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Cats welcoming their owners home compilation

Cats are super excited – and have a lot to say – when their owners return home, in this cute compilation of video clips Read more

‘Cat Lady’ helps cats in overlooked Chicago neighborhoods

A volunteer who visits run down neighborhoods several days a week helping cats has TNRed over 500 cats just since Jan. 2013. Read more

Cuteness Alert! Sweet Dogs Playing with Kittens

Some sweet, big dogs play gently with their kitten friends in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cat cafe for cat lovers

This is an incredible concept for a cafe – A Cat Cafe! Melbourne have opened their first Cat Cafe. Read more

These two kittens are sleeping next to the dog. Too cute!

CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! A dog sleeping with his KITTENS Read more

See the coolest biker-cat ever!

Have you seen any more cool cat than this? :) The cat seems to be completely relaxed and used to be riding in the back of the bicyle. Read more

Funny Cats Sleeping in Weird Positions Compilation

It is amazing in how many unusual positions you can find sleeping cats in:) Does your cat also sleep in funny places or positions? Read more

A day in the life of every cat owner

We all love our cats, but in this video we can follow a day of cat with his owner. It will make you smile Read more

Could your cat be a dog?

Does your cat like to play fetch or pant like a dog. Here are 8 signs your cat is actually a dog :) Read more

Cats and babies are best friend

Cats and babies are best friends! This cute video compilation shows it all Read more

Central Oklahoma Humane Society Seeks Heroic Adopted Pets

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society is hosting a very unique event at 7pm on Saturday, September 27th. Read more

This cat knows when he does something wrong

This cat knows when he does something wrong See what the cat does when he get caught in action Read more

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