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Funny Cat Videos

Cat vs. DVD Player

Kitty finally musters up the courage to touch it.

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Snow Catcher Cat

Whoo hoo!
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Telepathy Exists!

The Crazy Spinning Cat

Jumping Kittens vs Wall Paper

Really Cute Stare Down

A dramatic musical score really sets off the “tension” in this cute dog vs. cat stare down.

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Cat in Snow

An intrepid Russian cat makes his way through fresh snow, heading  back to the house and his people, and meowing all the way.

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Self Packing Cat

Footie Feline: Cat on the Pitch at Anfield

Cats were in short supply at the Superbowl broadcast on Sunday, but that was not the case at a UK footie match yesterday, when a cat dashed onto the pitch.
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The Circle of Life

A compilation of pet owners recreating the famous Lion King scene.

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The Chase

Revenge is sweet as a jerk gets his comeuppance.2009 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl competition finalist.
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Cat and Flute

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