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South Florida Rescue Closing, 80 Cats Need Homes by December 31

Undercats4Life made a video showcasing some of the beautiful cats who were rescued once and now need to be saved again. Read more

Defending Maru

A very possessive Maru protects the little toy he carried in his mouth in his previous video. Read more

Maru and His Little Pacifier

But Maru meows more and more when he has it in his mouth. Read more

Cat Lake - A Ballet For Cats

The troupe performs a feline tribute to Swan Lake. Read more

Kitty Cat Kisses

Real kitty gives kisses to a stuffie kitty. Read more

Saving NY Cats Storm and Tina After Hurricane Sandy

A cat lover drove from Richmond, VA to Brooklyn last week to save 2 cats from the ACC, and made an upbeat and inspiring video of the trip. Read more

Funny Kittens vs Magic Door

A delight! The Ninja kittens give a performance right out of the early days of comic Hollywood films. Read more

Cat Adopts Chick

Kitty lets a chick snuggle up close. Read more

Foster Kittens Get A New Box!

A new box? It’s the most exciting thing in the world for a litter of foster kittens! Read more

Luna and Brenda

Luna and Brenda are totally cute together. Read more

Massage the Blanket

Kitty’s making biscuits. Read more

Kittens Watching Tennis

Two of the Ninja kittens get caught up in the back and forth of a game of tennis. Read more

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