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Cute Cat Videos

More! More Scratching!

Kitty is very talkative when scratched in the right spot. Read more

Dancing Cat

Kitty turns the “Begging Cat” move into a dance, while being held by his very much amused partner. Read more

Let's Play Bully Cat

Life in the Furball Fables home is slightly less than perfect, just as it is for many of us. Yogi is an otherwise sweet cat who bullies two of his siblings. Read more

Random Kitten Cuteness 2

Random kitten cuteness with an adorable pile of foster kittens. Read more

Unfriendly Cat

Kitty is not a fan of a cardboard cutout flat cat. Read more

8 More Signs Your Cat is Actually a Dog

Do you have a cog? A dat? A new breed of domesticated animal with the loyalty of a dog in a cat’s body? The sequel to the immensely popular “8 signs your cat is actually a dog gives you more signs to watch for. Read more

Cats vs Printers Compilation

A compilation of video clips with cats versus printers. Read more

Morning Feeding Insanity

Breakfast with the foster kittens, at the home of foster caregiver Kimberly Jennery. Read more

I am Maru 5

Maru recently turned 6 years old. This video take a look back at highlights from the past year. Read more

Mommy, Mommy, Hug Me !

Cutest Cat Moments: Sweetness and love with kitten Rocky and Mama Coco, from funnycatsandnicefish. Read more

Oskar the Blind Cat, in Parkour Pussycat

Oskar performs some amazing parkour maneuvers — these are part of his nightly ritual. Read more

Cat Bearding!

Video creator Chris Poole and his cat Cole demonstrate that cat bearding may not be as easy as it looks in those viral photos! Their attempts are way cuter, in our opinion. Read more

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