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Little Kitten Nikita - Rescued & Adopted

Here is some heartwarming and adorable footage with kitten Nikita after being rescued from the streets. She was already a playful little scamp! Read more

Pavlov's kitty! Pecan rings bell for treats

Pecan has service bell skills and apparently he isn’t a south paw! Read more

Two Siamese Kittens Rescued In Cardboard Box

Meet Paris and Mocha, Siamese kitten bottle babies rescued from a high kill shelter where they faced euthanization. Read more

A Day at Poopy Cat Office

What’s it like for staff working at an office with several office cats? Watch and see! Read more

Cat vs Fish Bowl

This persistent Scottish fold cat is not about to give up on getting into a small fish bowl. Watch! Read more

Kitten Kondos

It’s mayhem at the shoe tree kitten kondos! Read more


Didga is back & dreaming BIG! The BEST of the BEST stunts/tricks to amaze you with what cats can do! or at least DIDGA can do! Read more


Michelle and May look remarkably alike. They are always near one another and sleep together. Read more

7 Reasons Everyone Should Have A Cat

Here are just a few of the reasons why cats are awesome and everyone should have (at least) one! Read more

Baby is having a fun time with kitten! Laughing non stop!

A baby is having great fun laughing non stop while playing with the family cat in this infectiously cute video. Read more

Freebs: Will Walk Upright for Treats

Freebs will walk upright and do little pirouettes for treats, and will look super cute doing it! Read more

Maru is playing

Maru plays, and we get a fun super slo-mo look at the action in his cute new video. Read more

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