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Sweet Dreams

Sleeping kitty time lapse video. Read more

Jedi Kittens

Epic galactic kitten battle. Read more

Kitten Mischief: The Mailer Envelope

A kitten we’ve featured in a few video posts is at it again, this time having tons o’ fun with yet another everyday item. Read more

Grahame the Dutiful Cat and Feline Trainspotter

Melbourne, Australia cat Grahame drops his person off at the train in the morning and picks her up again at the end of the day. Read more

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Cat hooks up dog friend with treats. Read more

Contortionist Cat Bunny Kicks

Oddest bunny kicks pose ever. Read more

Cat and Mouse

She must be a PC. Read more

Cat and Massage Machine: A Love Story

Do you ever get the feeling you could be replaced by a machine? Read more

Kitten vs. Sleep (Sleep Wins)

“Meow, meow…..zzzzzzz” Read more

Cat vs. Twist Tie

A classic battle between a cat and something on the floor. Read more

A Still Life

A cat reflects on her life as a conceptual artist. Read more

Kitten Trapped in Attic Reunited With Mommy

LA Animal Services’ awesome SmART animal rescue team comes to the rescue again. This time a kitten is trapped far up into an attic, away from its mommy and siblings, and the team makes the rescue to reunite the little family. Read more

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