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Inspirational Cat Videos

A Tribute To Luvly, A Very Special Cat

Luvly was a permanent resident and mascot at Shropshire Cat Rescue. He had a tough start in life but blossomed into a very happy fellow and a little star. He is remembered in a sweet and beautiful tribute video. Read more

Slinko Comes Out

A rescued feral cat surprised his caretaker when, after nearly a year in her care, he decided to show her that he was a tame and friendly boy after all. Now Slinko is looking for a loving home. Read more

Saving Anna

Anna was so cold that she collapsed and was near death after walking up to the front door of a good Samaritan’s office in Massachusetts last Thursday morning. A shelter’s vet staff spent all day warming her up and by the end of the day she was full of life, asking for attention and making lots of chirps and trills. Read more

Remembering Thorin

Sweet FeLV kitty and beloved pet Thorin is remembered on the first anniversary of his passing. Thorin was a beautiful, friendly boy whose life was cut short by the feline leukemia virus. Read more

Ella and Stephen

Ella was adopted after spending her entire life at the shelter. When her adopter learned she had cancer he was grateful for the opportunity to give her a loving home and he set out to help her with a cat’s bucket list. Watch this love story and see how Ella is thriving with her loving human. Read more


Scooter is a beautiful little special needs kitten whose hind legs are bent, preventing her from walking normally. A shelter is getting her help and has already found her the perfect home. Read more

Andy The Peek a Boo Kitty

After living for many years as a stray, Andy needed help when he got himself into a jam. He allowed himself to be coaxed to safety, then found a loving home. Read more

A Rescuer Looks Back: Lives Saved and Happy Endings

Belinda Berdes shares inspiring and uplifting rescue stories from her time as a volunteer with Kitten Rescue LA in a new video. Read more

Bideawee's Cat Whisperer

Cat behavior consultant Jon Delillo, one of Bideawee’s “Manhattan matchmakers” at its NYC shelter location, is profiled in a CNN video report in which he talks about his work and how he helps cats. CNN says: “This cat trainer deals with the cats you can’t handle.” Read more

Newborn Kitten Found in Van is Rescued

The RSPCA UK shared the story of how this newborn kitten was found, along with a short video of her being bottle fed and getting stronger so she can thrive. Read more

Mr. Kal the Cat & Monarch Butterfly

Karen Leon’s beautiful and poignant video showcases her rescue cat Mr. Kal and his love for the endangered Monarch butterfly. Read more

How to teach your CAT to lay "Down" on cue

Didga the amazing skateboard riding cat is back, but this time he’s helping his petdad, dog and cat trainer Robert Dollwet,of Malibu Dog Training, to show us how to train our cats to lay down on cue. Read more

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