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5 Ways To Tell If Your Cat Hates You

This cute video has fun with some common cat behaviors. Your cat really does love you, probably. Read more

Cat is lulled to sleep with toothbrush

A cat finds it very relaxing when he is gently caressed on his forehead with a toothbrush. Read more

Cat greets his best friend after a few days apart

A cat can’t get enough of his favorite little boy in this very sweet video. Read more

Louie and Lady Dalmatian spend time with their foster kittens

Dalmation dogs Louie and Lady love their foster felines. In their new video, the kittens share the big dog bed with their loving friends. Read more

Red paper bag and Maru

Red paper bag and funny face and Maru. Read more

Simon's Cat - Kitten Collection!

Watch the Kitten Chaos Collection, a compilation featuring your favourite mischievous kitten, giving Simon’s Cat the run around! Read more

Coco: Cat and Kiwi

Coco the cat is mildly interested in a kiwi left on the floor but thinks it’s something better off buried in the litterbox when it is cut in half. Read more

Precious Baby Kitty - Kitten Love

A sweet little kitten toddles over to her caregiver and gets some love. Read more

Mama Cat Kami Learns To Love & Trust Again

Kami and her kittens were rescued from an industrial site and are now in foster care. In this vlog episode, Kami is losing her fear and learning to trust again. Read more

Cole & Marmalade: Ultimate Cat Shaming!

Cole and Marmalade’s secrets are exposed in this cute cat-shaming video. Funny, though, we wonder if they are more proud than ashamed. Read more

Sleeping, purring kitten gets an offer worth waking up for

A kitten is sleeping soundly, all tucked up, but is instantly awake and nomming away once some lunch meat is proffered. Read more

Cat and Boy are the Faithful Friends

A little boy and his affectionate cat share a sweet moment while looking into the mirror.





Cat and Boy are the Faithful Friends

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