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Her Name is Molly

Her name is Molly, and here is her #recipe for moments story. Guest blog post by Yvonne DiVita. Read more

Ten Things Every Rescuer Wants You to Know

Guest post by Sherry Pfau, who says: I leveraged the wisdom and experience of some of my fellow rescue friends, and we came up with the top ten things we want the general public to know about rescue. Read more

Coons and Cats … Oh My

Dee Walmsley shares a touching story of animal friendship and the bonds that can form between unlikely pairs. Read more

Rescuing the Two Jacks

Theodore Jack and River Jack went out the window at a cat rescue, setting off a six day effort to find them and bring them back to the safety of their home. Read more

A Cat Named Lazarus

Lazarus appeared to be stillborn and was placed into the trash, but lived. The woman who adopted her as a tiny baby tells the story of the queenly cat who lived to the ripe old age of 17. Read more

Walter's Story

Walter had a cloudy eye and behavior issues as he sat on death row with his time running out, when a compassionate fosterer looked beyond the surface and saw a cat she needed to save.  Walter was rescued again when a young boy knew Walter was the cat for him.

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The Tails of Nine Orphaned Kittens

A Pittsburgh artist is caring for nine baby kittens found behind a restaurant and brought to her studio space.
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Mea Blind Kitty Gets a Home

Angela Gebhardt traveled halfway across the US  to adopt Mea from Last Chance Animal Rescue after seeing her photo at Facebook.Mea’s eyes had to be removed due to a severe infection and Angela couldn’t get her out of her mind. Read more

Bebe's Rescue: Pet Detectives Capture Shy Missing Cat After 4 Months

Missing Pet Partnership founder Kat Albrecht calls Bebe’s story Peepless in Seattle because the skittish missing cat was quietly hiding a stone’s throw from where he’d gone missing. Thanks to effective methods and perseverance Bebe was finally captured and will return to his family.
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3 Lucky Cute Kittens: A Gripping Rescue Tale From the Furball Fables Video Creator

Video creator Chase Holiday tells the heartwrenching and heartwarming story – in text this time – of Furball kitty Buddha and his siblings to honor their 2nd birthday.  A video of the siblings from 2010, included here, launched the Furball Fables video series.

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Cat Tales: In Loving Memory Of Mrs. P

A community cat caretaker pays fitting tribute to the life of a cat whose home was outside with her cat colony.

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Cat Frozen to the Ground: Trooper's Trip to PEI

SCAPA volunteer Jaime Bourgeois tells the story of trooper’s big day on Sunday, as he and Gwen Samms flew to PEI for his upcoming surgery.
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