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Christmas Present and Maru

Maru plays with his new toy. Read more

Sweet Dreams Sleepy Kitten

Sleeping kitten has busy dreams. Read more

A Christmas Stocking and Maru

Maru plays in a Christmas stocking, in a classic holiday video. Read more

Cats Watching Falling Snow

Thunder & Monkey delight in watching their 1st snowfall while Panther knows enough about the cold wet stuff not to leave the safety of our front porch! Read more

I'm Climbing Up The Christmas Tree Neow!

Shorty and Kodi demonstrate how they “help” with the festivities in their first Christmas carol! Read more

Kitty Hides From ZOMBIES!!

It’s the END OF THE WORLD and zombies are on the loose. Protect yourself and your cat! The Kitty Bunker keeps your cat safe and gives them an excellent spot from which to attack zombie feet! Read more

Happy Holidays! Anakin Two Legged Cat's First Christmas

Anakin is enjoying getting ready for his first Christmas with our family. Here’s Ani checking out the Christmas tree and ornaments. He also helped supervise the wrapping of the presents and kept Trixie out of the paper LOL! Anakin also loved playing in all the pretty bows too! Read more

Henri 5, "The Worst Noel"

The major award winning, ennui filled existentialist cat Henri has released his much anticipated holiday video. Read more

Kitten: Play With Me, Please

A tiny little kitten gestures for attention with his big paws. Read more

Tails of Hope - Gladys Night the FIV+ Cat

Gladys had three things working against her as she waited for a home; she is a senior kitty, she is black, and she tested positive for FIV. Despite it all, Gladys was adopted by a woman who can lavish her with attention, and who welcomes her companionship. Read more

Wedding Crasher Cat Wants a Treat

A cat manages to sneak into the spotlight as the bride and groom stand before their well wishers. Read more

Kodi Sees Snow For the First Time

Kodi is full of inquisitiveness and wonder as snow falls outside his window for the first time. Read more

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