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animal rescue

Chelsea is reunited with her family thanks to good luck and dedicated volunteers

A petmom’s request for help made to a cat rescue group last week resulted in her missing cat being returned home to her after nearly a year. Read more

Firefighters Save Nearly-Frozen Cat from Spicket River

The cat was almost lifeless from being exposed to the frigid waters, but after getting warmed up, the kitty started to show its true personality. Read more

Boys Rescue Kittens Tossed into River in a Bag

Two 8th grade boys are being called heroes for rescuing a litter of kittens they saw being thrown into a river in a bag one day last week. Read more

Kitten is Rescued from Narrow Underground Pipe

A six week old kitten named Piper was rescued by animal rescue and fire crews Thursday afternoon after a family getting cash from an ATM heard his cries. Read more

The Yelly Kitten: A Rescue Story

A kitten from a cat colony who’d been separated from his siblings yelled and yelled after he was trapped as part of a big rescue operation. He yelled – meowing forcefully yet pathetically – until something happened that made everything all right. Read more

Kittens and Cats are Rescued from Western MA Kitten Mill

Authorities in Western Massachusetts removed 31 cats and kittens from a kitten mill on Friday. Much like puppy mill dogs, these cats were poorly cared for and several require medical attention for severe infection and flea anemia. Read more

'No Pets Are Left Behind' in Colorado Floods

The Colorado National Guard says the motto is “no pets are left behind” as they evacuate people from the raging floodwaters. Hundreds of pets have been ferried to safety with their owners via helicopter or rescued in ground operations. Read more

Bus Driver Rescues Two Cats Susbisting on Scraps in the Freezing Cold

Greg and Wayne are safe, warm and well fed at the shelter now thanks to the good Samaritan who found them subsisting on scraps and huddling for warmth behind a grocery store. Read more

Hearts Break at Kodak's Needless Death and Controversy Flares

A blind cat known to thousands through an unforgettable photo was killed at the shelter on Monday, the day he was scheduled for release to rescuers. Read more

Venus the Chimera Cat's Viral Fame Takes her to the Today Show

Venus, the strikingly beautiful cat whose markings have made her an instant star, appeared on Today this morning with her petparents. Read more

Venus the Chimera Cat and the Viral Fame That Created a Community

A cat with an unusual and striking beauty gained instant fame after someone posted her photo online. Her family is overwhelmed with the appreciation and good wishes for their little girl. Read more

The Tails of Nine Orphaned Kittens

A Pittsburgh artist is caring for nine baby kittens found behind a restaurant and brought to her studio space.
Read more

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