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Cat Owns Plant

It’s the only patch of grass he could find. Read more


Patrick and Shanti, side by side at the food bowls. Read more

Flash Kitty

A mouse on a spring is no match for this kitty’s lightning-fast reflexes! Read more

Kitten in a Bag

Kitty and Anna Sui bag; kitty is playful and shows good taste in shopping bags. Read more

Passy Cat

This cat actually seems to enjoy the pacifier. What do you think? Read more

Sleeping Kitten and a Cat

Our favorite little kitten, whose little life is documented in several videos, is back in a simple and beautiful study. Read more

Muffin Attacks!

Cute Orange Tabby, Muffin reaching through holes. Read more

Do Big Cats Like to Play With Laser Pointers?

The cats at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL react to laser pointers. Read more

Diego the Bag Thief

Diego the bag thief is in kitty heaven the day the family leaves the entire stash of tied plastic bags at his disposal. Read more

Cute Wrestling Match

Yet another cute dog vs. cat video. These two look like good friends. Read more

Bouygues Telecom Kittens Bring Cute To A New Level

Sign us up! French company Bouygues Telecom’s ad featuring cute kittens is hot, hot, hot, and it’s no wonder Read more

Good Morning Shanti

Shanti, Patrick cat’s young sister seen in Strong Cat and The Last Cat Video, being quietly cute all on her own. Read more

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