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Texas kitten thrown in abuse video is miraculously unharmed

A sweet 9 week old kitten who was the victim of abuse when he was forcefully thrown into the air for a video captured on a phone is doing well and, amazingly, came out of his ordeal unharmed. Read more

Officer poses with kitten rescued from traffic

A police officer rescued a beautiful kitten thrown into traffic by “insensitive young men” and posed for this cute pic that was posted to Instagram. Read more

Vet films impassioned and brokenhearted response after abused kitten dies

Dr. Carlos Rodr√≠guez cared for a tiny kitten that was cruelly injured by some children and posted a heartfelt video response after the kitten passed away. Read more

Spray painted kitten gets help

Concerned citizens, police, Animal Control and a local rescue group have all pitched in to help a tiny kitten who was painted orange. Read more

Cat tossing couple are sentenced

The couple who played catch with two cats while babysitting and posted video to Facebook were sentenced Thursday over the incident. Read more

Over $12k reward offered in case of mutilated kittens as one recovers from injuries

Substantial rewards are being offered in the case of 2 mutilated kittens, as the survivor recuperates. Read more

Police seek couple who drove with cat leashed to car's hood

Fellow motorist Polly Vandall got photos on her phone when she spotted an SUV driving with a very unhappy looking cat leashed to the hood. Read more

Bruce Almighty: Cat found with his legs bound gets help

There has been an outpouring of both support and donations for Bruce, who was found last week with his legs tightly bound by electrical tape. Read more

Emerson's Story: Abused special needs cat gets wheelchair and new life

A special needs cat who became paralyzed when he was abused is getting around on his own set of wheels now, is a shelter mascot, and has found a loving home. Read more

Cat tossing couple plead guilty to charges

A man and woman seen on video last week tossing 2 cats in a game of catch pleaded guilty to two counts each of misdemeanor animal cruelty Wednesday. Read more

Babysitting couple charged after cat tossing video is posted to Facebook

A man charged with cruelty for playing catch with two cats and posting video to Facebook later remarked that people “blew the f**k up about it.” Read more

Animal lovers cite karma at work as abuser who beat cat with metal bat is injured in freak accident

A man facing animal cruelty charges got little sympathy last week after falling from a second story window and being struck by a garbage truck. Read more

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