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Two Paws

Two Paws is a happy, vibrant girl who gets around by pulling herself with her front legs. She was living with a feral colony when rescued, and has shown herself to be well adapted and well socialized while staying in foster care. Read more

Dan is on the right track baby! He was born this way!

A Houston shelter celebrates a bent legged kitten for his special uniqueness and his great personality. Meet Dan. Read more

Oskar the Blind Kitty - Memed

Petdad Mick Szydlowski talks about his famous blind cat Oskar and the good that has come from the viral videos that brought fame, created a community and helped people understand that pets with disabilities can live full and happy lives. Read more

Just call him Al

Elaine Miller tells the story of Al, the down on his luck stray tom who came looking for food and eventually lived out his days as a happy house cat who met Elaine at the door and was never far from her side. Read more

Justin Fire Survivor Kitten: Kitty Hide and Seek & Keyboard Rap

Justin is full of kitten cuteness as he settles into life in his new home. Read more

Justin Burned Kitten Appears on TV Show The View

Justin has become quite the celebrity over the past week, and today he appeared with his petmom Kelley Peters on The View. Here’s the clip from the show. Read more

Meme'd: Lil Bub

Lil Bub is a fan favorite cat all over the world and this is the story of her viral success, her life, and the special relationship she shares with her person. Read more

Bendy Legged Kitten Harvey Thrives in Foster Care

Special needs kitty Harvey has come a long way from the a tiny kitten rescued after his owner put him on a Craigslist type site to get rid of him. Now he frolics like any other cat in a specially designed garden at his foster home. Read more

Morgan's Story

Tabby’s Place cat sanctuary occasionally has the privilege of meeting a cat who qualifies as a medical miracle. Mighty Morgan is such a cat. Read more

Justin Burned Kitten is Adopted (and gets a new Facebook page)

Three months ago, Justin was lit on fire and severely burned. Now he is healed and has found his forever home. He is beginning the next phase of his life, and has a new Facebook fan page for those friends and supporters who want to come along. Read more

Saltwater Taffy, the Lobster-Claw Kitty

Saltwater Taffy is a young kitten whose front legs are bent due to a congenital condition. She was found in a back yard in Philadelphia, along with her siblings, who are also special needs, and is being fostered for ACCT. Read more

Missy's Story

Missy is finally safe after a rough two years.Missy was abandoned on a woman’s father’s property after having kittens, and then she disappeared. On a recent trip back to visit her father’s grave, the woman cried when she was met by a very skinny but still warm and loving Missy, and she took her home. Read more

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