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Rio and Coco

Mama kitty Coco gives kitten Rio a nice bath in this loving video. Read more

Loki the Blind Kitten

A family took responsibility for a kitten they found with infected eyes. They paid for surgery when his eyes had to be removed and want everyone to know that sightless kitties can lead happy lives. Read more

Dot: Learning to Love Her Cart

Special needs kitty Dot, born with spina bifida, is learning to use her brand new wheeled cart. Read more

Cat Walks on Hind Legs

Actually, it looks like a little dance move. Read more

Fifty Shades of Kodi

Shorty reveals her passion for her beloved Kodi and the torment of living with one who makes all the rules, in this reverie on love. Read more

Bored Kitty and the Blinds

What a cat does when he’s bored … . Read more

Kitten vs. Doberman... in Bed

Pancake the kitten and Sugar Tree the doberman are back, gently tussling on the bed. Read more

Nylah Kitty Plays Fetch

Savannah cat Nylah stars in a very cool fetch video. Read more

NYC Cats Rescued After Decade in WTC Area Office Building's Boiler Room

Bob Marley and Ziggy were rescued last month after living for many years below ground. Now they are ready for the good home they so greatly deserve. Read more

How To Relax A Kitten

Life can be so stressful for kittens these days, what with having to be cute ALL the time. If your kitten is showing signs of stress please follow this simple video guide, your kitten will thank you for it. Read more

Anakin's Morning Tail Chase!

The energetic two legged wonder kitten enjoys a spirited tail chasing session that shows how well he has adapted to his special circumstances. Read more

Bird Won't Leave Cat Alone

Bird seems to have something very important to say, but cat acts like he’s heard it all before. Read more

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