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Inspirational Cat Videos

Two Siamese Kittens Rescued In Cardboard Box

Meet Paris and Mocha, Siamese kitten bottle babies rescued from a high kill shelter where they faced euthanization. Read more

Helpless Baby Kitten Rescued From Granite Yard

Rocket almost didn’t have a chance at a new life. Read more

Bebe; Kitten born with Manx syndrome

Bebe is a beautiful rescue kitten born with Manx Syndrome. Read more

Homeless Kittens Born At Mall Loading Dock Rescued With Mother

Mama was a pregnant stray who panicked and ran to a loading dock, where she had her kittens before the little family was rescued. Read more

Helpless Kitten Rescued At 8 Days Old, Now Eyes Opened And Being Socialized

Rescued kitten Chloe is now 4 weeks old. See how she’s doing! Read more

Chloe's Touching Tale

Take a minute to watch this touching story about 8 day old Chloe the kitten, whose life was saved by a rescue group just in the nick of time. Read more

A trip to the hospital with Studley, therapy cat and 2014 "Cat of the Year"

A video crew followed along as Studley, the therapy cat who is the ASPCA’s Cat of the Year, visited hospital patients and brightened their day. Read more

A Kitten's Rescue

Winston Young brought a tiny kitten up from a space beneath his mother’s porch and returned the kitten to its concerned Mama. Watch! Read more

FatBoy's Rescue

A sweet and loving kitten was stuck up a tree for 2 days, crying for help until his rescuers saved the day and brought him safely down. Read more

Caelyn and Hector

Here is the story of a little girl who became closely bonded with the little white kitten being fostered by her family. Read more

Adorable Kittens Rescued Outside of a Warehouse

Three cute little kittens found behind the offices of the Razor scooter company were rescued by employees. Read more

Kitten Rescue Volunteer Stories

Two dedicated foster caregivers – one who takes bottle-baby kittens and another who cares for FeLV cats – talk about their work helping the kitties. Read more

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