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4 Reasons Why Nikita Is The Craziest Cat in the World

Kitten wannabe Nikita – now 2 years old – shows 4 reasons, why she’s the craziest cat in the world! Read more

Ramses Goes Fishing

Ramses try his “paw” at virtual fishing. Read more

Epic Dance Battle of the Kittens

Who wins this kitten chorus line dance off? Rocky and his siblings? Panda and her siblings? Or Orfey and his siblings? Read more

Elvis the Siamese Cat vs the Exercise Bike

Elvis wants mom’s attention as she tries to ride her exercise bike, and he ends up being part of her workout until he finally wins out. Read more

Obedient cat puts toy car back when told

Farofa gets caught playing with a toy car and puts it back the way he found it with just a word! Read more

What Cats Do At Night...

Purranormal Cativity! Here’s a glimpse in to the night time activities of Cole & Marmalade! Read more

Cat tries to catch his own reflection in the mirror

Timo is fascinated by the handsome Ragdoll cat in the mirror! Read more

Loki and Freya Explore the Cat Tree

When Bengal kittens Loki and Freya play on the cat tree a dangling pom pom is the big attraction. Read more

Cat tower and Maru & Hana

Maru & Hana play on the cat tower in their new video. Read more


A group of cats follow the sun, as a band of its warmth and light moves across their carpet in this time lapse video. Read more

Cat high-fives for treats

A big kitty gives high-fives for treats. Read more

Love Your Pet Day - Spay & Neuter!

Did you know today is “Love Your Pet” day? We didn’t either! Chris Poole visits one organization helping pets and talks about the importance of spay/neuter. Read more

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