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Inspirational Cat Videos

Happy Holidays! Anakin Two Legged Cat's First Christmas

Anakin is enjoying getting ready for his first Christmas with our family. Here’s Ani checking out the Christmas tree and ornaments. He also helped supervise the wrapping of the presents and kept Trixie out of the paper LOL! Anakin also loved playing in all the pretty bows too! Read more

Tails of Hope - Gladys Night the FIV+ Cat

Gladys had three things working against her as she waited for a home; she is a senior kitty, she is black, and she tested positive for FIV. Despite it all, Gladys was adopted by a woman who can lavish her with attention, and who welcomes her companionship. Read more

Mac: A Journey of Hope

Mac’s touching and uplifting story is one of kindness, healing, help and hope. Read more

Winston the Kitten -- Rescued after Hurricane Sandy

Winston was abandoned and homeless after the storm, then a couple volunteering with relief efforts on Long Island adopted him. A video shows the tiny fellow exploring his new home. Read more

Jack the Blind Cat Enjoys His New Life

Jack is blind but very much able. A video introduces us to Jack and shows him engaged in exploration and play. Jack and his 3 siblings were all given a new start in life when they came to a cat rescue. Read more

Anakin in Dreamland

Miracle kitty Anakin, born without a pelvis or hind legs continues to show he is completely adapted and able. In this video, He is able to charm while getting his 40 winks. Read more

Wings of Rescue: Holiday Animal Airlift

A video slideshow set to Sugar Ray’s Fly documents the Wings of Rescue airlift of hundreds of Los Angeles area dogs and cats on Friday, December 7. The animals were transferred from high kill California shelters to safety in Washington, Oregon and beyond. Read more

Cosgrove the Sightless Kitten: Special but Not Handicapped

Cosgrove’s foster caregiver made a video that shows the sightless kitten to be like any other; playing, being cute, running for the food bowl, and cuddling. Read more

Cheetahs on the Edge

Amazing slo mo HD footage shows the beauty of cheetahs in motion like it’s never been seen before. Read more

S.O.S.- Save the Strays of Sandy

Guardians of Rescue continue helping animals whose lives were upended by Hurricane Sandy. They write about their efforts and a video slideshow tells much of the story in pictures. Read more

Santito: Injured Kitten Gets Physical Therapy to Walk Again

Santito’s sweet spirit touched those who saw him, and he had the good fortune to come into the care of rescuers willing to give him a chance to recover. Read more

A Cats Prayer of Thanks - Furball Fables

Chase Holiday’s Furball Kitties say thank you for their many blessings in their third annual Thanksgiving video. ” To our American friends ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ ! And to cat lovers everywhere, us cats say ‘thank you for all you do’.” Read more

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