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Scooter the Neutered Cat

This is Scooter, a funky feline with no cojones, no kittens and no concerns. Scooter is the spokescat for Ten, a spay/neuter and no-kill advocacy project with a mission to give cats an extra life by creating a no-kill cat nation. Read more

Kringle's story

Kringle’s story is the story of an abandoned cat who found a good and loving forever home, where he is appreciated and can live in comfort for the rest of his days. Read more

Betty Rose & The Cattoo

Kitties have played a huge role in the life of professional tattoo artist Betty Rose. Learn about The Cattoo – the cat tattoo – through the eyes and ink of Betty Rose and be inspired by her truly creative take on what it is to be a cat lover. Read more

Schrödinger & Mike

Petdad Mike Manh tells how he rescued a kitten from a mountain highway and how the aptly named Schrödinger became the cat that changed his life. Read more

Ode to Spotty Cat

A foster caregiver tells the story of a very special cat who was helped after he was hit by a car when he fled a fire at his home, and was then reunited with his loving petmom. Read more

Bowser the Burned Kitten's Healing Journey

Bowser suffered painful injuries at the hands of trusted caregivers but is recovering with the love and care of his family and his veterinarians. Read more

Kitten Rescue Volunteers in Action

A well-produced video features inspiring stories of animal rescue volunteers who are making a positive difference in the lives of the cats (and dogs) who need our help. Read more

Nelson & Merrill: One Eyed Cat Finds the Perfect Home

Nelson’s human, Merrill, felt a connection to this seemingly unfriendly furball and despite his traumatic past, living in a hoarding situation, he’s developed the best personality. Read more

Jackson's Tale

Jackson was alone outside in the freezing cold when he was found by a concerned citizen who noticed the cat’s tail was encased in ice from the cold and snow. Read more

Meet Sprinkles

Meet Sprinkles, the beautiful little kitten in the purple leg wrap cast who is getting the best of care with the shelter that is giving her a good start in life and the medical care she needs for a good future. Read more

A Tribute To Luvly, A Very Special Cat

Luvly was a permanent resident and mascot at Shropshire Cat Rescue. He had a tough start in life but blossomed into a very happy fellow and a little star. He is remembered in a sweet and beautiful tribute video. Read more

Slinko Comes Out

A rescued feral cat surprised his caretaker when, after nearly a year in her care, he decided to show her that he was a tame and friendly boy after all. Now Slinko is looking for a loving home. Read more

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