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9 Reasons Black Cat Owners are Lucky!

Black Cat Appreciation Day is coming right up, on August 17th. Here’s 9 reasons why one is very lucky to be owned by a black cat! Read more

Nom, Nom, Nom Kitten

Kitty hilariously sings a hearty ‘nom, nom, nom’ in excitement as she chows down on her food. Read more

Dear Kitten: Regarding Friendship

Cat explains about friendship to Kitten in this cute video from the Dear Kitten series. Read more

Too much cuteness: Kitten reacts to nose tickle

Ollie the kitten absolutely loves it when you tickle her nose. Read more

Cute kitten flip

Cute little Miya rolls and tumbles doing her kitten gymnastics in this adorable short video. Read more

Dear Kitten: The Art Of Massage

Cat teaches kitten the gift of massage. Read more

Kitten Mutsu Love

Kitten Mutsu gets his first massage from his foster mum Sharon and gets ruined with love! Read more

Dear Kitten: Bathing Your Human

Cat tells kitten about a problem he’s noticed with the humans. Read more

Maru & Hana14

Maru and Hana star in a compilation of video clips. Watch! Read more

Kitty's exercise programme

This big kitty keeps fit jumping and leaping for the moving white dot. Watch! Read more

Mao the Cat eating a banana

Mao loves bananas !! Read more

Cute Kitten Naps and Snacks

Mealtime feels like naptime for an adorable little kitten. Read more

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