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Cat vs Cupboard Door

Sgt. Grumbles MUST Get Inside That Box

Gotta get into the box! … Ok, now I’m done.
For more video fun see Sgt. Grumbles and Soy Sauce.
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Shanti and Tricky Tail 2

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

aka Guy Plays a Cat Organ. Plush kitties take the melody in this unusual rendition of a classic tune.
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Wilco’s song Panthers helps set the mood in this loving look at Panther, the wonderful black cat who showed up in the video creator’s neighborhood and found a home with Ginger and DrNworb.

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Les Chats Ninjas

Mamas and their Newborn Kittens

City the Kitty Climbs a Ladder

City the Kitty shows his ladder climbing skills.

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Going Up: To the Second Floor, Please

Kitty's First Snow

Crazy Love

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is a short video that stands alone but is also the trailer for a planned documentary. People helping feral and stray cats speak about their experiences in a framework meant to bring help and compassion for the cats.
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