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Tiny Kitten Conquers The Stairs

A cute little black kitten makes it all the way down the stairs to Mama kitty in this sweet video. Read more


Cole enjoys supervised play with his favorite ribbon in this cute cat video! Read more

Baby Kittens - 6 Days Old! Born in foster care

See Winter, who was rescued as a pregnant stray, and her 5 beautiful kittens, who were born in foster care. Read more

Ultimate Cute Kittens Compilation

It’s kittens at their most adorable in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Stealth cat battles computer mouse

In an unusual game of cat and mouse, kitty goes into stealth mode and pushes away any advances from the “enemy” mouse. Read more

Cat and Fish in the Bathtub

Now, this is different! A cat plays in the bathtub with a fish. Read more

2 week old kitten plays with Dalmatian!

Uno the foster kitten is in a playful mood as she interacts with Louie, the gentle Dalmation dog, in this cute video. Read more

Bambi and the fishtank

Bambi gets more and more excited by the fish swimming around in her family’s tabletop tank. Read more

Maru & Hana and the refrigerator

Maru and Hana leap to and from the top of the fridge in their latest cute cat video. Read more

Helpful Cat Opens Door for Pups

A helpful cat takes charge and lets himself and the family dogs back into the house. Read more

Helpless Kitten Rescued At 8 Days Old, Now Eyes Opened And Being Socialized

Rescued kitten Chloe is now 4 weeks old. See how she’s doing! Read more

Happy Easter Kitten Bunny Style

A darling little Easter bunny kitten brings smiles in this cute video. Read more

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