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Surya Namaskar Yoga With Cat

Coolest yoga video ever. Keep those claws retracted, kitty! Read more

Sterling Meets Christmas

Sterling, a silver Bengal Cat meets the Christmas Tree and says Merry Christmas to all. Read more

Merry Catmas, a Backcountry Hillbilly Holiday

A clever little video slideshow pretends to be a “2011 Holiday light show featuring snow, trees, and 250,000 synchronized colored lights displaying animated cat antics appropriate to the season. Country style (well, hillbilly anyway) Christmas music. Free popcorn if you can find us.” Read more

Napping with Nubi

Nubi gives a two part discourse on the art of napping. Read more

Shorty and Garland

Shorty (from a Christmas past) attacks some pretty Christmas garland. Read more

Oskar the Blind Kitten and the Christmas Tree

Oskar, the famous blind kitten, proves that even a specially abled kitty can be an adorable pain when it’s time to put up the Christmas tree. Read more

Ohagi, in The Kitten Loves a Bag

Our favorite little video star in an action packed romp. Read more

Christmas Kittens

Christmas Kittens was run during the holiday season for many years by Bangor ME TV stations, as a beloved tradition. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Cats vs Christmas Decorations - Furball Fables

The Furball kitties give the ornaments a sniff, check out the ribbon, and tear around the house over the excitement of it all. They also offer some holiday safety cautions Read more

Aaah The Lives Of Cats...

A very cute little compilation of footage of Garfield and Nibbles living the lives of cats. Read more

Monster vs. The Bug

Looks as if the bug was not harmed in the filming of this video. Read more

Playful Kitten

Playtime for Ohagi again. The box with the strip torn out makes another appearance. Read more

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