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Too much cuteness: Kitten reacts to nose tickle

Ollie the kitten absolutely loves it when you tickle her nose. Read more

Sleepy kitten struggles to stay awake

A sleepy kitten tries to stay awake but it’s a losing battle. Read more

Cop rescues kitten and poses for cutest pic ever

An NYPD officer who rescued a kitten last Friday also found the little one a loving home. Read more

The Most Magically Cute Kitten You'll See All Day

This cute little kitten will make your day! Read more

Bottle Baby Kittens a Cute Compilation of Clips

Bottle baby foster kittens are featured in this sweet compilation of video clips. Read more

Cutest Kitten Gets Belly Rub And Melts Your Heart

Kitten sweetness and kitten love in a video that will make yo say “aww.” Read more

Kitten Meets Rabbit

A little kitten meets a bunny in this cute video. Read more

Cats licking each other

A pair of handsome kitty brothers, who we’ve also seen talking to the birds and to a fly, share a happy, loving moment together in this sweet video. Read more

Bella and Buddy: 3 1/2 Years of Friendship

A little girl grows up with the family cat, Buddy.

Read more

Ohagi, in Buddy-Buddy Cats

Aww …  A sweet moment on the cat condos, between Ohagi and one of the bigger cats.
Read more