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Baxter Finds His Forever Home

Baxter, a beautiful black and white cat, had been in and out of the animal shelter, until he met, Jeff and his true Forever Home. Read more

Petal, Cute Squitten Kitten Finds a Home

A bendy leg radial hypoplasia kitten named Petal was given a chance by a rescue group and has found the perfect home. Read more

Mama Cat Loses Her Kittens, Adopts A Motherless Litter

Even after losing all of her kittens, Mickey loves again and adopts a motherless litter. Read more

Happy First Birthday Anakin The Two Legged Cat

Lively and adorable miracle cat Anakin, born without a pelvis and hind legs, turned 1 this month. This new video commemorates the occasion with a look back at his first year, up ’till now. Read more

D'Art Gets Adopted: Special Needs Kitty Finds a Home

D’Art was given a chance to live and thrive when he was rescued and taken in by a sanctuary. Though sad to see him go, the sanctuary celebrated the joyous occasion when he went to the perfect home recently. Read more

Baba the Blind Cat - Tails of Hope

Babaganoush was born blind, but even with many factors against him he found the perfect family. Read more

Oliver Gets a Help and a Home

Oliver is the sort of cat generally considered unadoptable, yet he has found a good home with a woman who, with the support of some friends, is getting him extra the extra help he needs. Read more

Desmal, a Rescue Story

Desmal’s life changed drastically and for the better after she survived the house fire that displaced her and her neglectful family from their Philadelphia home. Read more

Anakin & Mika Playing

Miracle cat Anakin, born without a pelvis or hind legs, and new rescued brother Mika, missing past of his hind legs, are playing around “The Favorite Chair.” Read more

Michi: The Accidental Rescue Kitty

Michi’s story is an accidental rescue and adoption success story. The rescue group that mistakenly ended up with him fell in love with the sweet, handsome tabby, helped him recover from a respiratory condition, and quickly got him adopted into a new home. Read more

Ray's Story: Rescuers Appeal for Help for A Cat in Need

Can you share Ray’s story, please? Ray and his siblings were shut into cages, hidden at a clinic for years, and went blind from neglect. A small rescue org. is raising money to get Ray surgery for an abdominal mass.and to help his siblings recover from herpes and neglect. Read more

Sweet Katie Bug

Missy Balmer tells the story of the beloved cat she shared her life with for 19 years. Read more

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