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Happy Mothers Day From The Cats To You

Pics and videos to celebrate the day. Happy Mothers Day, cat moms! Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Mama's Love is Fierce

Mama’s love is fierce! Read more

1960's Puss 'n Boots Ad

Heck, everyone’s switching to flavor packs! Read more

Cinco de Meow: Cat vs Pinata

Charlie cat gets his own pinata for Cinco de Mayo Read more

Hello Kitties!

Shirobu (of Sushi Cat fame) doubles for Hello Kitty. Read more

More Magnificence

What would make cats more magnificent? Watching them in slow motion. Read more

Kumquats on Cats

Now for something completely different… Read more

Basket Cat

New for Spring! Hanging Basket o’ Cat. Read more

Cats' Paradise

Jeff Anderson’s Cat Haven is a paradise for a group of feral cats. Read more

Kitten Is His Own Worst Enemy

I will geeeeet you!!! Read more

Remembering the Backpacking Kitten (and the answer to yesterday's brain teaser)

You may remember the backpack-kitten that traveled with the French couple, who were on a 9,000 mile mission (by foot) from Miami to Argentina. Read more

Just Coolin' Off!

This cute Siamese looks perfectly content like this. Read more

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