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Venus the Two Faced Chimera Kitty Cat Leaves New York

New video with Venus the two faced chimera cat shows her relaxing with her petparents after her appearance on the today show, and before leaving New York to go back home to Florida. Read more

Incredible Jumping Kitty!

Kodi likes to jump. Read more

Cat and Computer Screen

Back in the olden days before iPad games for cats, felines had to play like this. Read more

UNIQLO Lucky Cube with Maru: Famous Internet Cat Takes a Side Job

See Maru’s new ad for Japanese clothier Uniqlo, as the company opens a new US store in San Francisco. Read more

Smoky the Kitten and Mr. Squirrel

Smoky wants to play with a squirrel on the other side of the sliding glass door. Read more

Cute Maine Coon Kittens Are Best Friends

Cute Maine Coon kittens Diva and Brandy are best friends. Read more

Back to School

aka La rentrée Read more

Kitten Asleep Under the Palm

There’s snow on the ground but kitty is warm and comfy,laying in the sun curled up under the palm. Read more

Time to Get Away

Some cats just won’t take responsibility for their actions, as an ad for FINN, a Craigslist-like site in Norway shows. Read more

The No Kill Revolution in America

A 12 minute trailer for an upcoming full length feature tells the story of the no kill movement that is saving the lives of shelter pets in several communities across the US. Read more

All Aboard the Cat Wheel

Kitties play and stay fit with the wheel. Read more

Cat Opens Sliding Door

A very clever and determined kitty opens the slider to get back into the house. Read more

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