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Ice Maker Cat

Clever cat, Cinnamon entertains himself with the ice maker. Read more

Growling Kitty

Tough looking (not really) Leo is very possessive of his little fuzzy crinkle ball. Read more

Patrick, Starring in Young Cat vs Fishing Rod

Patrick, who gallantly moved the round box for his sister in Strong Cat, sharpens his reflexes with the fishing pole toy. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/I'll Just Help Myself!

Well, if no one else is going to do it for me…. Read more

Saved By Sadie!

Nothing gets past Sadie. Read more

Dream Weaver Kitty

Beautiful video takes us into the magical world of kitty dreams Read more

Strong Cat

Video star Patrick cat, in a clever and helpful strongman role during a play session with little sister Shanti. Read more

Sharron's Relaxing Shower

These two Siamese cats in the UK apparently don’t like it when their mum takes a shower. Read more

Kitten vs The Little Ball

Madcap fun with a little ball. Read more

Stinky the Water Cat

The very clean and handsome looking Stinky is a water cat by any measure. Give him the sink, a puddle, a stream, or the minnow bucket, and he’s a happy, busily engaged boy. Read more


Kitty has an unusual reaction to catnip. Read more

Funyun the Cat is the Wheel Deal

What has two wheels, whiskers, and a zany zest for life? Funyun, the mischievous mascot at The Animal Clinic of Eagle Harbor in Carrollton, VA! He may have had a rough start in life, but his future is looking bright, thanks to huge hearts and helping hands of the clinic staff. Read more

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