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Helpless 8 Day Old Kitten Finds Forever Home, You Won't Believe What She Looks Like Now!

Chloe was once motherless, homeless and in danger of euthanization, Now she is all grown up, has found a wonderful home and is more beautiful than ever. Read more

Paddy, the cat who loves to hike

One year old Paddington the cat loves to go hiking and swimming with his petparents and his adventures are shared at Instagram. Read more

Adorable mustachioed female cat finds internet fame

A lovely and distinctively marked “British Shorthair lady cat with a moustache” has found internet fame through her Instagram. Read more

Ozzy's Story

Ozzy’s quirky crosseyed look endeared him to his family and helped return him home after he got lost and was brought to the shelter. Read more

Mama Cat Kami Learns To Love & Trust Again

Kami and her kittens were rescued from an industrial site and are now in foster care. In this vlog episode, Kami is losing her fear and learning to trust again. Read more

Rosie: Rescued kitten and Husky are best friends

A cute rescued kitten named Rosie bonded with her family’s dog and even considers herself one of the pack. Read more

Kami & Her Kittens

Kami and her newborn kittens were rescued from a work site last week and are now in foster care. Here is their story. Read more

Kitten Growing up with Dog Best Friend

A video showing the bond between a pair of best friends – a rescued kitten and the family’s dog – has gone viral, and has touched hearts everywhere. Read more


See paw-some Sapphie the station cat in A Tail From Tonbridge! Read more

Paralyzed Kitten Given Second Chance With Wheelchair Gets Adopted

Tumbelina the CH kitten was paralyzed when she was rescued and given a second chance. Now she finally has her forever home. Read more

This beautiful baby girl is Leela! She's had quite the life so far.

Leela the kitten found a caring home after she was born outside and had to have an eye removed due a rupture of unknown cause. Read more

Special Needs Manx Kitten Finds His Forever Home In Arizona - Bebe's Roadtrip

Bebe is a special needs kitten who found his new home through the power of the Internet. Read more

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