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Update: Hope, Kitten Saved from Heroin Overdose is Doing Great and is Happy in Foster Care

Hope, the abused kitten saved by a vet from a heroin overdose earlier this month, is happy, loved and doing great in foster care. Read more

Russell Burn Survivor Reaches Another Healing Milestone

Russell, the kitty who was burned in a house fire earlier this year, has reached another milestone on his healing journey and is doing great. Read more

Tanzy: Paraplegic Kitten is Feisty and Spirited Fighter Who Loves Life

Tanzy is a special little girl who found her way to Tabby’s Place, where she is getting the best of loving care. Here is her inspiring story and a link to her Facebook page. Read more

Nelson, One-Eyed Cat With Incredible Story, is Cat of the Year

A one-eyed cat who survived being drowned in a sack as a kitten and lived for years on the docks before finding his forever home has been named Cat of the Year. Read more

Laurel's Story: Healing and Recovery for Cat Hit by Car, Shot and Stoned

Laurel is a sweet young cat on a healing journey after enduring more than a lifetime’s share of injury and abuse before a Good Samaritan saved her life. Read more

Bonnie Kitten: Disabled Kitten Gets Help

The adorable Bonnie Kitten was born with a severely bent leg, but that does not get her down. She will probably be a tripod when she is placed for adoption; meanwhile, she is the star at her own Facebook page. Read more

Talented Cat Blossoms to a Beautiful Butterfly from an Ugly Cocoon

Charmian’s rescuer tells the story of an injured, starving and scraggly stray black cat who asked to be let in and has blossomed into a beautiful diva that may be missing a family that would be glad to have her back. Read more

Nornie & Her Kittens - Vlog # 2

Here’s Doug Brown’s latest update on his current foster family of cat mum Nornie and her adorable litter of kittens, with a bonus video showing more kitten cuteness. Read more

Meet Madeline - A Sweet Survivor Cat

When Madeline first arrived at the Animal Rescue League her fur was so thickly matted that she couldn’t walk. With medical attention, grooming and rehabilitative care, she has regained the ability to walk. Read more

Wheels for Cleo

Cleo, a disabled cat, discovers wheels and, with them, a whole new world in the heart of Manhattan. Read more

Tribute to Baldwin

The much loved mascot and fire safety ambassador cat to Red Paw Emergency Relief Team is honored in a touching remembrance and tribute. Read more

Boccelli: From Sickly Blind Kitten to Healthy, Happy Cat

A video made to celebrate the one year anniversary of Boccelli the blind cat’s rescue shows her transformation from a sickly, huddled kitten with cloudy, runny eyes to a healthy, happy and beautiful cat. Read more

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