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cat news

Large Painted Mural Seeks Return of Missing Cat Buddha

A woman and her friends have created the ultimate missing cat poster, painting a large mural in a downtown area near where Buddha disappeared. Read more

Massachusetts Legislature Stiffens Penalties for Animal Cruelty

The Puppy Doe bill to protect animals from abuse and increase penalties for abusers has passed the Massachusetts legislature and awaits Governor Patrick’s signature. Read more

Dock Workers Rescue Litter of Kittens

Halifax Port Authority workers rescued a litter of kittens they discovered in harms way. Read more

Good Samaritan and Vet Save Kitten Thrown from car

Together, an eyewitness and a caring veterinarian have rescued and saved a little kitten in need of help. Read more

A Journey in the Life of 3 Sisters

It all began sometime in December, 2011. For anyone living in New England, that was the winter that never seemed to stop snowing. Read more

Kitty Thrown From Car Now Thriving

On December 12, 2013 a passenger traveling on Interstate 5 in Salem, Oregon dropped four-month-old Edmond onto the pavement Read more

Soldiers Save Tiny Stray Kitten

Little Soldier was weak, cold and starving, and being bullied by a big, tough cat when he was rescued by caring soldiers at an army barracks. Now he is recovered and `nearly ready to begin a much better new life. Read more

Kittens Abandoned at Fire Station Get Help

Nine kittens and two cats crammed into one cat carrier and left outside of a fire station are getting help and finding new homes. Read more

California rescue cat Sophie sets new record for longest fur

A cat with nearly 11 inch long fur has been named by Guinness Records as the current record holder for the cat with the longest fur.’Sophie takes the title following the passing of the previous holder, Colonel Meow. Read more

Boston Firefighters Rescue and Revive 2 Cats at House Fire

Firefighters used pet oxygen masks to revive 2 cats found lying on the floor at a house fire in the Roxbury section of Boston Tuesday night. Read more

Police Officer Cares for Newborn Kittens Rescued from Dumpster

A caring Phoenix, AZ police officer took home a litter of newborn kittens to foster them and give bottle feedings after officers rescued them from a dumpster. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Black Cat Clinging to Edge of Roof

A small black cat was whining and crying, and hanging on by his little paws, when firefighters rescued him from the edge of a rooftop Monday Read more

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