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"Must Not Touch Floor"

For some reason this cat doesn’t want to touch the tile floor. She jumps from carpet to rugs. Read more

Suddenly Sleepy

“I’m not tired. Oh wait, yes I am.” Read more

Stretch Kitty

Napping kitten stretches in the cutest possible way. Read more

Scary Socks

The other cats don’t see what the fuss is all about. Read more

Good Samaritan Helps Woman and Rescues 100 Cats

When Jimmy Dalton pulled over to help an elderly couple last month, he had no idea one month later he’d be caring for 50 of the 100 cats found on the couple’s property. Read more

Bernice's Video Made by Her Friends at Animal Hospital of Oshkosh

A hospital staffer made this touching video on Bernice and her journey from the time she was found, burned and alone, up to about two weeks ago when she was much improved. The video also shows Bernice with her caretakers and is a thank you from the hospital to all of her supporters. Read more

Kitty in the Couch

Sometimes there’s more than spare change in those cushions. Read more

Cat and Pug Frolic in the Garden

Bob the cat plays peek-a-boo and tries out some ninja kitty moves from inside the big strawberry pot while out in the garden with Eddie the pug. Read more

Ice Maker Cat

Clever cat, Cinnamon entertains himself with the ice maker. Read more

Growling Kitty

Tough looking (not really) Leo is very possessive of his little fuzzy crinkle ball. Read more

Patrick, Starring in Young Cat vs Fishing Rod

Patrick, who gallantly moved the round box for his sister in Strong Cat, sharpens his reflexes with the fishing pole toy. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/I'll Just Help Myself!

Well, if no one else is going to do it for me…. Read more

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