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Box and Maru 12

Africa's Wheels

A loving family and a cool set of wheels help make life good for Africa, a tabby cat who lost the use of his hind legs when he was injured as a kitten. Read more

Cats Are Love

Kodi helps to demonstrate that, really and truly, cats are love. Read more

Marshmallow Kitten Goes Manic on Reflections

Marshmallow kitten is back. This time she’s scratching like mad on windows and other reflective surfaces. Read more

Hanna and Percy

Foster siblings Hanna the pitbull and Percy the cat are getting to know one another. Read more

Kitty Cat Olympics 2012 - Furball Fables

The Furball kitties represent Team USA in the Kitty Cat Olympics. Read more

Battle for the Top Bunk

Epic battle for the top bunk on the cat tree, with Shorty and Kodi. Read more

Kung Fu Bub Shows Sammy the Dog Who's Boss

Cute permakitten Bub bats at her very patient pal Sammy. Read more

V Balance Kitten

Ohagi back in her teeny tiny adorable little baby days. Watch and you’ll see the V. Read more

Cute Cat Does Battle With Its Own Reflection

Kitty vs kitty in the mirror. Read more

Shanti Settles In

Shanti prepares her spot before a nap. Read more

A Sexy Panther

Happy Friday the 13th! A famous YouTube video star’s message to the lady cats works equally well as a charming pro-adoption PSA for black cats everywhere. Read more

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