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Cute Cat Videos


Kitty is caught in the act. Read more

Anakin, Mika & George Play Catnip Cyclone

Miracle cat Anakin, born without a pelvis or hind legs, is a feisty, normal cat. Here he plays with a new toy, along with his siblings. Read more

Protective Cat Keeps Man's Arm Inside

This adorable kitten just won’t let his owner hang his arm out the window! The little guy just brings it back inside! Read more

Timo at the pond

Timo makes his daily visit to the koi pond to visit his friends. Read more

Oscar Investigates - Bathtime

Oscar the kitten investigates the bath. Read more

Purr Elise

A piano classic with Dad at the keyboard makes for the perfect backdrop to a day in the lives of Shorty and Kodi. Read more

Black Cat Appreciation Day - Lucky Black Cats

The Furball kitties have a personal connection with Black Cat Appreciation Day, which is shared in this year’s celebration of the special day. Read more

How To Appreciate A Panther

How do you appreciate your very own house panther? Watch and see! Read more

Colonel Meow's Chariot

Colonel Meow has assembled his forces to go out into the world and conquer. Read more

Pat the Cat

A Russian cat lets it be known that he wants to be petted. Read more

Cool Cat

Cool cat BoBo tries to keep chillin as hyper kitten Nikita zips around to and fro. Read more

Sleeping Dancing Kitty № 55

A cute sleeping kitten doing a little dream dance has some very unusual markings on its belly … . Read more

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