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Cute Cat Videos

Things Cats Teach Us

Just the thought of a cuddly kitten or cat is enough to make your heart melt but there’s more to these little fur-balls than just being cute! Read more

Cute Cat Steals Dog's Food

Kitty makes a sneaky move and gets a little snack from the dog dish. Read more

Kitten Plays Football

Kitten plays football (soccer). Read more

Disco Ninja Kittens

These Disco Ninja Kittens are ready to dance and fight their way into your heart! Read more

Siamese Cat Opens Door

Radha the Seal Point Siamese cat used her superior intellect to open a door on her own. Read more

Cat vs Dog

A cat repeatedly pounces on a little doggie friend. Read more

What are you looking at?

Kitty is engrossed in a personal activity and does not realize he’s got an audience. Read more

Chorus Line of Kittens

An adorable followup kitten chorus line video from Funnycatsandnicefish, Read more

Marmalade and the TP

As one commenter put it at YouTube, “Marmalade’s on a Roll.” Read more

Kitten needs my glasses

Anthony Cumia lets a kitten take his glasses off his face, and writes:”For some reason, he needed them more than I did.” Read more

Kittens on Slides Compilation

Cute kittens playing on slides. Read more

Oscar Kitten Chases His Tail

Kitten Oscar chases his tail sweetly and happily while his owners learn an important lesson. Read more

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