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Inspirational Cat Videos

Oscar the Bionic Cat in the Garden

Oscar famously became a bionic cat when he got hind feet implants after a 2009 accident that severed his own feet. This video visit with Oscar from earlier this year shows him getting around as normally as any cat with his remarkable little stems.

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The Amazing Pip!

Tenth Life Cat Rescue made this delightfully heartwarming and uplifting video with Pip, the sweet special needs kitten born with deformed front legs who is in their care. Read more

Cat and Owl Are Friends: Fum and Gerbra, 2012, the Return

Fum the cat and his pal Gerbra the owl captivated the world with a video in 2011. They’re back in a beautiful new video that celebrates their amazing friendship.

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Mr. Lee's Cat Cam Documentary

A 16 minute documentary gives a fascinating look at the inspiration for cat cam and what the camera revealed about the life of a cat.
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Cat Painting (sped up)

A beautiful example of painting on the computer (done with the FREE program GIMP).

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Video: Blind Peri Gets His New Home

Blind kitty Peri was found on the street in Muscat, Oman. He became a playful and happy foster, received an operation, and found a new home in the US. Videos show him happily playing both in foster care and in his new home.
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Maria Daines April 4 World Stray Animals Day Official Music Video

Nicely made video with the song Maria Daines wrote especially to commemorate the day of April 4, World Stray Animals Day. April 4 is the worldwide celebrated day to give special attention to the 600.000.000 stray animals in the world.

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Dot, Spina Bifida Kitten, Thrives and Plays at Tabby's Place

New videos, show the darling special needs kitten joyfully at play.

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Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is a short video that stands alone but is also the trailer for a planned documentary. People helping feral and stray cats speak about their experiences in a framework meant to bring help and compassion for the cats.
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Jacob and Esperanza: Specially Bonded Cat and Dog Remain Together

Esperanza was injured, yet cared for Jacob as if he were one of her pups when they were rescued together. They were adopted together and are still closely bonded.
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Now and Now (Here Somehow)

Singer/song-writer Johnny Maudlin wrote this song about his cat Oswald upon the one year anniversary of his passing.

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Willow and Leggings For Life for Special Needs Kitties

Famed and beloved special needs kitty Willow tells us how Leggings for Life help paralyzed cats, and she demonstrates how beautifully she gets around while wearing them.
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