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cat news

Sick kids and shelter kitties benefit from new hospital program

Wolfson Children’s Hospital and Jacksonville Humane Society’s Play with Cats program brings joy to both kitties and kids. Read more

Missing cat is reunited with his petdad after 7 years

Lutèce went missing 7 years ago during a move and was reunited with his petdad on Friday after coming to the shelter as a stray. Read more

Florida sheriff's officers rescue abandoned kittens

Caring law enforcement officers in South Florida found 4 abandoned kittens in a box and rescued the babies from the day’s extreme heat. Read more

10 Facts about the Mind of a Cat

Dr. Andy Roark takes us inside the mind of a cat to explore the mysterious things our cats do every day, in this humorous educational video. Read more

Ypsilanti MI firefighters rescue kittens during training exercise

Firefighters in Ypsilanti, MI rescued a litter of newborn kittens while performing a training exercise Thursday. Read more

Prisoners and shelter cats benefit from prison program

Shelter cats and prisoners are both benefiting from a new program at an Indiana correctional facility. Read more

Cats and People cat cafe opens in Moscow

A new cat cafe has opened in Moscow, Russia. Read more

Bart the miracle cat update

Bart, the Florida miracle kitty who dug himself out from the grave, has progressed in his recovery and is a happy boy. Read more

Cats Listen to Cat Music at a Cat Cafe

David Teie composes music for cats. Meow Parlour, a cat cafe in New York City, played the music for its cats to see how they would react. Read more

Homeless Kittens Born At Mall Loading Dock Rescued With Mother

Mama was a pregnant stray who panicked and ran to a loading dock, where she had her kittens before the little family was rescued. Read more

One Kitten, One Family, Six Million Adoptions: PetSmart Charities™ Celebrates a Lifesaving Milestone

With the adoption of Missy June, three broken hearts found comfort in one kitten looking for her forever home and a program reached its six millionth adoption Read more

NC Family says animal control killed their cat

A heartbroken mother and daughter believe the county animal shelter euthanized their beloved cat and are not coming clean on what happened. Read more

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