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Kitten Plays in the Tub

Kitty seems happy to remain in the bathtub, playing and exploring. Read more


Here’s to hoping you enjoy a nap with the remote this Sunday! Read more

Battle for the Cat Tower

Leo the kitten doesn’t want to share the cat tower with Tommy the Chihuahua. On the other hand, maybe he likes batting at the conveniently located little dog. Read more


Australian animator Guy Collins created this whimsical yet touching video short featuring a stray who dreams of gaining a loving home through the celebrity he might someday earn if only he could become a famous internet cat. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/It's A Hard Life

It’s a hard life. Not really, for a pair of lazy housecats on a sun drenched day. Read more

Kitten Playing Fetch With The Bread Toy

Multi-talented kitten Ohagi plays a good game of soft bread toy fetch. Read more

Oh, My Deer!

Kitty enjoys a nice bath, compliments of an friendly deer. Read more

Kittens on the Vacuum Cleaner

‘Wonder what might happen … . Read more

Chubby Cat Arm Lifts

Kitty lazily does her calisthenics. Read more

Crazy Tiberio, The Cleaner Cat: Cleaning the Bathroom

Tiberio and his companions could really clean that bathroom if they had little mitts on their paws. Read more

Planking Cat

Cat “planking”. Would this be planking upside down? Read more

Ohagi Diary and Ohagi Diary 2: A Kitten Grows

Scenes from the life of adorable little Ohagi kitten as he grows. Read more

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