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Must Swim

A cat practices the kitty paddle while leaning over a little pool of water. Read more

A NYC Shelter After the Storm

What do you do when the power goes out? You get to work. Animal Haven gives us a glimpse of a shelter left without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Read more

Kitten Falling Asleep

Is there anything cuter than a kitten in between wakefulness and sleep? Read more

Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network Celebrates a Year Saving and Transporting Kitties

URRKN was founded to ensure safe transport of pets, and to help save shelter kitties by helping them get to their new homes. Volunteers work together toward shared goals. Read more

Halloween Cat Video Omnibus 2012

Other than the few we’ve shown separately, here are the 12 of the best Halloween cat videos released this season. Enjoy! Read more

Henri 4, L'Haunting

The famously ennui besotted cat reflects upon Halloween. Read more

Maru Catches It

Maru plays with the toy on the pole. Read more

Anakin and The Halloween Pumpkins!

Anakin is supposed to pose for photos next to some pumpkins, but the playful kitten has other ideas in mind. Read more

Kittens Learn to Use the Computer

The Ninja kittens get a hold of the computer. Read more

Cat Steals Dog Biscuit From Cookie Jar

Kitty puts in all the work, then doggie swoops in. Read more

Simon's Cat in 'Fetch'

A playful dog interrupts a cat’s down-time. Read more

Pancake and the Sunflower

Pancake kitten meets a mechanical plastic sunflower in a video we love. Read more

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