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Kitty Steals a Dart

Cute Samuel darts in and swipes a plastic dart.

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Ohagi, in Kneading Cat

Could she get any sweeter?
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Calling All Angels

Why rescue? Why foster? Here’s why. Before and After – Fosters celebrates the beautiful transformations made by those cats who have been saved.

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Cat Catching the Mail

All in a day’s work .

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Evolution of (Cat) Dance

Fancy footwork from Shorty the Cat, in a video tracing the artist’s development.
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Special Needs Kitten Dot Arrives at Tabby's Place

Dot is a kitten with spina bifida, a birth defect that has left her without the use of her hind legs. Good people in Virginia fostered her until January 13, when she went to her new home at Tabby’s Place sanctuary. Dot is tiny and beautiful, and is very well-loved.

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Murkin Goes To War With The Kittens

… that is, if going to war means laying there like a big friendly Gulliver while the Lilliputian Black Kitten Brigade climbs all over you and playfully bats you in the face. Read more

Bird wakes his best friend...a cat!

Chama is a cat,  U-chan is a budgie, and they are best friends; so, waking the cat up is all in a day’s play for the bird. Watch and see.

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Cat Drinking Beer

We’re sure that some jerks will think this is funny, like the jerks in the video do. We do not. Alcohol is extremely poisonous to a cat’s system.

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Cat Tales: Cat on the Loose

Beau goes exploring on the leash and harness when on vacation with Mom, and a lesson is learned.

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Hat Cat

Sophie/Headcrab Cat really likes the view from up top
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Kitten Defies Gravity

Mittens the Kitten charges around under the bed – Upside down!

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