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Kitty's First Snow

Crazy Love

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is a short video that stands alone but is also the trailer for a planned documentary. People helping feral and stray cats speak about their experiences in a framework meant to bring help and compassion for the cats.
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Otto Loves Egon

Jacob and Esperanza: Specially Bonded Cat and Dog Remain Together

Esperanza was injured, yet cared for Jacob as if he were one of her pups when they were rescued together. They were adopted together and are still closely bonded.
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Now and Now (Here Somehow)

Singer/song-writer Johnny Maudlin wrote this song about his cat Oswald upon the one year anniversary of his passing.

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Ohagi, in Cat's Paw

Cat in the Mist

Cat in a Suitcase

A classic cat video from 2008.
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Cute Cat Show #2: Kiyomori Plays

Kiyomori kitten plays with the wand toy. The video was made at the Nekorobi cat cafe in Japan.
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Panda Cat: Snow Dance

Panda Cat greets the falling snow with an interpretive dance.
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Snow Storm - A Cat's Curiosity

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