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Cute cats waking up owners compilation

Cats let their owners know it’s time to wake up in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Perci the Kitten - "Attack Mode"

It’s all in the ears, when Perci the kitten practices her attack stance. Read more

Cute kittens trying to figure out sunlight and shadows!

An adorable litter of rescue kittens discover their first patch of sunlight outside of their room and are trying to figure it out! They’re also a bit baffled by their shadows. Read more

Mom Cat Coco Hugs 7 Kittens

Devoted mama cat Coco shares a tender moment with her kittens in this sweet and beautiful video. Read more

Cats Meeting Babies for First Time Compilation

Cats meet little babies for the first time in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Demanding Cat

A very persistent and demanding cat wants some lap time and lots of affection while Dad is trying to work, and gets them. Read more

Mango the Cat Grooms the Bunnies

Watch Mango the cat as he grooms and cares for the family’s bunnies! Read more

A Typical Day for Spot the Cat

Spot the cat was a stray before he found himself a home and family, moved right in and took over their lives. Here’s a look at a day in the life of Spot the cat. Read more

Crazy hungry scottish fold kitten

A cute Scottish Fold kitten really wants her dinner NOW! Read more

Cat's reaction to the new baby

Before the little human entered the picture Spot was the only baby in the house. He is not too thrilled with the new addition! Read more

Kitty's Reaction to Catnip

Just say no? Most cats love catnip but this kitty isn’t so sure. Read more

If cats had phones ...

If our cats had phones, things might go like this. Read more

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