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cat health

Hermaphroditic cat Mittens to get gender assignment surgery

A cat in Newfoundland with both male and female parts will have gender assignment surgery to help with bowel and urinary problems. Read more

Muffin: Update on kitten recovering from paralysis

Several readers have asked for an update on Muffin, who was paralyzed by an improperly placed microchip and is working to regain his mobility now. Read more

Caring for Sam

Sam’s petmom shares what it is like caring for a beloved cat with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure), in a touching yet informative video. Read more

Basic Ear Care for Cats

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of your cat’s ears is essential for their well being. Dr. Julia Georgesen tells you how to clean your cat’s ears and what you need to be on the look out for when cleaning. Read more

American Red Cross Issues New Pet First Aid App

App helps dog and cat owners provide emergency care until veterinary assistance is available. Read more

35 Pound Cat Tiger is Adopted After His Story Makes the News

Tiger lost his home and his familiar companion when his elderly owner was put into an assisted living facility. His story made the news and he was quickly adopted by a woman who wanted to help a special needs pet. Read more

Conversations With My Cat: Peeing Outside the Litterbox

“Do you know who I am? I was worshipped in Egypt as a God!” So says the cat, in conversation with her petparent, in this hilarious video on an important topic, peeing outside the litterbox. Read more

Dentist Helps Cat with Broken Jaw

A Scottish cat got help from a dentist who treats humans when her jaw needed to be reset following an accident. Read more

Fat Cat Buddha is Rescued and Gets Help

A huge 31.4 pound cat named Buddha is getting help to lose weight and get fit after being rescued from a shelter where he ended up after a death in his family. Read more

Cat Health: How To Brush Your Cat's Teeth

A certified veterinary dental technician demonstrates how to keep a cat’s teeth clean without a lot of stress to either person or pet. Read more

Tufts University Opens First US Obesity Clinic for Pets

Veterinarians and shelters are seeing many more fat cats and dogs than ever before. These pets suffer health problems, decreased quality of life, and early death. Now a clinic dedicated to helping obese pets has opened near Boston. Read more

Tiny Kitten Pog Gets Lifesaving Heart Surgery and a Home

Blue Cross Victoria charity animal hospital saved the life of 5 week old shelter kitten Pog, who was in a bad way due to a birth defect. Now she is recovered and has a home.

Read more

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