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Cat Really Loves Owner! - Snuggle Compilation

Cats show their love for humans in many ways, but there’s nothing better than some snuggle time on the couch! Read more

Cats Knocking Things Down

A Friskies film dedicated to cats that knock over things. Watch and see the action and the messes they’ve made. Read more

Cute Cat Chatter

Two cats get up to chattering because a bird landed near their window. Watch them in this cute video! Read more

Cat sooths crying baby to sleep

Stewie helps put baby Connar to sleep in this sweet video. Read more

Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation

Cats and dogs are playing, hanging out and showing their love for babies in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

A Kitten's Rescue

Winston Young brought a tiny kitten up from a space beneath his mother’s porch and returned the kitten to its concerned Mama. Watch! Read more

Cole & Marmalade - 2014 Year in Review!

A year in the life of cats! … 2014 was certainly a very busy, funny, stressful and exciting year for Cole and Marmalade! Read more

FatBoy's Rescue

A sweet and loving kitten was stuck up a tree for 2 days, crying for help until his rescuers saved the day and brought him safely down. Read more

Cats Eating with Chopsticks Compilation

Cats are being fed with chopsticks in this compilation of video clips. Read more

What's under the covers?

Oscar the kitten wonders what’s under the covers as he and his littermate Oliver play a little game of hide and seek. Read more

Tickling a kitten

Cute little Mazu the kitten loves being tickled and played with in this sweet video. Read more

Puppy attempts to reclaim bed from cat

Kitty remains calm and in control as the family’s French bulldog puppy tries to reclaim his bed. Read more

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