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cat news

Firefighters Rescue Cat from Chimney Vent

Snoopy was stuck in a chimney vent for days after climbing in through the small ash door at the base of the chimney at his Sparks, Nevada home, until local firefighters freed him. Read more

Volunteer’s Love and Patience Wins Untrusting Cat’s Affection

Mia first arrived at The Cat House in 2004 after being rescued from a local cat hoarding situation. Read more

Cat Nearly Loses Sight After Rescue and Finds Forever Home

Olaf was found lying on a sidewalk-extremely sick, starving and barely able to move-during one of this past winter’s worst snowstorms Read more

Cat Finds New Life Thanks to Rescuers Refusing to Give Up

To a quiet chorus of cheers, Zip, a beautiful five-year-old gray tabby cat, was welcomed to the Humane Society of Northwest Montana Read more

17 Year Old Cat Alerts Family to Fire

A 17 year old cat named Ashton is being credited with saving his family and his fellow pets, along with their home, when he woke his petmom to alert her to a fire burning in the garage. Read more

Firefighters Rescue and Revive Cat at House Fire

Firefighters in Ottawa, Canada rescued a dog and a cat from a house fire on Friday, and revived the cat with a pet oxygen mask at the scene. Read more

Kitten Rescued Hours Before Euthanasia Seeks Help and Home

Just hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized at a municipal shelter, Linus, a seven month old kitten, was rescued by Furrever Friends Read more

Cat's Poisoning Sparks Campaign for Alternative Flea Product

To many families trying to battle fleas, finding the cheapest and strongest product on the market makes sense, especially on a limited income Read more

Tiny Kitten is Rescued from Wall

A tiny kitten trapped inside a wall was freed in a dramatic rescue last week. An animal rescue officer called in firefighters to help save the little fellow, and the kitten is now in foster care. Read more

Unique's Happy Reunion: Lost Cat is Found and Goes Home

A fluffy little calico cat named Unique was saved from becoming a shelter resident and a lost cat statistic when she was reunited with her overjoyed petmom last weekend. Read more

Rescue Hero Helps Pets Affected by Fires

Philadelphia firefighter and Red Paw Emergency Relief Team founder Jen Leary is profiled in a CNN Heroes segment. Read more

Three Siblings' Journey of Love and Loss

When Mary (name changed) was diagnosed with a brain tumor that would eventually kill her, she did not know what could be done with her three Read more

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