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Bengal cat gives doggie head massage

Kitty gives her doggie friend a gentle head massage, by making biscuits on him. Read more

Maru never gives up

Maru believes that he can get into all boxes. And Maru never gives up. Read more

What Cats See at Christmas...

See things from a cat’s purrspective this Christmas! Cole and Marmalade show us Christmastime from the cat’s point of view. Read more

The Neediest Cat in the World

Kodi is in the running for neediest (and lovingest) cat in the world. Watch! Read more

Kitten plays Whack A Mole

A kitten plays away at whack a mole in a super cute video. Read more

Kitten vs. Watermelon

A cute 4 month old kitten named Flanigan attacks a watermelon. Read more

Moo tries the Cat Trap experiment

Moo tries out the experiment to see if a cat will enter and sit inside of a tape circle laid out on the floor. Read more

The Kitten Alarm Clock

This is what we wake up to at 4:30 every morning. Read more

Cooper Cat: "Whatcha got over there?"

Cooper usually loves to stand by patiently as people eat in front of the TV. However, this time Cooper could hardly resist the tantalizing aroma of Chinese food, leading to an adorably comical scene. Read more

Clever Ohagi

Clever Ohagi shows that there is more than one way to catch a toy! Read more

The Kitty Yoga Sutras

Shorty and Kodi share some ancient yoga secrets and kitty wisdom in their new video. Read more

Cute kitten watching the iPad

A cute kitten watching wildlife on the iPad wants to know where the squirrel and birdie are! Read more

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