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40 seconds of a cute 3 week old kitten.

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Cute Kitten Meowrice: Dreaming

Peaceful moments with Meowrice.
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Why Won't He Wake Up to Play With Me?

Cat Follows Teeny Tiny Football

Oskar the Blind Cat and Klaus Test Out "Kitty Kick Stix" Catnip Toy

Kitty Kick Stix sent Oskar and Klaus one of their creations. The cats love it, though Dad can be heard saying “Okay, how about less licking, more kicking” as they give it a workout.
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Olive the Leaping Cat

Cute and roly poly Olive shows off her amazing leaps. Olive lives with DrNworb‘s good friends Anne and Cayli.

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Max and Maddy: Tabby Cats Watching TV

The video creator says: I have recently found out that my two cats LOVE watching scrat the squirrel from Ice Age. I put together a short clip and their facial expressions say it all!
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City the Kitty Gets His Nip On

Help yourself, City!
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Maru plays in the bathtub 6

Miracle Leprechaun's St. Patrick's Day Walk

Epic Cat Tower Battle

Casey and Sassy battle for the tower.
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