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cat health

Kitten's First Vet Visit

Marmalade’s first vet visit, back when he was a kitten. A new video in honor of Take Youur Cat to the Vet Day, August 22. Read more

Couple gets kidney transplant for beloved cat

Two lives were saved when Oki got a kidney transplant and his family adopted the organ donor kitty, who was rescued from death row. Read more

Two Suffering Homeless Kitties Get Help!

Stray kittens Peggy and Leela were in dire need of medical care and their rescuers took them to Vet Ranch to get help. Both kittens are now doing well. Read more

8 Clever Ideas to Keep Cats Active

Check out these ideas for 8 clever ideas for keeping cats active, happy and healthy. Read more

Cat with rare blood disorder gets leech treatments

A cat with a rare blood disorder is being treated with an old and unusual procedure – bloodletting with leeches. Read more

Vet and surgeon to humans team up to fix kitten's cleft palate for free

A veterinarian and a doctor to humans who is a Craniofacial Surgeon teamed up to help a little kitten with a cleft palate free of charge. Read more

Pixie the cat and the £2,000 blade of grass

A frightening and expensive health scare for a sweet and friendly cat turned out to be a simple matter after all, caused by a blade of grass. Read more

Hermaphroditic cat Mittens to get gender assignment surgery

A cat in Newfoundland with both male and female parts will have gender assignment surgery to help with bowel and urinary problems. Read more

Muffin: Update on kitten recovering from paralysis

Several readers have asked for an update on Muffin, who was paralyzed by an improperly placed microchip and is working to regain his mobility now. Read more

Caring for Sam

Sam’s petmom shares what it is like caring for a beloved cat with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure), in a touching yet informative video. Read more

Basic Ear Care for Cats

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of your cat’s ears is essential for their well being. Dr. Julia Georgesen tells you how to clean your cat’s ears and what you need to be on the look out for when cleaning. Read more

American Red Cross Issues New Pet First Aid App

App helps dog and cat owners provide emergency care until veterinary assistance is available. Read more

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