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A brilliant idea ...

A clever petparent has shared the most brilliant and practical solution to cat related office productivity issues: the desktop cardboard box cat trap! Read more

Maru & Hana10

The always entertaining Maru and Hana frolic and play together in their latest video. Read more

The Bengal Kitten and the Box

A Bengal kitten unintentionally finds the perfect way to close himself into a small box. Read more

Many Maru & Hana 20

Maru and Hana get up to a variety of antics in this super cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cat tower and Maru & Hana

Maru & Hana play on the cat tower in their new video. Read more

Maru looks through the small box

Maru looks through the open end of a very small box he’s managed to get himself into. Read more

Box and Maru & Hana

All Maru and Hana need for hours of fun and madcap antics is a nice big box! Read more

Maru intercepts the box

Hana enjoys the chance to get comfy in a box until Maru decides he wants it instead in this cute video. Read more

Trash box and Maru 3

Ha ha. The trash can is not so secret a hiding place when it has transparent sides. Read more

Maru & Hana and a little Christmas surprise

A little surprise pops up when Hana rests on the felted cat pod and plays with an ornament on the Christmas tree. Read more

Many Maru & Hana 19

Maru and Hana get up to more of their antics in their latest compilation of cute video clips. Read more

Maru never gives up

Maru believes that he can get into all boxes. And Maru never gives up. Read more

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