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Marmalade's EPIC Cat Birthday Party!

Marmalade the cat survived a scary bout with cancer, so when his 2nd birthday rolled round he and his brother Cole celebrated with a super birthday party bash. Read more

Bittersweet reunion as cat returns home for final days after 7 years

Brave was found after 7 years, skinny and with a cancerous tumor. His family have taken him home to live out his remaining days. Read more

Woman credits her cats with saving her from cancer

A woman is crediting her three cats with saving her life by finding her cancer and continually being drawn to its location. Read more

Marmalade the Cancer Warrior in EPIC Cat Playfight Compilation!

Cancer warrior kitty and cat video star Marmalade is featured in this cute compilation of clips that showcase his fighting spirit. Read more

Cat Returns Back Home to Woman Battling Cancer

An Alabama woman feels her cat, who had been rehomed, came back to her to keep her company as she heals following surgery for stage three cervical cancer. Read more

Bindi: Cat Detects Breast Cancer and Saves Her Petmom's Life

Valerie Lubbock was told “I think you can thank your cat for saving your life,” as she left the hospital after her mastectomy. Read more

Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs and Cats

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, a time to spread awareness of the symptoms of cancer in dogs and cats.

Read more