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cat news

FIV+ Kitty Finds Forever Love in Spite of Stigma

The Humane Society of Indiana has earned a name for themselves as a result of their work with FIV+ kitties and their success in getting them adopted. Read more

Cat is Rescued From Busy Highway After 2 Days

Vanity is safe at the shelter after being rescued from a busy highway in Riverside, CA where she had been in danger for at least two days. Read more

From Trauma to Forever Love: Mama Cat and Kittens Find Hope

Last winter, a Good Samaritan contacted the Branford Compassion Club regarding a starving, cold female cat that she had found. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Kitten from Mercedes-Benz Car Engine

A fire rescue crew member captured the endearing moment on video when a little crying kitten was safely rescued from inside a car’s engine compartment on Monday. Read more

Kitty Family Survives Polar Vortex and Finds Forever Sanctuary

On January 30, 2014, two little kittens in terrible condition were brought to Caroline’s Kids Cat Rescue in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Read more

Cat Wins Hearts and is Rescued from Euthanasia Just in Time

Sweet Willie, appropriately named for his especially sweet personality, ended up in a local high-kill shelter after having lived with the same family Read more

Austin Firefighters Save Cat from House Fire

A cat found in its burning home was unresponsive when it was rescued by firefighters, but was successfully revived with the use of a pet oxygen mask and will be fine. Read more

Blind Cat Peppered with BB Pellets is On the Mend

A handsome buff colored blind tabby cat brought in to an Arlington, VA shelter as a stray two weeks ago is recovering from surgery to remove an eye. Staff were shocked to discover that the basically healthy cat was riddled with BB shot, which he may have carried with him for quite some time. Read more

Elderly Kitty Beat the Odds and Now Searches for Special Home

Late one Sunday night, Calvin’s Paws, a rescue organization in central North Carolina, received a call. Read more

Marte Beats the Odds to Survive and Find his Forever Home

A kitten in need of life-saving surgery when he was rescued last month after being found tethered to the wall of his home by a shoelace has overcome the odds and recovered, and has found a loving forever home with his foster caregiver. Read more

Rescued Kitty Finds Forever Love Despite Numerous Challenges

Frazier chose the right yard to walk through one day, wandering into the property of Faye, a dedicated volunteer with the Gifford Cat Shelter. Read more

Frosty: Kitten Found Frozen to the Ground Gets Help

Frosty is staying warm and being treated for a respiratory infection after being rescued this morning when a good Samaritan found him frozen to the ground and took him to get help. Read more

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