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That's one big cat!

Meet Nero, the enormous black Maine Coon Cat! Read more

Helpless 8 Day Old Kitten Finds Forever Home, You Won't Believe What She Looks Like Now!

Chloe was once motherless, homeless and in danger of euthanization, Now she is all grown up, has found a wonderful home and is more beautiful than ever. Read more

Niko the Escape Artist

“Get me outta here!” Niko takes matters into his own paws, leaping right out of the cat enclosure at the shelter and finding himself a new home. Read more

Dinky the kitten survives after being maimed by a car engine

Kitten Rescue LA came to the aid of a kitten seriously injured after an accidental incident with car’s fan belt. Read more

Rescued kittens nursed back to health

Four beautiful kittens dumped in a garbage bag at a skate park were rescued by good Samaritans, got loving care at a local vet’s and all found homes. Read more

9 Reasons Black Cat Owners are Lucky!

Black Cat Appreciation Day is coming right up, on August 17th. Here’s 9 reasons why one is very lucky to be owned by a black cat! Read more

Cat who came to shelter with letter from deceased owner is adopted

The cat whose deceased former owner left a letter for her adopter has found a new home. Read more

Dumped kittens nearly taken with trash are on the mend

Seven kittens who narrowly escaped being hauled off with a vet hospital’s rubbish are doing well in their recovery a week later and have moved to a rescue. Read more

Cat who survived underwater on sunken boat is adopted

The beautiful tortoiseshell cat who was discovered in a boat that sank in Lake Havasu the weekend before last has found a new home. Read more

Kitten's loud cries for help lead to rescue

A trapped kitten making a lot of noise got a lot of attention from police and firefighters Monday and was rescued after an hour-long effort. Read more

10 kittens abandoned near dumpster find homes

Animal lovers from as far as 50 miles away stepped up to adopt after a police department asked for help when 10 kittens were found abandoned in a cage near a dumpster. Read more

Kitten rescued by firefighters gets the perfect home

A feel-good kitten rescue story has come full circle to a very happy ending with the kitten’s adoption into the perfect home. Read more

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