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Leo Stands His Ground: Cat Frightens Off Burglar and is Nominated For Hero Award

Leo defended his turf and scared off an intruder by yowling up a commotion during an attempted burglary. Read more

Bella is a BAD KITTY

Bad kitty, or sibling rivalry? You be the judge. Big kitty Meesha narrates an expose on younger attention-grabbling sibling Bella’s bad kitty ways. Read more

Shy Cat

Kitty would like a little privacy while eating. Read more

Little Darlin'

Elliott, a 3 week old, sick tiny kitten fighting for his life learns to take the bottle and survive in this sweetly triumphant video from the Asheville Humane Society. Read more

Do Not Pass!

Cute kittens Toffee and Tyson tussle in a beautifully shot battle for turf rights in the doorway. Read more

Firefighter and the Kitten

Russell Vansteel, a firefighter and EMT for the Midland, TX FD rescued a baby kitten after a May 2012 house fire. The kitten had smoke inhalation, and was brought back from near death. Read more

A Tasmanian Devil Kitten?

Talk about toy issues! This cute little kitten could put grizzly bears, the big bad wolf and the Tasmanian devil to shame with this festival of growls! Read more

Jumping Kittens!

Three beautiful black foster kittens jump for the laser light. Read more

Kitty's Gymnastic Floor Routine

Carrie the cat practices her Olympic floor routine at home. Read more

Kitten Attack!

“This is Evie, our 10 week old rescue kitten! If I am reading in bed or playing with my cell phone, she has taken to this habit of attacking whatever I’m holding, so this time I thought I’d catch her in the act! Pardon my hysterical laughter at the end, it was just too funny to watch and I couldn’t help laughing!” Read more

Neutered Kitty Doesn't Recognize Himself

What do you think is going through Kodi’s mind? Do you think he doesn’t recognize himself or maybe he just doesn’t like his new look? The vet recommended keeping him and Shorty separate at first and you can hear Shorty meowing in the next room. Read more

Beautiful Cats: The Art of Rachel Parker

A lovely video slideshow showcases the cat paintings of watercolor artist Rachel Parker. Read more

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