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Mr. Lee's Cat Cam Documentary

A 16 minute documentary gives a fascinating look at the inspiration for cat cam and what the camera revealed about the life of a cat.
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Cat Babysitting Chicks

Oscar babysits the chicks.

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Freddy and Olive

Freddy play fights with a very feisty little Italian greyhound puppy who’s on his turf.
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Profile of a Famous Internet Cat: Jupiter the Video Star

With his latest video sitting atop the charts, Jupiter and his petmom were featured in a TV segment that talks about how he became an internet sensation.
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Cute Sleeping Kitten Hugs Owner's Arm While Getting A Belly Rub!

Ninja Kitty

The amazing young Savannah cat Nylah shows her skills.
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Marshmallow Kitten Week 6: Cat Mama Mochi "Babysitting"

Beautiful kitten Marshmallow at 6 weeks, with her mother Mochi.
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Big Cat, Tiny Box

The lure of the box is strong, no matter the size.
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Ginger Cat Chasing the Laser

Too Many Boxes and Maru

The world’s most famous cat seems a bit overwhelmed.
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Cat Painting (sped up)

A beautiful example of painting on the computer (done with the FREE program GIMP).

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Cat Alarm Clock

This is Boo’s way of saying rise and shine.
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