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Oskar the Blind Cat Versus Klaus - Battle of the Door

Oskar and Klaus play-fighting through the space under the door. This routine is usually played out at 3am, but in this case the cats decided to add a matinee performance.
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Help me to get down, please...

The Circle of Life

A compilation of pet owners recreating the famous Lion King scene.

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Youth Versus Maturity

The Chase

Revenge is sweet as a jerk gets his comeuppance.2009 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl competition finalist.
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He Strikes Again

“C’Mon dude; you know you can do it.”
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Cats With Paralysis: A group shows how their own beloved cats lead good lives

A group called Cats With Paralysis made this video to show that kitties with special needs deserve to have the best possible lives.  It is obviously made with love.
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Izzy the Cat Makes Her Superbowl Pick

Baby and Kitten Battle for the Bag

Setsubun: Traditional End of Winter, Featuring Shiro

Shiro and the gang assume traditional roles in the Feb. 3 celebration that marks the beginning of Spring. Shiro should be throwing soybeans.
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City the Kitty and his groundhog impersonation

Oskar the Blind Cat & His Best Friend Klaus Take a Walk

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