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Kangaroo Kitten

Mimi and the New Sieve

Mimi plays horseshoe crab.

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Cat And Rat And The Bowl Of Milk

Grabby little rat!
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Murkin Groomed by Kittens

Sweet Murkin gets his face groomed by Mom’s current crop of foster kittens during one of his many naps.

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Turf Wars!

Who will win the battle of the turf wars, Daisy or Harley?

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Cat Waltzes Up Stairs

And a one, two three … .

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Kitty Speaking Alien With A Secret Signal

Missy chattered her way through a previous video. She is speaking “Alien” again, but with a little “twist” this time.
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Winter House Design for Community Cats

A New Jersey couple shares their design for cat shelters.

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I Get High - Cat Gets High on Catnip

How can we expect our cats to stay clean when cat videos continue to glamorize the use of this drug?

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Kitty Steals a Dart

Cute Samuel darts in and swipes a plastic dart.

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Ohagi, in Kneading Cat

Could she get any sweeter?
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Calling All Angels

Why rescue? Why foster? Here’s why. Before and After – Fosters celebrates the beautiful transformations made by those cats who have been saved.

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