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Cute Cat Videos

Kitten Pile!

There’s an 8 kitten pile up on the bed! Read more

Cat is Mother Hen to Chicks

Oscar is not the only cat in his household to care for the family’s chicks. Rosie does her part, too. Here she is letting the chicks snuggle up underneath her. Read more

Kodi and Shorty: Love Will Keep Us Together

Dad says: I knew this day would come when they couldn’t fit together in the top of the cat tree. Perhaps a new purchase or reno project is in my future. But as you’ll see, they’ll still find ways to be together. Read more

Snuggle Fun with Anakin

Two legged miracle kitten Anakin gives himself a little kitty bath and plays with his tail while snuggled into a blanket on Mom’s lap.
Read more

Funny Kitten Jumps

Kitty does the crazy sideways gallop.
Read more

Blankie, Are You My Mother?

Bella loves her fuzzy little blankie. Read more

How To Love A Cat Into Submission

Read more

Spin the Top

Kitten spins the top. Read more

Kodi the Madcap Kitten and the Cat Tree

Watch Kodi’s acrobatics as he gets the hang of the cat tree and really take it out for a spin in the end. Read more

"I Are Meerkat" Cute Kitten

Cute kitten stands. Read more

Anakin the Two Legged Kitten, Playing in the Hallway & Meeting Trixie

In a heartwarming and fun video, Anakin lives and plays with utter joy as he explores the world outside her little nest. The rescued miracle kitten born without a pelvis and hind legs is now ready to leave the security of the bathroom for the big wide world of the hallway. Freedom, toys, and friends are fun! Read more

Back Scratcher.

Kitty gets that hard to reach spot. Read more

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