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A Visit with Lua the Kitten

We check back in with Lua, the Brave and Beautiful kitten who is being helped to enjoy life, and to walk again following a crippling accident, by her loving circle of friends at VOKRA. Read more

Hope for Stockings

Stockings was born with crippling backwards facing and bent hind legs. Chicago’s Tree House Humane Society saved the young kitten’s life by taking him in and got him corrective surgery. Now Stockings has found his forever home with the vet tech who fostered him. Read more

Woman's Hobby Photographing Her Cat Leads to a Career

Milwaukee, WI resident Kate Anderson, professionally known as Kate Funk, has found a niche as a cat photographer through a chain of events that turned a hobby into a professional endeavor. Read more

Sir Stuffington Makes List of Internet's Favorite Cats for 2013

Google says Sir Stuffington was the internet’s 7th most popular pet in searches this year. Read more

Quirky the Blind Kitten

An adorable blind kitty named Quirky was adopted by a family of cat lovers last summer. He stars in a series of cute YouTube videos and has his own Facebook page. Read more

The Bay Cats: A Year in the Life

A beautiful new video lovingly recaps a rich and full year for the community of the San Francisco Bay Cats, whose caretakers know and appreciate their unique personalities and loving relationships. Read more

Wil runs for Santito

A new video recaps the story of Santito, the special needs kitty saved, helped to walk, and given a home, thanks to Kitten Rescue volunteers. One of the rescue’s volunteers will run in the LA Marathon in Santito’s name in March, 2014 Read more

Spot the Cat and the Christmas Miracle

Spot was an indoor cat who ran out of the house and went missing during the confusion when a family member was dying. Just as his petmom reached her lowest point of depression over her missing cat, he was found on Christmas Eve. Read more

Stuart Little's Tale

Stuart Little was so tiny when he and his family were rescued that his caregivers thought he looked like a wee baby white mouse. Now he is growing and healthy, and has found his forever home. Read more

Buddha, RIP: Inspirational Cat on Water Treadmill and Diet Regimen Dies

Cat Shoppe and Dog Store in Nashville, TN announced today that their sweet 6 year old big boy and international celebrity cat Buddha passed away last night from a congenital heart condition. Read more

Lua The Brave & Beautiful Kitten - Part 2 - Lua's Progress

An upbeat and inspiring video brings us up to date on the wonderful progress of a kitten named Lua, who is being helped to regain the use of her hind legs. Read more

Tim: a Rescued Kitty's Story in Photos

Tim was a homeless black kitten living in a groundhog hole when he was rescued last year. Now he is a happy, healthy house cat. Read more

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