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Momo 23: Slo Mo Kitten At play

Abyssinian Kittens Love the Hamster Ball

Funny synchronized sphynx cats

Eine kleine Nachtmusik, in an arrangement for orchestra and cats.
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Feline Fit: Cat Fitness Video Three-fer

Gentle exercise and dance routines for feline fitness: Barbie’s Cat Work Out for the Extra Fluffy – A Tribute to Donna Summer – How Cats Stay in Shape
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Pudge the Cat - Lick Lick Lick

Momo 15: Kitten Plays With the Bell

Tiny rescue kitten Momo plays with a little bell in his comfy nest. Momo was rescued from a canal and bottle fed. He’s growing and becoming playful now.
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Chick Bosses Cat

This Chick has got Oscar the cat sussed when it comes to snuggling up to his armpit.
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Cat and a Niece

Kitty Kotetsu gently and carefully inspects the young visitor before settling in for a cuddle.
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Cotton Swab and Maru

Maru plays with a cotton swab.
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Panther & The Visitor

Panther displays his unique way of welcoming other cats into the yard.
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Cute Kitten Drinks from Baby Bottle - Bottle Baby

Five Years of Cat Videos in Two Minutes

Highlights from five wonderful years of great cat videos by The Cat Diaries.
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