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blind cat

Sight impaired kitten and sister share special bond

A a pair of closely bonded kittens – one of them at least partially blind – will remain together say shelter staff. Read more

Blind cat stolen from Hong Kong book store is returned

A blind cat stolen from a popular Hong Kong bookstore last Thursday is safely back home, much to the relief of the shop owner, neighbors and customers. Read more

Blind kitten finds home after thousands of shares to Facebook post

Proving the power of social networking, a little blind kitten from Orange County, Florida found a home within a day of his photo being posted to Facebook. Read more

Stevie the blind cat climbs a mountain

“Today Stevie climbed a mountain. Stevie is blind.” The beautiful video of that walk also speaks to life’s journey. Read more

Blind cat Ray gets second chance at life

When Ray was found, abandoned with badly infected eyes, vets said his best chance in life was to have both eyes removed. Read more

3 year old boy rescues kitten born without eyes

A 3 year-old Lubbock, Texas area boy is responsible for the rescue of a stray kitten who was born without eyes, and will adopt his new little best friend. Read more

Sightless kitten Hope finds a home

A sightless kitten who was rescued along with her mother and sister got the help she needed and is now in her forever home. Read more

Quirky the Blind Kitten - "Gettin outa Bed"

Quirky the Blind Kitten wakes up and has to find his ramp so he can get down off the bed in a heartwarming video showcasing the can-do little cat. Read more

Xena: Kitten in Need Gets Help and a Home

A little kitten who was found with a terrible eye infection by a good Samaritan was helped by a caring animal hospital and now is happily settling into her new home. Read more

Oskar the Blind Cat shows off his ninja skills

Oskar the Blind Cat takes his brother Klaus by surprise. Read more

Blind Cat Peppered with BB Pellets is On the Mend

A handsome buff colored blind tabby cat brought in to an Arlington, VA shelter as a stray two weeks ago is recovering from surgery to remove an eye. Staff were shocked to discover that the basically healthy cat was riddled with BB shot, which he may have carried with him for quite some time. Read more

Quirky the Blind Kitten

An adorable blind kitty named Quirky was adopted by a family of cat lovers last summer. He stars in a series of cute YouTube videos and has his own Facebook page. Read more

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