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RIP Katniss: Kitten Burn Victim Dies

The sweet baby kitten who had thousands of animal lovers rooting for her recovery passed away Sunday, two weeks after being intentionally burned Read more

Good Samaritan and Vet Save Kitten Thrown from car

Together, an eyewitness and a caring veterinarian have rescued and saved a little kitten in need of help. Read more

Trucker - Kitten who lost leg when thrown from car - continues his recovery

Trucker touched hearts when a photo of the heavily bandaged orange kitten was circulated online. He is on the mend now and doing well. Read more

Nelson: 20 Year Old Cat Overcomes Adversity and Beats the Odds

Nelson has survived an attempted drowning, life on the docks, an attack that cost him and eye and a recent diagnosis of a heart tumor. The family he adopted in 2009 calls him their little miracle. Read more

Blind Cat Peppered with BB Pellets is On the Mend

A handsome buff colored blind tabby cat brought in to an Arlington, VA shelter as a stray two weeks ago is recovering from surgery to remove an eye. Staff were shocked to discover that the basically healthy cat was riddled with BB shot, which he may have carried with him for quite some time. Read more

Marte Beats the Odds to Survive and Find his Forever Home

A kitten in need of life-saving surgery when he was rescued last month after being found tethered to the wall of his home by a shoelace has overcome the odds and recovered, and has found a loving forever home with his foster caregiver. Read more

Cat Set on Fire to be Adopted by Philadelphia Firefighter

Campbell made the news when two men lit him on fire on a Philadelphia street earlier this month. He is healing well, looks great, and has found a wonderful new home. Read more

Facebook Post Results in Arrest for Woman Who Lit Her Cat's tail on Fire

A Redlands, CA woman who lit the end of her cat’s tail on fire and posted a video to Facebook has been arrested and the cat, who did not sustain serious injury, is at the city shelter. Read more

Lulabelle: Slowly Learning to Trust Again

Lulabelle is a beautiful, plump orange tabby cat that seems like she should be confident and behave like a queen, with her regal appearance. Read more

Good Samaritan Rescues Kitten Thrown from Pickup Truck

A tiny 5 week old kitten was thankfully unharmed after being thrown from a truck earlier today, and is safe in foster care tonight. Read more

Protesters Pleased with Developments in Kitten Torture Case Against Judge's Son

A special prosecutor has been assigned to the case of a town judge’s son accused of trying to hurt kittens. A similar incident where the kitten was harmed will now be investigated for a connection to the case. Read more

Boys Report Abuse, Kittens are Saved

Four boys witnessed a disturbing incident that left one kitten dead and 5 more in danger of perishing. They told an adult who called police, and the 5 kittens are already doing well one day later. Read more

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