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Cute Cat Videos

Ping Pong Cat

Boy and cat play a friendly game of ping pong. Read more

Cat Interrupts Univision Weather Report

A cat adds an unexpected element to the weather report during Univision’s nightly news. Read more

Funny Kitten F1 Racing

The Ninja kittens from funnycatsandnicefish race around under the supervision of Mama kitty Coco. Read more

Pudge Begs for Treats

Forget politely asking for a treat. Pudge takes matters into her own paws. Read more

Paws Up, Paws Down

Volodya is one very easy going kitty. Read more

The Cat Flap

Leo has no trouble opening doors. Cat he learn to navigate the new cat door, though? Read more

Simon's Cat in 'Nut Again'

An agile adversary gives Simon’s Cat the run around. Read more

Cat and Hedgehog Drink Milk Together

This video of a little hedgehog and a kitty sharing a saucer of milk is about as sweet as anything we’ve ever seen. Read more

Kitten Having Fun With Cordless Phone

A short iPhone clip showing Marshy (around 6 weeks old back then) entertained herself by turning a cordless phone. What a smart and resourceful kitten! Read more

A Cats Prayer of Thanks - Furball Fables

Chase Holiday’s Furball Kitties say thank you for their many blessings in their third annual Thanksgiving video. ” To our American friends ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ ! And to cat lovers everywhere, us cats say ‘thank you for all you do’.” Read more

The Kitten Beauty Spa

Thunder & Monkey know a great deal when they see one and the Kitten Beauty Spa is it! Read more

Pookke's Blissful Purrs

Pookke loves having his head and face massaged. Read more

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