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Cat loves baby

Emery loves his little human brother Liam. Read more

Box and Maru & Hana

All Maru and Hana need for hours of fun and madcap antics is a nice big box! Read more

"Brotherly Love" with Cole & Marmalade

Cole & Marmalade are a purr-fect match! … Kitty love is a beautiful thing, as we see in this sweet compilation of clips with Cole and Marm showing their love for each other. Read more

Puppy thinks cat is his mother

A puppy has joined Mama cat’s litter of kittens and eagerly follows her around at nursing time. Read more

Kitten attacks hole in the floor

A cute kitten jumps, pounces, rolls and tumbles while playing with a small hole in the tiled floor in this cute video. Read more

Boston the cat likes to give kisses

Affectionate Daddy’s-boy Maine Coon Cat Boston loves to groom and give kisses to his petdad, as we see in this cute video. Read more

Rudiger vs the Wall of Snow

Rudiger uses his paws to help clear the four foot wall of snow that drifted against his front door. Read more

Purrfect Dreams

What would happen if cats ruled the world? Find out what purrffect dreams are made of in this cute video. Read more

Adorable kitten doesn't trust blueberry

A kitten goes into full-on pounce, retreat and attack mode over a single blueberry on the rug in this cute video. Read more

Workout with the cat

Huge Maine Coon cat Boston piggybacks on his Daddy for a workout session of Pushups With Cat. Read more

Cat Demands to be Walked like a Dog!

Cole the black cat lets his dad know he wants to go for a walk! Read more

Kitty Loves Daddy

Kitty loves Daddy … and shows it! Read more

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