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  • Kittendales 2015 Hunks Calendar Benefits Shelter The 2015 Kittendales Calendar to benefit Hull Seaside Animal Rescue is now on sale. Local men from all walks of life pose for beefcake shots with kittens and cats for the annual fundraiser.

  • Emotional reunion follows as cat traces her petmom to residential facility Staff at a care home noticed a cat hanging around the building and found that Cleo had followed her petmom there. Cleo and the woman have been reunited and the cat can stay at the home.

  • Precious Photos Show the Unparalleled Bond Between a Girl With Autism and Her Cat A very special cat is helping a little girl with autism to connect with the world.

  • Baltimore Photographers Capture Secret Lives of Street Cats Husband and wife team document cat colonies across the country

  • So-Called Saddest Cat Tucker Finds a Home A cat whose genetic abnormalities helped her get viral fame has found the perfect home.

  • Hero Cat Alerts Woman to Husband’s Heart Attack When Richard Jenkins was upstairs alone suffering a heart attack, Cleo the cat rushed up and down the stairs to get her petmom's attention. Thanks to Cleo, paramedics arrived in time to save him with emergency treatment.

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Rare male tortie Harry turns up at shelter

Man sentenced to time in prison for killing cat

Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress

What Cats See...

Elderly cats dumped at shelter are saved!

Meet Monty Boy

Roomba and Aoife: Orphaned kitten and Irish wolfhound are best friends

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Cat

Budd Doesn't Know He is Different

Paralyzed kitten Muffin survives risky surgery!

Cat Brings Comfort to Veterans in Hospice

Nanny Dog Helps Shelter Kittens

Arrest Made in Burned Kitten Katniss Case

Kittendales 2015 Hunks Calendar Benefits Shelter

RIP Katniss: Kitten Burn Victim Dies

Emotional reunion follows as cat traces her petmom to residential facility

Arrest made in April case of dead cats found hanging from trees in garbage bags

An arrest has finally been made in the case of 25 dead cats found hanging in garbage bags from a tree in Yonkers, New York last April. Read more

MEOW MIX! Kittens & Cats Meowing

Two of our favorite little cat video stars, Cole & Marmalade, meowing as kittens/cats in this cute and funny compilation! Read more

Cat Depot Rescues 32 Abandoned Cats

32 cats were saved from the unthinkable and are getting ready to begin their good, new lives after being rescued on Sunday. Read more

Cute Kittens Compilation

Kittens are being kittens – which means they are being cute, sweet, funny, feisty and completely adorable – in this new compilation of video clips. Read more

Kitten is rescued from car engine and finds a home

An adorable little black and white kitten found herself a home after she was rescued from the engine of a woman’s car. Read more

Seemingly lifeless kitten suffering from hypothermia is revived

Lucky was declared DOA after being found in a shed in the cold but a last-ditch effort at CPR brought him back to life. Read more

Little Kitty asking for attention

Little Ara loves to cuddle. Read more

Meet Blue, the cougar kitten!

An orphaned cougar kitten was transported across the US and is being hand raised at a Boston area zoo. Read more

Cat Plays in the Tub

Enix loves the water, and he plays with a bottle cap in the tub in this cute cat video. Read more

Tilly the Cat and her Dog Tricks

Tilly is a rescued cat who took to doing tricks for her petmom in a way that most people associate with dogs – not cats! Read more

Call to action to help the Bayside Prison Cats

Alley Cat Allies is asking animal lovers to speak up for the Bayside Prison cats, who are being slowly starved after a do-not-feed order was handed down. Read more

Many Maru & Hana 18

Famed internet cat Maru and his buddy Hana are featured in this cute new compilation of video clips. Read more

Paper Cat

This video with a cat pawing at a piece of paper takes a very sweet turn. Read more

Speedo Finds a Home

Animal lovers came through when Speedo’s life was in danger, and now he is safe in his forever home. Read more
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