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Ohagi in Funny Kitten Paws

Now, who could that be in that box? Read more

Sand Box

This new pro-adoption PSA video from the Shelter Pet Project is spreading like wildfire – with 320,000 plus views in just 5 days. It’s short, adorable and effective; everyone loves its upbeat approach. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Cat vs Vacuum

One cat stands up for millions against a common foe. Read more

Sweet Jay, in The Maine Coon Cat Blues

Sweet Jay is livin’ and growlin’ the blues. Read more

Not-So-Surprise Attack

Nothing gets past Lucy’s keen Weiner Dog senses. She plays it cool. Read more

Cute Kitten, Corner Pocket

Young Gizmo shows off his billiards skills. Read more

"Just Say No" Cat

“Just say no” cat prudently rejects a series of dangerous items. Read more

Cute Fat Cat Tries to Jump on the Counter

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Read more

Box Turtle Cat

Anakin somehow manages to keep the box over him until the very end. Read more

Small Hunter

Small hunter, big prey, successful hunt. Read more

Mimsy Investigates

Behind the safety of the watering can, Mimsy tries to figure out what is going on in that bucket. Read more

The Little White Cat of Nanluoguxiang Lane

A little white cat plays, looks on at the nightlife around her, and greets passersby, as she sits on a windowsill outside at night in the popular Nanluoguxiang lane of Beijing, which is filled with shops, bars and cafes. Read more

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