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Ping Pong Cat

Oreo joins her petparents for a fun three-way game of ping pong. Read more

Cat and Boy are the Faithful Friends

A loving little boy and his cat share a sweetly tender moment in this adorable video. Read more

Cute Kittens Run Their Purr Motors

A sweet pile of kittens have their purr motors revving on high in this cute and soothing video. Read more

Cats Playing Fruit Ninja

Crazy and funny cats playing popular tablet game Fruit Ninja. Their various reactions are priceless! Read more

How to Bathe a Cat

Most cats HATE bath time! Here are some tips that can help make cat bathing time as stress free as possible for cats AND humans! Read more

Greedy Kitty

A chubby kitty wants to share a meal with Dad. Read more

Simon & Clare

A young woman named Clare took a chance on a cat who was considered unadoptable because of his unfriendly demeanor. She made the effort to win him over and brought out his friendly side. Now Simon is a well-adjusted and beloved pet. Read more

Harmonica duet with a kitten

A cute cat joins in on a harmonica duet with her person. Read more

Paws and Fingers, with Cute Kitten Panda

An oh-so-sweet video shows cute Scottish Fold kitten Panda playing the simplest of games with his beloved human. Read more

Cowboy Cat Murysya Rides on Little Child's Back

Murysya rides around the room on the back of a little child playing horsie. Read more

How to Create A Cat Garden

Happy Spring! Chase Holiday shares her tips for creating a safe, secure, comfortable and inviting catio garden that will appeal to both people and pets. Read more

Cat Alarm Clocks Are The Best Alarm Clocks

What could be better than a gentle paw to wake you up when it is time to rise and shine? Read more

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