is already proving she is a little survivor. Read more

Cat attends cat lover's funeral

A cat living 12 miles away turned up and sat through the funeral of a man known to love cats. Read more

Missing cat with leg caught in trap returns on Thanksgiving

Minnie’s family is thankful to have her home and and on the mend after getting emergency care for the cat who returned injured by a trap on the Thanksgiving holiday. Read more

Stray cat helps young man with Asperger's Syndrome

A formerly stray cat who found a home has made a huge difference in the life of a young man. Read more

School bus drivers rescue cat

Margie was rescued when school bus drivers found her tangled up in the engine of a bus. She lost a leg and her unborn kittens but has found a good home. Read more

Punky's Thanksgiving Homecoming

Three months after a fire displaced Punky from his home, he was reunited with his family on the day before Thanksgiving. Read more

Muffin: Update on kitten recovering from paralysis

Several readers have asked for an update on Muffin, who was paralyzed by an improperly placed microchip and is working to regain his mobility now. Read more

Kitten frozen to ground finds a home with his rescuers

A kitten rescued by passersby who discovered him frozen to a drain now has a good home. Read more

Clinton Gets Help

Clinton was rescued from a neglectful situation, having a deformity caused by an untreated broken paw. Read more

Kitten with neurological issues gets help

A shelter is helping a wobbly kitten with neurological issues to improve his mobility, while helping to make things easier for him. Read more

Constrction workers rescue kitten suffering from frostbite

Popsicle is recovering at the shelter after being brought in with frostbite damage to her hind feet. Read more

Adorable Kittens Rescued Outside of a Warehouse

Three cute little kittens found behind the offices of the Razor scooter company were rescued by employees. Read more

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