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Simon's Cat in 'Fetch'

A playful dog interrupts a cat’s down-time. Read more

Pancake and the Sunflower

Pancake kitten meets a mechanical plastic sunflower in a video we love. Read more

Cute Kitten Rosy

Rosy basks in the sunbeams and sweetly plays. Read more

Two Kittens and an Ice Cream Cone

Kitty siblings Orion and Andromeda share a yummy ice cream cone. Read more

Cat Opens Door for Puppies

A cat saves the day when it and a group of pups want to come in to the house Read more

Chattering Cat Talks to Birds

Leo the chattering cat talks to the birds out on the deck. Read more

Phoenix Burned Kitten Playing Without Bandages for the First Time

Pure joy. Phoenix romps and plays without bandages on his feet for the first time since his injuries from chemical burns. The 3 month old kitten healed quickly and is looking for his forever home. Read more

What Scares Black Cats At Halloween?

Panther wants everyone to have a safe and happy Hallowe’en, especially black cats. He also reminds us that black cats are as deserving of good homes as any other cats. Read more

Klaus the Cat Washing His Hair and Drinking From the Sink

Oskar the Blind Cat’s brother Klaus is at the sink, taking a nice bath and demonstrating his slo mo drinking technique. Read more

Garfield's Tricks

Laid back orange tabby cat Ginger performs tricks like sit, paw, lie down and jumping hurdles with a good natured nonchalance. Read more

Anakin The Two Legged Cat is 6 Months Old! Ani's Video Flashback

A new video highlights the amazing kitten’s first 6 months, with some of Anakin’s best moments from previous videos as well as a lot of never before seen video clips. Read more

What Do Kittens Dream About?

Kodi shows us there’s a lot going on inside a kitten’s mind, and sometimes it’s not too different from a human’s. Read more

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