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cat news

Paralyzed Kitten Given Second Chance With Wheelchair Gets Adopted

Tumbelina the CH kitten was paralyzed when she was rescued and given a second chance. Now she finally has her forever home. Read more

Vet films impassioned and brokenhearted response after abused kitten dies

Dr. Carlos Rodr√≠guez cared for a tiny kitten that was cruelly injured by some children and posted a heartfelt video response after the kitten passed away. Read more

Cat clings to light plane's wing during unplanned flight

The pilot of a light plane noticed the airfield’s mascot clinging to the frame just after takeoff and safely returned the frightened kitty to the ground. Read more

Hero Cat Tara Receives Hero Dog Award!

Tara, the cat seen in a viral video saving a young boy from an attacking dog, has been named Hero Dog of the year! Read more

Enya the miracle kitten

Here is the touching story of Enya, a kitten who was at death’s door when she was rescued but is now happy and healthy thanks to her foster family’s care. Read more

Spray painted kitten gets help

Concerned citizens, police, Animal Control and a local rescue group have all pitched in to help a tiny kitten who was painted orange. Read more

Rescued Cat Helps Nurse Little Goat Back To Health

A rescued cat at an animal sanctuary is extremely devoted to a baby goat who arrived with a broken leg and in delicate health. Read more

Hero cat saves saves owner and fellow cats from house fire

A brave and determined cat saved his petdad and fellow cats and raised the alarm in time for the house to be saved when a fire started in the kitchen. Read more

Kansas cat is back home after stowaway trip to Hawaii

A Kansas kitty is back home after a stowaway trip to Hawaii. Read more

Shot, dumped kitten Lou C. is doing great after pellet is removed!

Lou C. is happy and playful now in foster care as he moves on from the terrible incident that left him shot in the head and left for dead. Read more

STOP Scratching/Jumping on Furniture

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to stop your cat from scratching/jumping on furniture/counter tops. Read more

Kitten is rescued from Prius and finds a home

A Prius driver heard an odd sound coming from under her hood… a meow. Kitty was safely removed from the car at a garage ad immediately found himself a home. Read more

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