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Marcus Jumps

Kirul bobtail cat Marcus leaps for the ball. Read more

Fly on the Wall?

Missy’s pet parent says she was not going for a laser pen. Perhaps a bug? Or is kitty seeing things? (which is not unusual for cats:) Read more

Need A New Wingman?

I’m sold! This beautifully produced and uplifting PSA video by the Denver Dumb Friends League makes a great case for appreciation for and adoption of cats. Read more

Scoot On Over And I'll Pet You

Dexter the cat gets around without getting up. Read more

Big Cat, Tiny Shoe Box

Sassy wants to lay down in a tiny shoe box! She may need a shoehorn to get back out. Read more

Hector Dreams

Hector’s face contorts as something big happens in his dream. Read more

Dreamy Jay The Cat

Jay, the Maine Coon Cat, dreams of his younger days. Read more

Cat vs Hairdryer: Round 2

This time the opponent is caught off guard. Read more

Crab Cat

That is one nutty cat! Read more

Interesting Perspective

Kitty appears to know what is going on behind her back. Read more

Ohagi Diary #3: A Kitten Learns, Plays and Grows

Here is the third installment in the video series chronicling the life of delightful video star Ohagi. In addition to documenting her cute antics and clever tricks, the videographer has made a series on Ohagi’s growth from tiny baby to maturing, confident kitten. Read more

Shake, Piano and Potty

Beautiful George needs a bathroom break after showing some tricks for treats. Read more

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