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Mydia's Story: Kitten Thrown from Car is Rescued and Adopted

Mydia is a little survivor who was rescued and adopted by a woman who spotted her off the side of the interstate during a snowstorm earlier this month. The vet says Mydia was thrown from a car. Read more

Memieux' Story

A couple with no pets and no experience with ferals rescued a little feral kitten who was unlikely to survive much longer on her own. They helped her adjust and gained her trust, and now Memieux is happily living the good life with her new family. Read more

Thumper the Wonder Cat - The Happy Update

We are thrilled to share this update on Thumper the Wonder Cat, who we profiled on October 5, 2013. Thumper has made remarkable progress overcoming a disability and has found his forever home. Read more

Zoey and McGhee: Rescued Kitties Get Their Happily Ever After

Zoey was rescued from an animal hoarder and McGhee was rescued from someone who was going to throw him out like trash. The pair are closely bonded now and are happy in their forever home, where they are loved and appreciated. Read more

Love changes everything

Love has the power to transform a scared feral cat into a relaxed, healthy, happy and even friendly kitty. Thanks to the love of Project Bay Cat’s friends and volunteers, the Bay Cats have been transformed, as this beautiful new video shows. Read more

Henrietta Gets a Helping Hand

Pitter Patter Animal Rescue is caring for a sweet and fluffy white cat named Henrietta, who was found frozen to water pipes on a farm late last month in below zero temperatures. Henrietta had to have a foot amputated, but she is settling in on her foster mom’s lap as she begins her recovery. Read more

Rose's Story

Here is the touching story of Rose and her foster caregiver, Mike. Mike was there for Rose through thick and thin and by her side in the end. Rose had been thrown away. Mike took her in and made the rest of her life special. Rose knew that she was loved. Read more

Happy Tails - Bernice and Her Amazing Will to Live

Bernice is back, doing well and looking great!! The burn survivor cat whose recovery was followed by thousands of supporters worldwide appeared on a TV show with her guardian Read more


“In memory of our dear friend, Colonel Meow. You are so missed by us all,” says the introduction to this touching farewell video posted in memory of the famed and much beloved cat. Read more

A Visit with Lua the Kitten

We check back in with Lua, the Brave and Beautiful kitten who is being helped to enjoy life, and to walk again following a crippling accident, by her loving circle of friends at VOKRA. Read more

Hope for Stockings

Stockings was born with crippling backwards facing and bent hind legs. Chicago’s Tree House Humane Society saved the young kitten’s life by taking him in and got him corrective surgery. Now Stockings has found his forever home with the vet tech who fostered him. Read more

Woman's Hobby Photographing Her Cat Leads to a Career

Milwaukee, WI resident Kate Anderson, professionally known as Kate Funk, has found a niche as a cat photographer through a chain of events that turned a hobby into a professional endeavor. Read more

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