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Notebook Snack: Boozle The Cat

After snacking on a good notebook, it’s time to clean up and rest.

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Pancake's Meowsic Video

Video star Pancake tries his hand at musical composition.

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Strange Choreography: Latino Cat

Actually, it’s a Russian cat with a flair for those Latin moves.

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Brave Hamster

A gutsy hamster eats the cat’s food and doesn’t want to share!

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The Travel Kitten: Reunion with Pikachu

Ted Brady mads a 5oo mile trip to be reunited with his little kitty Pikachu, who had been missing and on his own for 16 days in Albuquerque NM.

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A Quick Game of Lazy Ball

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Kitty Cats New Years Resolutions 2012

Happy New Year! We’re embracing the new year and starting off on a high note with this feel good video. Chase Holiday’s fabulous Furball Fables kitties – Merlin, Fairy, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi – share their resolutions and goals, their hopes and their wishes for the new year to come. Read more

Shorty at Night, Human's Delight

Night vision action with Shorty the Cat. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Buddy and the TP

Cat paws under the door never get old do they? Read more

Cat vs. Ferret

It appears cats and ferrets have a similar play style. Read more

Oskar the Blind Kitten & Klaus: Feline Bromance in Omaha

Oskar and Klaus have become inseparable. They spend all day either cuddled up together sleeping, or playing together, or eating out of the same bowl. Read more

Gourmet Cat

Gourmet cat is livin’ good. Read more

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