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Inspirational Cat Videos

Lua the Brave and Beautiful Kitten

Lua lost the use of her hind legs in an unfortunate crushing accident but the brave kitten is making amazing progress regaining use of her limbs, thanks to a variety of therapies and her VOKRA foster caregiver. Read more

Kitten rescue from inside the hood of a car - Queens, NY

A kitten seen hiding under cars in a Queens, NY neighborhood for a couple of days was rescued when it climbed up into a car’s engine. Read more

Luna and Her Adopted Puppies

Luna the cat became very concerned and decided to nurse and mother the puppies of her family’s Dogo Argentino dog Nube when she heard their cries. Read more


Showing you how to introduce cats to dogs, and ways to improve the relationship between your dog and cat. Read more

Rescued kitten thinks dog is mama, gives her kitty bath, then they spoon and sleep!

A cat rescued at 10 days old found comfort with her family’s two dogs and remains closely bonded and affectionate with them. Here she bathes one of the dogs, then cuddles up close. Read more

Kiki and Rita

When Rita Thorp had a stroke, a long and tough road to recovery lay ahead, but thanks to her beloved cat Kiki, she always had someone by her side. Read more

Lucille & Ricky - Kittens That Will Wobble Their Way Into Your Heart!

Kittens don’t come much cuter or sweeter than Lucille & Ricky and they don’t let having Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) get in the way of their having fun either. Read more

Dutchess: Sweet Survivor Burned Kitty One Year Later

Dutchess was severely burned in an accidental house fire on September 19, 2012. A year later, her life and that of her rescuer have been immeasurably transformed. Read more

Anakin The Two Legged Cat Rolling Around on the Porch

Anakin, Mika & The Gang Love to be out on the screened porch. Mika, George, Trixie, & Zoe like to lounge on the porch BUT not Anakin! Little Man Anakin rolls and rolls around on the ground! Read more

Boxcar Kittens Go to Foster Care After 1,600 Train Ride

Chicago Joe and Boxcar Wilhelmina are catching up on their meals and getting TLC in foster care with the Edmonton Humane Society following a long ride on a freight train. Read more

Jefferson's Story, My 3 Week Journey with a Paralyzed Kitten

A loving tribute to a little kitten who knew he was loved during his too short life Read more

Be Their Light

“Special needs, abused and abandoned kitties are amazing, and they need loving homes just as much as “normal” cats do,” says rescuer Sherry Pfau. Read more

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