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Sushi Loves Daddy

Sushi loves her Daddy and is by his side, whether it means interrupting his work or cuddling with him when he takes a nap. Read more

Close the door please

A very obliging kitty closes the door when asked. Read more

High Five with Maru & Hana

Maru high fives it over and over and over again. Then it’s Hana’s turn … . Read more

Wanted: Magical Black Cat - a Halloween Special

Boo! A Halloween Special! Read more

Cats REACT to Halloween costume!

Kodi’s a scaredy cat and Shorty’s the brave one when Dad tries on his Halloween costume. Read more

Focused kitty is focused

Kitty’s attention is completely focused on … something? Read more

Cute little kitten waking up

Simple and sweet: A sleepy little kitten wakes up from a nap in this cute cat video. Read more

Halloween Cat Make Up Tutorial for Kids

Natalie is turned into a kitty cat for Halloween in this tutorial video. Read more

How to Trap a Cat - CAT CIRCLES!

Cole and Marmalade take part in the recent trend where petparents see if their cats will sit inside of circles laid out on the floor. Read more

Elvis the Siamese Cat Will Not Be Ignored

Georgia Hardstark shows what it like to work from home with a Siamese cat, with some ‘help’ from her kitty Elvis. Read more

Adorable Kitten Falls Asleep to Kisses

An adorable little kitten nods off and falls asleep to kisses, cuddles and a soft voice. Read more

A Cat's Guide to Halloween

Here’s Cole and Marmalade’s guide to a scary good time this Halloween – or should we say Meowloween? – holiday season. Read more

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