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10 kittens abandoned near dumpster find homes

Animal lovers from as far as 50 miles away stepped up to adopt after a police department asked for help when 10 kittens were found abandoned in a cage near a dumpster. Read more

Kitten rescued by firefighters gets the perfect home

A feel-good kitten rescue story has come full circle to a very happy ending with the kitten’s adoption into the perfect home. Read more

Shipyard cat Wolfie finds a home

Wolfie the Shipyard cat has finally gotten a home after ten years living rough, while being looked after by his many friends. Read more

Mama cat and her kittens found taped into box on hot day

A mama cat and her kittens are safe now after being found taped into a box on a hot day. Read more

Stanley's story

A stray cat in chronic pain from an old injury and tired from living rough has gotten help, and is now pain-free and headed toward a new life in a good home. Read more

Stowaway kitten survives car crash and finds a home

A little kitten rescued from a car engine after a crash immediately found a new home! Read more

Blind kitten finds home after thousands of shares to Facebook post

Proving the power of social networking, a little blind kitten from Orange County, Florida found a home within a day of his photo being posted to Facebook. Read more

Henry the Warrior Kitten is adopted by the family who found him

A little cat who captured hearts while healing from injuries sustained when he was hit by a car was adopted today by the family who found him. Read more

Adopted kitten bonds with family cat

A super sweet video shows a new kitten bonding with the family’s cat. Read more

Paralyzed Kitten Given Second Chance With Wheelchair Gets Adopted

Tumbelina the CH kitten was paralyzed when she was rescued and given a second chance. Now she finally has her forever home. Read more

Spray painted kitten gets help

Concerned citizens, police, Animal Control and a local rescue group have all pitched in to help a tiny kitten who was painted orange. Read more

Scared of Spiders? … Adopt a Cat!

Cole and Marmalade make sure their home is bug free year round and they keep their petparents entertained in the process. Read more

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