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Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Kittens Gone Quackers

The slowest and cutest chase scene ever… Read more

Kitty at the Door

A well-done montage of paws under the door footage. Read more

Cue-tie Plays Pool

I think I just scratched! Read more

Spider Cat

All we can say is watch and be amazed. Read more

"I'll take that!"

Orange Tabby makes sure he gets a turn. Read more

Kitten In The Morning

We’re watching this little kitten grow up on video and are loving every minute of it. Here’s our little friend from Stretch Kitty and Kitten Attacks Toilet Paper. Read more

Who Needs Toys?

Kitty wards off boredom playing with his tail through the baby gate. Read more

Soy Sauce: The Scottish Fold Ninja Kitten

What a little bundle of fun! Read more

Cat vs. Bug

Kitty is unsure about a small creature making advances. Read more

Kitten Watching Nyan Cat

Shanti sees for herself what all the fuss is about. Read more

Patrick and Shanti in The Last Cat Video

We were curious and concerned at the title of this latest video starring Patrick, of Strong Cat fame. We cannot bear the thought of a world without cat videos. Read more

Pumpkin: A Hard-Working Library Cat

As we celebrate Labor Day in the U.S., let us not forget the hard-working cats who work their paws to the bone each and every day. Pumpkin, the Camden New York Library Cat is just such a cat. We certainly hope he has a generous benefit package. Read more

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