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Kami The Kitten-napping Mama Cat

The story of Kami and her kittens, rescued from an industrial site and now in foster care, continues. Read more

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

A humorous video takes a look at why cats are better than dogs. Read more

Maru & Hana13

Maru & Hana are playing in their latest video. Read more

Cat is Freaked Out by Cucumber

A kitty shows super quick reflexes when surprised by a cucumber on the floor. Read more

Cat Gives Dog a Relaxing Massage

Zeke the cat gives his BFF Missy the Shih Tu dog a relaxing massage in this cute video. Read more

Marmalade's EPIC Cat Birthday Party!

Marmalade the cat survived a scary bout with cancer, so when his 2nd birthday rolled round he and his brother Cole celebrated with a super birthday party bash. Read more

Tiny Foster Kittens Kissing

Six day old foster kittens enjoying some sleepy kisses! Read more

How to Survive a Shark Attack (As Told by Kittens)

The little stars of Animal Planet Live’s Kitten Cam celebrate Shark Week in this cute video. Read more

Kittens Meet Puppies For The First Time

Kittens and puppies meet for the first time in this cute video. Read more

These cat just want to be petted!

Cats want their people to pay attention to them and pet them in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Curious White Persian Kitten befriends parrot

Watch as a 2-month-old White Persian kitten quickly befriends Blu the parrot! Read more

Kami & Her Kittens

Kami and her newborn kittens were rescued from a work site last week and are now in foster care. Here is their story. Read more

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