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Kittens Learn Physics

The Funnycatsandnicefish kittens master the perpetual motion machine toy … sort of. Read more

Anakin The Two Legged Cat Vs. The Paper Bag

The amazing Anakin takes on a paper his newest video. Read more

Playing Maru 16

Maru loves this game. Read more

Wild Cats: The Homeless Domestics of Washington DC

A short documentary on the feral and homeless cats of DC and visits with caretakers, advocates, and TNR practitioners, as well as anti-cat advocates. Read more

Community Care for Community Cats: A View of a TNR Operation

We get a ride along view of a TNR effort by SF SPCA volunteers that helped 82 cats over a 3 day period in 2010, in recognition of that year’s October 16 National Feral Cat Day. Read more

Real Men Love Cats

We didn’t think Shorty and Kodi’s Dad cold get any cooler; then he made this video demonstrating that real men love cats and don’t care who knows it. Read more

Safe Haven: A Place For Pets Helps Domestic Abuse Victims Start New Lives

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the US.Safe Haven gives the pets of domestic abuse victims a place to stay while they are in transition. Read more

Habitat For Cats: A Beautiful Tribute to a Colony in Honor of Feral Cat Day

Gorgeous photos in this video show the beauty and personality of a colony of well cared for cats helped by a group dedicated to the homeless cats of their area. Read more

Murkin Gets a Kitty Massage

Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants gives Murkin a nice massage. Read more

Covers Game

Kitty enjoys a nightly game. Read more

Breathtaking Cat

The woman in the video says … just my cat Carter nomming on my breath. Read more

Cat Brushes Herself

Kitty loves the brush. Read more

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