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Bonne nuit - Good Night! Cutest Baby Kitten Hugs, Love and Sleep - Compilation

Several of the sweetest of the sweet cat video moments in one compilation.
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Moving Flower

Shiro, a pal, and some happy moving flowers.
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Pudge the Cat Plays in the Leaves

Last fall Pudge was inside watching the leaves like rain. This was Pudge’s first ever experience playing in the Autumn leaves. I think she enjoyed it.
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Boxing Kitty Meets his Match

Two ginger cats get up on their hind legs for a boxing match. Read more

Cooper Cat: "Whatcha got over there?"

Cooper usually loves to standby patiently as people eat in front of the TV. This time, Cooper could hardly resist the tantalizing aroma of Chinese food.
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Leave the Door Open!

Mission Possible: Cat Jumps for Toys

The theme from Mission Impossible sets the stage for this compilation video of an athletic cat as it jumps, grabs and bats to get at toys suspended overhead.
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3 seconds of LOL

Look what Kodi’s been learning.
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Wooten Rings a Bell

Oskar the Blind Cat - Mother Nature Reunion (Featuring Klaus)

Oskcar enjoys a visit outdoors for the first time since his adoption from a farm in July, 2011, accompanied by Mom and Dad, and Klaus.
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Cat Startled by Something

Bonky didn’t get startled by much, but when he did, it was hilarious.
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Two Cats - True Love!

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