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Kitty has an unusual reaction to catnip. Read more

Funyun the Cat is the Wheel Deal

What has two wheels, whiskers, and a zany zest for life? Funyun, the mischievous mascot at The Animal Clinic of Eagle Harbor in Carrollton, VA! He may have had a rough start in life, but his future is looking bright, thanks to huge hearts and helping hands of the clinic staff. Read more

Wacky Walking Kitty

Another one! Read more

Underwear-Thief Cat Makes Slick Getaway

Kitty has a “brief” stroke of genius. Read more

Sleeping Kitty: Feet Up Edition

Sleeping kitty. Read more

Mail Time

Hmm, wonder what he’ll do. Read more

Cat Interrupts Cello Practice

Cute cat Rikki enjoys the cello. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Kitten and Baby Goat Playtime

Kitten makes friends with the new kid. Read more

Kittywood Studios: Behind the Scenes of Cat Videos

Ever wonder where all those great kitty cat videos come from? Visit Kittywood Studios with us and learn. Read more

Interesting Perspective

Two young videographers think “inside the box”. Read more

Upward Sticking Leg

Hold it…..and breathe…. Read more

Cute Kitten vs Leaf

Battle on the porch! Adorable little fluffball ginger kitty against the leaf (well, not really a leaf, but a whirlybird seed pod from a maple tree). Read more

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