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Animal Haven

What's in the box? Little boy is in love with new kitten!

Animal Haven adopters reveal the new feline family member, Razzle the kitten, to little boy Zeke. “It’s a meow meow!” Read more

Animal Haven Adoption Stories: Profiles of Love

A new video shows happily ever after stories for former NYC shelter pets and their families. Cat lover and shelter volunteer Suzi Anders is featured in one of the three stories. Read more

NYC Cats Rescued After Decade in WTC Area Office Building's Boiler Room

Bob Marley and Ziggy were rescued last month after living for many years below ground. Now they are ready for the good home they so greatly deserve. Read more

Sponge Bob Attends Gala, Then Goes To His New Home

Sponge Bob posed with benefit chair Edie Falco on the purple carpet for Animal Haven’s Performance for the Animals event before bowing out of the spotlight and going home with his new family last night. The big boy has been adopted.

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Sponge Bob Gains Fame

Life With Cats readers were introduced to Sponge Bob on May 23.  Since then the ginormous cat and his caregivers have been besieged with media requests, and the news coverage is breaking in a big way. Bob will appear on national TV on Sunday morning.
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33 Pound Sponge Bob Loses Weight And Gets Fit With A Shelter's Help

Sponge Bob weighed in at a very hefty 33 pounds when he came to Animal Haven in Lower Manhattan in April. He has dropped 3 pounds and is getting moving with moderate exercise.

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