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The Crazy Spinning Cat

Cat Nurse

Jumping Kittens vs Wall Paper

Snow Shoveling Cat


Cute cat Murchyk, takes a very human-like cat nap.

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Cats Valentine - Love Is ... Furball Fables

Love is in the air at the Furball house! Happy Valentines Day from Furball Fables!

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Cat With Attitude

Ohagi shows some cattitude.
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My Valentine's Day Present!

Cute Kitten Minute!

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Shorty, in Happy Cat Valentine's Day

Teaching Meusli to Lie Down with Clicker Training

Meusli handily learns her fourth command, lie down, as petmom Hsin-Yi encourages her with the clicker.
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Cat Kisses Make Dog Smile

Cat kisses make a dog smile … or something.

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