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Chip & Adele: Fostered puppy and kitten are best friends

An adorable formerly abandoned puppy and kitten are the best of friends! Read more

Hearing impaired woman teaches her cats sign language

A hearing impaired woman has taught her cats sign language and has trained them using it. Read more

Welcoming Wallace: 10 yr. old feline finds home as shop cat

An Ann Arbor, MI home and garden store has welcomed a new shop cat named Wallace. Wallace follows in the paw prints of long-time resident cat Lewis, who passed away in December. Read more

Emerson's Story: Abused special needs cat gets wheelchair and new life

A special needs cat who became paralyzed when he was abused is getting around on his own set of wheels now, is a shelter mascot, and has found a loving home. Read more

Murphy's Journey: From feral colony to happy housecat

Murphy was rescued from a feral cat colony as a kitten and grew up to become a happy house cat. Read more

Chloe's Touching Tale

Take a minute to watch this touching story about 8 day old Chloe the kitten, whose life was saved by a rescue group just in the nick of time. Read more

Raising Eyebrows: Cute Cat Becomes Viral Sensation

You’ve probably seen Sam, the unforgettable feline whose well-placed markings have made him famous as the very expressive ‘eyebrow’ cat. Read more

Is Ludo set to become the world's largest, longest cat?

Friendly, lovable, and already far larger than the average sized cat, 17 month old Maine Coon cat Ludo is 45 inches long – and he’s not done growing! Read more

In Memory of Mighty Lou, Cat Caped Crusader

Cat Depot of Sarasota, FL is mourning the loss and celebrating the life of its caped crusader mascot and friend, Mighty Lou, a special needs cat ambassador. Read more

Ernie: The recovery of a little kitten stuck in a wall

Ernie the kitten was trapped in a wall for several days before being rescued. Read more

Sightless kitten Hope finds a home

A sightless kitten who was rescued along with her mother and sister got the help she needed and is now in her forever home. Read more

Meet Van Gogh, the one-eared painting cat!

Meet Van Gogh, the one-eared painting cat! Read more

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