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Reo asks politely, in Variously Wishing Cat

Reo gets up on his hindquarters and very politely uses the imploring gesture for whatever he asks for or desires. Read more

Nail Trimming Time: A Study in Contrasts

Individual differences come to light between two cats in the same calm, peaceful, loving Japanese household when the nail clippers come out. Read more

Kitty LOVES The String On Her Tail

Missy’s petmom thought her kids were teasing the cat and disapproved until she saw that Missy was having a ball chasing the string on her tail. Read more

Cat vs Helicopter

The latest Cat VS Thing video, with a remote controlled helicopter as challenger this time. Action adventure? Well, sort of. Read more

Recall Nature: Kitty on High Chatter Alert

Something has kitty’s attention. Is it the clicking and ticking sound in the background, or something else? Read more

Shorty, in Cat Yoga 2: Back to the Mat

Shorty demonstrates her technique in a new yoga workout video. Read more

The Elusive Box

Poor kitty can’t get this box to stop moving. Read more

Who is it?

Kitty rises to the occasion when the doorbell rings during a play session. Read more

Jay the Christmas Cat

Jay the Maine Coon cat gets ready for the holiday in this feel-good video set to a Boston Pops rendition of Sleigh Ride. Read more

BIG Kitty!

You’ll flip over this cute video of a kitten intimidating a tinsel ball. Read more

Cats Christmas Letter to Santa Claws - Furball Fables

The Furballs kitties are inspired to think about the true spirit of Christmas giving as they prepare to write their letter to Santa. Read more

Stealth Cat Attack!

Wow! 4 new Shorty the Cat videos in 5 days! Here is today’s pounce filled outing. Read more

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