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Lua The Brave & Beautiful Kitten - Part 2 - Lua's Progress

An upbeat and inspiring video brings us up to date on the wonderful progress of a kitten named Lua, who is being helped to regain the use of her hind legs. Read more

Tim: a Rescued Kitty's Story in Photos

Tim was a homeless black kitten living in a groundhog hole when he was rescued last year. Now he is a happy, healthy house cat. Read more

Luna's Story

Luna was saved by the rescue volunteer who found her lying injured in the road. After emergency medical care and a leg amputation, Luna is healthy, healed and happy. She also found a home. Read more

For Amigo

A touching video tells Amigo’s story and chronicles his healing journey. Amigo made the news earlier this year when he was left in a shelter parking lot, bound and gagged with red duct tape. Now he is learning to trust again. Read more

Lacey and CocoPuff's Rescue Journey

A sweet kitten and puppy who began their lives together in foster care are still best friends, happy in their forever home. Read more

Lucky - a Survivor Kitty: A Look Back

Lucky – A Look Back is a heartwarming and inspiring video that traces the healing journey of a sweet cat who has overcome serious injuries and now leads a wonderful life. Read more

Laser Fun With, Anakin The Two Legged Cat, Mika & The Gang

Our favorite little miracle cat Anakin is back with his first new video to come out in a while. Anakin was born without a pelvis or hind legs, yet he is as feisty and active as any rambunctious young cat, if not more so. Read more

Miss Kitty is awesome.

This is Miss Kitty. She was a rescue, found alone on the street, and had been abused. She chose her rescuer, crawling into her arms outside Petco, surprising all the rescue workers who had only ever gotten hisses and bites out of “Delilah.” Read more


Jethro was only a couple of days old when he was rescued. A caring shelter helped the sick abandoned baby, and he has blossomed into a sweet and feisty boy. Read more

Pretzel's story!

The tiny blind kitten found sitting in the road with a twisted leg nearly a year ago is celebrating her first birthday, with her life incredibly transformed, thanks to her family, her vets and the loving support of friends.. A video tells her story. Read more

Winston: Foster Kitten Fights for His Life and Finds a Home

Tenth Life foster kitten Winston has faced many challenges in his short life. He is doing well now after some scary health concerns and is happily adopted into his forever home. Read more

Gimpy's Story

Gimpy was alone and brokenhearted after his family divorced and booted him outside. A caring rescue group took the 3 legged cat in and found him a loving new home. Read more

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