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Cat Lady Dating Ad

A satirical video dating ad for a young cat lady having trouble attracting men Read more

Cat Loves The Box Train

Cat & boxes. Read more

Phinney's Friends

An organization in Massachusetts provides a wonderful alternative to surrendering pets. Read more

Home Alone, with Nana Border Collie & Kaiser Bengal Cat

Nana and Kaiser get into a bit of mischief but ultimately they save the day, Home Alone style. Read more

Indigestion Issues

If you don’t care for biological noise humor, this video isn’t for you. Read more

Big Mac Cats

Shiro (in box) will not participate in this tomfoolery. Read more

Kitten vs A Scary Thing: The Video Sensation

Have you seen this one yet? If not, then here’s your chance. If you have, then we suspect you’ll hit play a few more times like we have. Read more

Walter T. Kitty, Esq.

Minnesota cat Walter T. Kitty, Esq. (Wally) enjoys the spotlight.
Photo by Jeff Stubblefield
Read more

Baby Love

Two Burmese cats enjoy a new memeber of their family. Read more

Kittens Love Bowls

Japanese game show features classic cat behavior. Read more

Happy Mothers Day From The Cats To You

Pics and videos to celebrate the day. Happy Mothers Day, cat moms! Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Mama's Love is Fierce

Mama’s love is fierce! Read more

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