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blind cat

Oskar the Blind Cat shows off his ninja skills

Oskar the Blind Cat takes his brother Klaus by surprise. Read more

Blind Cat Peppered with BB Pellets is On the Mend

A handsome buff colored blind tabby cat brought in to an Arlington, VA shelter as a stray two weeks ago is recovering from surgery to remove an eye. Staff were shocked to discover that the basically healthy cat was riddled with BB shot, which he may have carried with him for quite some time. Read more

Quirky the Blind Kitten

An adorable blind kitty named Quirky was adopted by a family of cat lovers last summer. He stars in a series of cute YouTube videos and has his own Facebook page. Read more

Prince Ray: The Blind Kitty with a Big Heart

On October 6, 2013, a family arrived at C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter with a kitty in their car. C & W does not normally take in just any kitty Read more


Jezebel was a homeless blind kitty when she appeared at an office building one morning in October and let people know she wanted to be let in and taken off the street. Now she is safe and well cared for in foster care while she waits for her forever home. Read more

Pretzel's story!

The tiny blind kitten found sitting in the road with a twisted leg nearly a year ago is celebrating her first birthday, with her life incredibly transformed, thanks to her family, her vets and the loving support of friends.. A video tells her story. Read more

Woman is Reunited with Her Missing 17 Year Old Blind Cat After 4 Months

Thanks to caring animal lovers and a Miami Beach police officer, a senior kitty is safely back home with her guardian again after four months. Read more

Kitten with Eye Problems Rescued by Children Gets Help

Lucky was rescued by children, then was helped by a local humane society and animal hospital. Lucky’s eyes were so damaged by an untreated infection his vet had to remove them. He is adapting quickly and is poised for a good new life. Read more

Sprite: Blind Kitty Living the Good Life

They wanted to euthanize him as a kitten because he’s blind. Today he played in 2 feet of snow. Read more

Oskar the Blind Cat Begging and Talking

Oskar is a very vocal kitty – he likes to express what’s on his mind! Read more

Oskar the Blind Cat and The Cat Tree

Oskar the Blind Cat demonstrates the safest way to descend from a tall cat tree when he can’t determine what’s below and doesn’t want to jump directly to the floor. Butt-first fireman pole style! Read more

Cosgrove the Sightless Kitten: Special but Not Handicapped

Cosgrove’s foster caregiver made a video that shows the sightless kitten to be like any other; playing, being cute, running for the food bowl, and cuddling. Read more

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