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Cute Cat Videos

Cat Massages Tiger

Helga, the cat, practices her massage routine on a very cooperative tiger! Read more

Chick Nestles Under Cat

A chick sits happily nestled with foster Daddy extraordinare, Oscar the cat. We think Oscar deserves a special tip of the hat this Father’s Day for his incredible gentleness and devotion to “his” chicks. Read more

Billy The Stray Cat Changes The Life Of An Autistic Boy With The Healing Power of Love

Billy was rescued after being abandoned and now, after being given a second chance with a new family, he has bonded with a special needs boy and created a miraculous transformation in the little boy’s life. Read more

Getting Used to Heights | Too Cute!

These American Curl kittens reach the summit of the family room ottoman! Read more

Newborn Kitten Sucks His Thumb

Read more

Anakin the Two Legged Kitten: Back to Fun After Minor Surgery and a Challenging Week

The kitten born without hind legs had surgery for a prolapsed rectum this week, followed by complications. Carrie Hawks was thrilled and relieved to see him racing around like a spaz (her term) again today because it showed he is feeling better. A new video shares the fun. Read more


Following in the pawprints of Kittywood Studios, Catvertising, and the Bouygues Telecom kitties at work, Cadbury Boost and MTV Australia present the latest social networking site for cats. Tongue in cheek, of course. Read more

Kittens Want to Play

Read more

Bumble Bee Kitteh

Today Bella kitten is a little bumblebee fairy. Read more

The Tomato Thief

Read more

Bella In The Make Believe Garden

Little Baby Bella, the adorable black kitten from recent videos, plays in a pretend garden. No real butterflies were harmed. Read more

Scrappy And The Hat

Little Miss Scrappy Kitten playing hide-and-seek with her favorite hat. Read more

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