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Kitten: Play With Me, Please

A tiny little kitten gestures for attention with his big paws. Read more

Tails of Hope - Gladys Night the FIV+ Cat

Gladys had three things working against her as she waited for a home; she is a senior kitty, she is black, and she tested positive for FIV. Despite it all, Gladys was adopted by a woman who can lavish her with attention, and who welcomes her companionship. Read more

Wedding Crasher Cat Wants a Treat

A cat manages to sneak into the spotlight as the bride and groom stand before their well wishers. Read more

Kodi Sees Snow For the First Time

Kodi is full of inquisitiveness and wonder as snow falls outside his window for the first time. Read more

Theo and Thea Cats: Christmas in Seattle

Theo and Thea look for a Christmas gift for their Dad, in the most beautifully made cat video of the 2012 holiday season. Read more

Time Lapse: Cat and Christmas Tree

Andy is always a little angel around the Christmas tree … so long as the family is home. Read more

Oskar the Blind Cat Begging and Talking

Oskar is a very vocal kitty – he likes to express what’s on his mind! Read more

Box and Maru 13

Maru believes that when he digs the narrow box, it becomes wide. Read more

Mac: A Journey of Hope

Mac’s touching and uplifting story is one of kindness, healing, help and hope. Read more

Bella and the Christmas Tree

Bella has some fun attacking ornaments on the tree. Read more

Black Cat Chasing His Own Tail in a Bucket

As the title says, here’s one silly little kitty cat. Read more

Winston the Kitten -- Rescued after Hurricane Sandy

Winston was abandoned and homeless after the storm, then a couple volunteering with relief efforts on Long Island adopted him. A video shows the tiny fellow exploring his new home. Read more

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