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Inspirational Cat Videos

Shelby County No Kill Mission vs. PETA

When the No Kill status of a county shelter was in danger due to overcrowding, PETA sent gift baskets to county officials, congratulating them on the decision to resume the killing of shelter animals. The crisis was averted and no animals were killed. Read more

Anakin Loves Da Bird: Two Legged Cat Hops Like A Bunny

Here’s Anakin playing with the cat toy, Da Bird! This is by far his favorite toy. Watch Ani jump & hop to catch Da Bird! Read more

Bernice's Amazing Journey: One Year Later

Jackie K., a veterinary student employed at Animal Hospital of Oshkosh made this new video on the amazing Bernice and her recovery from severe burn injuries. Read more

Animal Haven Adoption Stories: Profiles of Love

A new video shows happily ever after stories for former NYC shelter pets and their families. Cat lover and shelter volunteer Suzi Anders is featured in one of the three stories. Read more

Pudding's Story

A video profile revisits the story of Pudding, the cat who saved his petmom’s life the same night she adopted him. Pudding is now a registered therapy cat who goes to work with Amy Jung every day. Read more

Bogey's Story: Formerly Abused Cat Teaches Children Kindness and Duty Toward Animals

With a forgiving spirit in his heart, Bogey has turned his past into an opportunity to teach children an important, lifelong lesson. Read more

Healing Power of Pets: Woman with Multiple Sclerosis and Her Cat

Yolanda Seay’s cat Nika plays an important role in her life. He is companion, lifeline and possibly lifesaver to the disabled woman who depends on him. Read more

The No Kill Revolution in America

A 12 minute trailer for an upcoming full length feature tells the story of the no kill movement that is saving the lives of shelter pets in several communities across the US. Read more

Rescued Cats Recovering at the SPCA for Monterey County

A happy update to a sad story. The adult cats removed from a disturbing hoarding environment are staying in a pleasant space that is helping them to become happy, beautiful and well cared for cats. Read more

Anakin Update With Video: Making Biscuits After Surgery

Anakin the amazing kitten born without a pelvis and hind legs recently had minor surgery for a condition described here. His new video shows him adorably making biscuits during his recovery. Read more

Loki the Blind Kitten

A family took responsibility for a kitten they found with infected eyes. They paid for surgery when his eyes had to be removed and want everyone to know that sightless kitties can lead happy lives. Read more

Dot: Learning to Love Her Cart

Special needs kitty Dot, born with spina bifida, is learning to use her brand new wheeled cart. Read more

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