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Joplin MO Kitten Rescue Caught On Video

There’s something touching and hopeful about seeing this tiny kitten cradled safely against her rescuer amid the terrible destruction. The moment is captured on video as a search and rescue team hears kitty’s mews coming from the giant piles of rubble and detritus left by the powerful tornado that devastated Joplin MO on Sunday. Read more

Grooming Session

Who needs a flea comb when you have a monkey friend? Read more

Kittens In My Head!

The title says it all; YouTube dog star Moki has mewing kittens in her head and we enjoy watching what that does to her in this reaction video to Cats and Kittens Meowing, included as a bonus video. Read more

Cat Nurses Wolf Pup

Love doesn’t know differences. Read more

Cats Sleep in the Strangest Places

It seems cats will sleep…anywhere! Take a look at this slideshow for proof. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Cute Kitten Meets Patient Dog

Kitten wants to play. Dog…not so much. Read more

Get Your Motor Runnin'

He even has his own little helmet! Read more

Cat Inside: Cats Being Cats Video Vignettes

They’re in things, they’re under things, they’re up to something, they’re cats. Read more


Kitty tries so hard to catch herself. (Man that floor is CLEAN!) Read more

♪ I'm Just A Cat And I'm Doing Cat Stuff ♪ Rap

“What I be doin’? I be doin’ cat stuff, what.” See the music video that’s sweeping the nation. Read more

Frisbee Cat

Sorry, dogs, you’ve lost your monopoly on this game. Kitty is pawsome! Read more

Safety First!

Two cats test the water in their new life jackets. Read more

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