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Inspirational Cat Videos

Enya the miracle kitten

Here is the touching story of Enya, a kitten who was at death’s door when she was rescued but is now happy and healthy thanks to her foster family’s care. Read more

What is kitten season? One shelter's story ... .

Friends of a Los Angeles area shelter talk about kitten season and let us know how we can help homeless kittens and those who care for them. Read more

Rescued Cat Helps Nurse Little Goat Back To Health

A rescued cat at an animal sanctuary is extremely devoted to a baby goat who arrived with a broken leg and in delicate health. Read more

Stevie the blind cat climbs a mountain

“Today Stevie climbed a mountain. Stevie is blind.” The beautiful video of that walk also speaks to life’s journey. Read more

Homeless Kitten With Herpes Infected Eye Gets A New Chance At Life

Olivia has had it rough, but is so sweet and unaffected by her troubles! Read more

10 Things to know about 3 Legged Cats

A cute and educational video shows 10 things to know about 3 legged cats, and gives tips on making their lives easier and helping them to adapt. Read more

Bobcat kitten rescued from brushfire is on the mend

A baby bobcat kitten rescued from a Florida brushfire is on the mend and getting TLC at a wildlife center. Read more

Two Siamese Kittens Rescued In Cardboard Box

Meet Paris and Mocha, Siamese kitten bottle babies rescued from a high kill shelter where they faced euthanization. Read more

Helpless Baby Kitten Rescued From Granite Yard

Rocket almost didn’t have a chance at a new life. Read more

Bebe; Kitten born with Manx syndrome

Bebe is a beautiful rescue kitten born with Manx Syndrome. Read more

Homeless Kittens Born At Mall Loading Dock Rescued With Mother

Mama was a pregnant stray who panicked and ran to a loading dock, where she had her kittens before the little family was rescued. Read more

Helpless Kitten Rescued At 8 Days Old, Now Eyes Opened And Being Socialized

Rescued kitten Chloe is now 4 weeks old. See how she’s doing! Read more

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