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Inspirational Cat Videos

Chloe's Touching Tale

Take a minute to watch this touching story about 8 day old Chloe the kitten, whose life was saved by a rescue group just in the nick of time. Read more

A trip to the hospital with Studley, therapy cat and 2014 "Cat of the Year"

A video crew followed along as Studley, the therapy cat who is the ASPCA’s Cat of the Year, visited hospital patients and brightened their day. Read more

A Kitten's Rescue

Winston Young brought a tiny kitten up from a space beneath his mother’s porch and returned the kitten to its concerned Mama. Watch! Read more

FatBoy's Rescue

A sweet and loving kitten was stuck up a tree for 2 days, crying for help until his rescuers saved the day and brought him safely down. Read more

Caelyn and Hector

Here is the story of a little girl who became closely bonded with the little white kitten being fostered by her family. Read more

Adorable Kittens Rescued Outside of a Warehouse

Three cute little kittens found behind the offices of the Razor scooter company were rescued by employees. Read more

Kitten Rescue Volunteer Stories

Two dedicated foster caregivers – one who takes bottle-baby kittens and another who cares for FeLV cats – talk about their work helping the kitties. Read more

Marmalade the Cancer Warrior in EPIC Cat Playfight Compilation!

Cancer warrior kitty and cat video star Marmalade is featured in this cute compilation of clips that showcase his fighting spirit. Read more

Caring for Sam

Sam’s petmom shares what it is like caring for a beloved cat with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure), in a touching yet informative video. Read more

Baby Deer and Cat are Friends

A tame motherless fawn adopted by a family at one week old has a loving friendship with a young cat. Read more

Abandoned cat rescued from the road is adopted by two dogs

When an abandoned Romanian kitten was rescued back in July, his new family’s two dogs quickly adopted him and and made him part of the pack. Read more

Special Needs Cat Psi Gets Loving Care

Tabby’s Place sanctuary in Ringoes, new Jersey is caring for a special needs kitty named Psi, who has ongoing challenges due to her spina bifida. Psi is getting the best of care to help her to have the best possible quality of life. Read more

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