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Speedo Finds a Home

Animal lovers came through when Speedo’s life was in danger, and now he is safe in his forever home. Read more

Piper's Purrfect Wink!

Piper’s permanent, “purrfect” wink tells the world that everything is A-OK because of the good Samaritans who showed up to save her life. Read more

Petra's Rescue

A sweet kitten named Petra is getting a second chance after someone packed her up in a sealed bag and abandoned her, tossing her over a fence. Read more

The Black Cat Mystery

Shorty’s confused! She can’t figure out why black cats are considered bad luck, scary, and/or boring! Read more

Dottie's Story

Dottie spent most of her life in shelters before finally finding her forever home this week. Here’s her story. Read more

Cats found near grisly Yonkers hanging tree site are rescued and ready for homes

Stray cats rescued from the area where 25 cat bodies were found hanging from trees in garbage bags in April are ready for homes where they can be safe from harm. Read more

Lazarus, Cat Trapped Behind Wall Cheats Death and Lives!

Lazarus did not literally come back from the dead, but he was nearly a goner when a woman discovered him trapped behind a wall in a vacant home. Now recovered, Lazarus is ready to live life to the fullest. Read more

One Eyed, Nearly Blind Kitten Finds Forever Love

One day, Animals Can’t Talk, a rescue and adoption center in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, received an urgent plea from Creature Comforts Veterinary Service in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania Read more

A Journey in the Life of 3 Sisters

It all began sometime in December, 2011. For anyone living in New England, that was the winter that never seemed to stop snowing. Read more

Kitty Thrown From Car Now Thriving

On December 12, 2013 a passenger traveling on Interstate 5 in Salem, Oregon dropped four-month-old Edmond onto the pavement Read more

Central Oklahoma Humane Society Seeks Heroic Adopted Pets

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society is hosting a very unique event at 7pm on Saturday, September 27th. Read more

"Selfies" Bad Luck for Black Cats?

Cole the Black Cat and his petdad Chris prove that black cats can take selfies equal to or better than cats of any other color or pattern. Read more

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