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Never Gonna Let You Go

“Gonna hold you in my arms forever….” Read more

Kitten Hiding: Gotcha!

Little Ohagi plays a hilarious game of hide and gotcha. Read more

Spelling Practice

French spelling practice (accent on Shadow the cat). Read more

Black Cat Myths Debunked by One Who Knows

In this special edition of Late Night Whiskers, Furball Fables’ resident black cat expert, Buddha, sets the record straight about the myths and superstitions surrounding black cats, in a Q & A interview. Read more

Cat Listens to Dark Side of the Moon

We’ve heard about the benefits of soft harp music for cats. What about some classic Pink Floyd, with a selection from Dark Side of the Moon? Oliver demonstrates how a cat reacts. Read more

Housecat Participates in Occupy Wall Street (Journal)

Housecat is not one to be left out of current trends, or so he thinks. Animated video short. Read more

Kitten Hide and Seek

Ohagi plays a game of under the mat hide and seek. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Time to Get in the Halloween Spirit!

Cute baby, cute cat and a not-so-scary automated hand. Read more

La Danse

Kitty does a rather unique interpretive dance to Smetana’s The Moldau. Read more

Cat Banter

If cats could talk … . Read more

SmART Team Saves 2 Kittens: The Story on Video, From Rescue to Foster Care

LA Animal Services’ SmART team rescue squad makes great videos of their small animal rescues. This time they go beyond the dramatic part of the rescue to show what happens next, as two babies head to foster care. Read more

Sweet PDA

Friends rescued together cuddle together. Read more

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