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Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Cats vs Christmas Decorations - Furball Fables

The Furball kitties give the ornaments a sniff, check out the ribbon, and tear around the house over the excitement of it all. They also offer some holiday safety cautions Read more

Aaah The Lives Of Cats...

A very cute little compilation of footage of Garfield and Nibbles living the lives of cats. Read more

Monster vs. The Bug

Looks as if the bug was not harmed in the filming of this video. Read more

Playful Kitten

Playtime for Ohagi again. The box with the strip torn out makes another appearance. Read more

Bengal Kittens Watch Ice Skating

Bengal kittens watch ice skating. They all give the skater a 10. Read more

This Christmas ...

This Christmas, the MEOW Foundation reminds us that we can save lives, give hope, spread love, and give joy by helping the kitties. Read more

Cute Kitten "Meowrice": I'm soooo tired!

Meowrice is a sleepy kitty. Read more

Ollie's Sweet Voice

Ollie and his person have a quick chat. Read more

Ruby Cat, in Boxed Cat

Not much happens, but we couldn’t take our eyes off of the gorgeous Ruby, who is completely content to stay in her plastic tub. Read more

Their Peace Begins With You

A short and beautiful video about a sweet kitty baby, which touches the heart as a quietly effective adoption PSA. Read more

Beauty of Cats

Video regulars Ginger and Jay are joined by their neighborhood’s other friendly felines in DrNworb’s lovely meditation on and tribute to the beauty of cats. Read more

The Most Insistent Cat in the World

Leave me alone; can’t you see I’m trying to watch cat videos here?! Read more

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