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Inspirational Cat Videos

Cats Say Thank You For Thanksgiving

The Furball Fables Kitties say thank you for their many blessings, in this sweet and affecting video. Read more

You're My Best Friend, with Bonnie and Hunter

Sweet love between a kitten and a dog gives this video the warm and fuzzies. It shares a message, too, about the joys and benefits of animal fostering. Read more

Thanksgiving Cat Toy!

A well-done tutorial on how to make a really cute “Turkey Cat Toy” (Ashley the cat demonstrates the finished product). Read more

Sand Box

This new pro-adoption PSA video from the Shelter Pet Project is spreading like wildfire – with 320,000 plus views in just 5 days. It’s short, adorable and effective; everyone loves its upbeat approach. Read more

The Little White Cat of Nanluoguxiang Lane

A little white cat plays, looks on at the nightlife around her, and greets passersby, as she sits on a windowsill outside at night in the popular Nanluoguxiang lane of Beijing, which is filled with shops, bars and cafes. Read more

Let's go on a feeding field trip with the NYC Feral Cat Initiative

We tag along, in this well-prodiced and cool video, with certified TNR Caretakers of the New York City Feral Cat Initiative as they feed their feral cat colonies. Read more

Milton & Jack

I can tell that we are gonna be friends. Read more

Need A New Wingman?

I’m sold! This beautifully produced and uplifting PSA video by the Denver Dumb Friends League makes a great case for appreciation for and adoption of cats. Read more

Cat Colonies in the Bronx and Their Caretakers

The Bronx lacks a public shelter, so individuals care for homeless cats. Read more

Presenting Miss B

New video of Bernice kitty, up and playing as she waits for her recent skin graft to “take”. Read more

Mother and Child

The bond between mother and child is universal; in this video it’s between a Mama cat and her kitten in Japan. Read more

SmART Team Saves 2 Kittens: The Story on Video, From Rescue to Foster Care

LA Animal Services’ SmART team rescue squad makes great videos of their small animal rescues. This time they go beyond the dramatic part of the rescue to show what happens next, as two babies head to foster care. Read more

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