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Handsy Cat

Imagine if they really had hands….. Read more

Aztec vs The Toy Frog

Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit … who wouldn’t give it a few whacks? Read more

Embers and Harley

Check out Embers’ interesting “fighting stance”. Read more

"I'll open it for you!"

More smart cats opening doors. Read more

This Kitten Discovers That Kitten In The Mirror

We love watching kitty’s thought processes as he investigates that mysterious other kitten, even looking behind the mirror for him Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Kittens Bathe-n-Nap

But I just want to sleep!! Read more

Puppet and Puff: Cat Loves Bearded Dragon

Puppet hugs and cuddles his special friend, Puff the bearded Dragon, in one of the most aww inspiring videos of its kind. Read more

Sadie and Lyla Prove Love Knows No Bounds

Here’s some cute and sweet dog and cat love between Sadie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Lyla, the kitten whose life she saved when she adopted her. Read more


Why do some cats like to sit like this? Read more

Piled Paws Balance Orange

How does he get them to stay like that?? Read more

Fluffy Kitten And A Box

This awesome little video of a wee Scottish Fold kitten and a tiny box has been burning up the internet in the last couple of days. It’s easy to understand why. Read more

Dexter Takes A Vacation

Little Dexter kitten is seen here playing with some new friends he met while vacationing in Largo FL while receiving laser treatments. He is his usual spunky self at play with two dogs, and he looks better and better every time we see him. At this point he can give any famed video star cat a run for his money! Read more

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