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LIVE from London, the 2012 Felympics Part 2

The big event for Shorty and Kodi in this installment is the balance beam. These announcers are catdom’s answer to the fellows from mock dogumentary “Best in Show”. Like those canine commentators, the cat callers go a bit too far and nearly take the focus off of the competitors. Read more

Spider Cat

Bella’s petmom calls her a spider monkey cat thanks to this performance on the window screen. Read more

Cat Pushes a Little Cart

How to Leave a Room

Kitty shows how it’s done. Read more

What A Kitten Needs

Mealtime for Tank

Mama kitty supervises as Scottish Fold kitten Tank chows down on what the videographer says is his first solid meal. Read more

Funny Face

My kitty does this too when I scratch him there; he’ll even nibble my chin. Does yours? Read more

Anakin the Wonder Cat: Two Legged Kitten Continues to Amaze!

Anakin, the homeless kitten born without a pelvis or hind legs, then adopted by Carrie Hawks, thrives in a manner that is nothing less than a triumph of nature and spirit. A new video of him showing the cat condo who’s boss proves the point. Read more

Phoenix: Burn Victim Cat Rises From the Ashes

Phoenix’s spirit and will to live helped her to overcome injuries suffered when she was burned. The veterinary staffer who adopted her tells the story. Read more

The Felympics! Part 1

Feline sport at its best, featuring venerable athletes Shorty and Kodi, and brought to you by Albert Jones and John Hastings. Read more

Herding Kittens

Panther's Magical Trip

I’m a huge fan of video creator Doug Brown aka DrNworb and his work, and it’s always a good day when there’s a new video to enjoy. In this new video, Panther experiences his butlers’ laps while on a far out nip trip. Read more

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