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Cat Cuddles With Sleepy Dog

The videographer writes:This is my dog and cat, Myrtle and Stewart. They cuddle on my couch like this pretty much every day. Read more

Simon's Cat in 'Springtime'

A hungry cat scales new heights in search of supper. ‘Springtime’ celebrates the launch of Simon Tofield’s new book, Simon’s Cat Vs THE WORLD. Read more

Scary Kitten Dance

A kitten we’ve seen in other videos playing with littermates and cuddling with Mama kitty gives a classic rendition of crazed, crabwalking kitten. Read more

Porsche's Kittens: Birth to 8 Weeks

The videographer says: This short film shows Porsche and her five very cute kittens, filmed from birth up to 8 weeks old. ‘Great to watch on a short break at work or to put a smile on your face if you’re feeling somewhat blue. Read more

Soccer Cat

A cat gets in on the game but is more interested in the footballers than the ball itself. Read more

Meet Izzy

Izzy is a young special needs kitten in the care of Tenth Life. She was born with twisted back legs. Tenth Life is optimistic about her progress and expects her to thrive. Read more

Cat Criminals

Furball Fables petmom and video creator Chase Holiday says: We are breaking the law in Los Angeles and we are happy about it! Read more

Best Coast - Crazy For You

In this music video, the kitties are on the other side of the camera. Read more

Kodi Can't Get Comfortable

Just a simple vid of Kodi trying to manage his growing body on the top bunk, and trying, as always, to get that darn tail. Read more

Henri - Politique

Henri, the famously angsty existentialist cat, was asked by the Seattle Times to make a short video sharing his political opinions Read more

Grumpy Cat

A unique looking Snowshoe cat with physical anomalies is the latest internet sensation, as her videos and photos go viral. Read more

Chuck and APEril: Patient Cat and Young Gibbon Ape

Chuck tolerates a young resident of the animal sanctuary where she lives. Read more

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