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Mission Possible: Cat Jumps for Toys

The theme from Mission Impossible sets the stage for this compilation video of an athletic cat as it jumps, grabs and bats to get at toys suspended overhead.
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3 seconds of LOL

Look what Kodi’s been learning.
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Wooten Rings a Bell

Oskar the Blind Cat - Mother Nature Reunion (Featuring Klaus)

Oskcar enjoys a visit outdoors for the first time since his adoption from a farm in July, 2011, accompanied by Mom and Dad, and Klaus.
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Cat Startled by Something

Bonky didn’t get startled by much, but when he did, it was hilarious.
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Two Cats - True Love!


Shiro is back in the hanging basket, wearing plum blossoms in celebration of Spring. Read more

Please Give Me a Bite

Blue Sky and Cat Grass and Maru

Shorty and Kodi, in How to Introduce 2 Cats to Each Other

Dad says: I wanted to do a proper “how to introduce” for these two, so here it is. A 12-step program for introducing a new cat to your existing cat. Results may vary.
The video features video star Shorty and her new sibling Kodi.
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Kitten Marshmallow Too Busy Playing ( Week 7)

Kitten Marshmallow is sporting the ever-popular kitten mentality of play, play, play any time of the day.
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Chick And Cat Have An Argument

Oscar and the Chick have a temporary falling out.
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