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Inspirational Cat Videos

Anakin the 2 Legged Miracle Cat loves the new bedspread

Our friend Anakin the 2 legged miracle cat – born without a pelvis and hind legs – has fun with Mom’s new bedspread. Read more

‘Cat Lady’ helps cats in overlooked Chicago neighborhoods

A volunteer who visits run down neighborhoods several days a week helping cats has TNRed over 500 cats just since Jan. 2013. Read more

Cat cafe for cat lovers

This is an incredible concept for a cafe – A Cat Cafe! Melbourne have opened their first Cat Cafe. Read more

Anakin and the lizard

Anakin the two legged miracle cat takes an intense interest in a lizard on the other side of the window glass in this video. Read more

A Year of Pets Helped After Fires and Reunited with Their Families

Red Paw is celebrating three years helping animals displaced by fires. A touching and heartwarming video looks back on the past year, with its fires, it rescued pets, and the happy reunions between those pets and their people. Read more

GoPro Video: Firefighters Rescue Two Kittens

A GoPro camera captured the drama as firefighters rescued two tiny kittens on Sunday. One of the babies had to be revived with CPR at the scene. Read more

Cute Dog Mothers Kitten

Paola Sanchez uploaded these endearing short videos of her Jack Russell terrier Marley mothering Bryan Blue, a little Siamese kitten rescued by her dad. Read more

Unweaned Kitten Trapped Under Floor is Rescued After 3 Days

An unweaned kitten trapped and meowing from beneath the floor of Los Angeles apartment was saved by a rescue team and is being fostered as a bottle baby by the apartment’s resident. Read more

Meet Madeline - A Sweet Survivor Cat

When Madeline first arrived at the Animal Rescue League her fur was so thickly matted that she couldn’t walk. With medical attention, grooming and rehabilitative care, she has regained the ability to walk. Read more

The cats of Project Bay Cat are HAPPY!

The happy and beautiful colony cats of Project Bay Cat on San Francisco Bay are back with their second, and charmingly edited, “Happy” video set to Pharrell’s infectiously happy song. Read more

Awesome Ragdoll Cat Welcomes Home Soldier

Finn the Ragdoll cat welcomes a soldier named Nick home from drill, proving that it’s not just dogs who get excited when their loved ones return home. Read more

Cat and Lynx are Loving Friends

A sweet video with the bonded domestic cat and lynx from a St. Petersburg, Russia zoo shows the pair’s loving relationship. Read more

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