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Cat Loves Paper Towels

Maine Coon Cat Swahili tries to make everything into a cat den; this time it’s the package of paper towels. Read more

Kitten Playing Fetch With A Bread Toy #2: Box Edition

Awesomest kitten ever? Ohagi plays the most amazing game of fetch we’ve ever seen from a cat. Read more

Darwin and the Ball

Will Darwin figure it out? Watch and see. Read more

Serious Boxing Cat

Take that, and that, and that and that and that! Read more


Sztefen enjoys a shower in the bathroom sink. Read more

Presenting Miss B

New video of Bernice kitty, up and playing as she waits for her recent skin graft to “take”. Read more

Cats Haunted Halloween: Furball Fables

They’re heeeee-rrrre! Furball Fables’ special-effects extravaganza kitty cat Halloween Special is here! Read more

Mother and Child

The bond between mother and child is universal; in this video it’s between a Mama cat and her kitten in Japan. Read more

Double Meat Dance

“You’ve gotta do it with two paws….Double Meat Dance.” Read more

Special Delivery

Jake receives a mail order package … he needs to check the packing slip! Read more

Kitten Mischief or Naughty Ohagi

OHAGI! We’re surprised at you! Read more

Kitty Loves Flips!

Tenchi enjoys some acrobatics with his person. Read more

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