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Dancin' with Myself

Who IS that kitteh in the mirror, anyway? Read more

Sleepy Kitty

Pum’kin at 7 months old. The lure of sleep is greater than the urge to play Read more

Saturday Pet blogger Hop/Kitten Curls Up For A Nap With The Dog

Ohagi, in younger days, curling up for a little nap with one of the chihuahuas. Read more

Patrick Dreams

What’s going on in Patrick’s little head? Is he reliving past triumphs and battles, amusing moments and heartwarming scenes from his earlier videos? Read more

My Thanksgiving

Alter the menu slightly, and it’s the perfect dinner party. Read more

Cats Say Thank You For Thanksgiving

The Furball Fables Kitties say thank you for their many blessings, in this sweet and affecting video. Read more

Ohagi, in The Kitten Using Her Head

Ohagi knows what she wants, she just has to figure out how to get it. Read more

Moppet and the Mixer

Is it the Harvest Gold color? Would Moppet prefer a stand mixer? Read more

Sweet Dog Playing With Adorable Foster Kittens

Sweet, gentl Murkin loves his foster kittens. Read more

Goose Arrives For Dinner

This is Goose’s routine when his family sits down to dinner. Read more

Oskar the Blind Kitten Plays With His New Toys

A little blind kitten gets his first toys. Read more

You're My Best Friend, with Bonnie and Hunter

Sweet love between a kitten and a dog gives this video the warm and fuzzies. It shares a message, too, about the joys and benefits of animal fostering. Read more

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