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iPhone 4S and Kitten

Is this one of those arty storytelling techniques with the movie within the movie? At any rate, it stars Ohagi kitten, who cannot help but be cute. Read more

Teleporting Cat

Clever editing? Really good paint job? What do you think? Read more

Kitten Attacking Newspaper

Ohagi’s at it again. Read more

Kitty Wears the Pants

Another smart cat stands his ground thus dominating the bed. Read more

Cat Burglar!

You can’t keep him out. Read more

Distinguished Shiro

Shiro takes off his glasses to get a better look. Read more

Oskar the Blind Kitten Versus Hair Dryer - Epic Cat Battle

Air boxing? Read more

Never Gonna Let You Go

“Gonna hold you in my arms forever….” Read more

Kitten Hiding: Gotcha!

Little Ohagi plays a hilarious game of hide and gotcha. Read more

Spelling Practice

French spelling practice (accent on Shadow the cat). Read more

Black Cat Myths Debunked by One Who Knows

In this special edition of Late Night Whiskers, Furball Fables’ resident black cat expert, Buddha, sets the record straight about the myths and superstitions surrounding black cats, in a Q & A interview. Read more

Cat Listens to Dark Side of the Moon

We’ve heard about the benefits of soft harp music for cats. What about some classic Pink Floyd, with a selection from Dark Side of the Moon? Oliver demonstrates how a cat reacts. Read more

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