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Cute Cat Videos

The Sweetest Kitten Love

A beautiful little story of love … . Read more

Kitty and Birdie Chase the Laser Pointer

A cat and a bird get along like best friends while chasing the laser pointer together. Read more

Kitty Fetches the Toy

A nimble cat climbs way up high to retrieve a toy in a game of fetch. Read more

Guarding the Box

Kitten Rocky claims a little box and guards it from his sister Ruby and the kittens’ Mama, Coco. Read more

Cat and Mirror

A cat does the old sideways dance when it catches sight of itself in the mirror, in this brief video. Read more

Best Cats Of 2013 (Part 1)

It’s shaping up to be a great year for cat videos. This compilation video showcases highlights from some of the best released so far. Read more

Hello Cats Compilation

What do the cats say? The cats say hello! Read more

Percy's Little Friend

Percy loves his little leopard stuffie. Read more

Who Gave The Kittens Coffee?

Well, no one did, but you’ll see why their cat butler might ask. Read more

Kitty Turns the Door Knob

A resourceful cat knows how to open the door when he wants to move from one room to another. Read more

Cutest Cat Moments: Mama Coco and Kitten Rosy Hug to Hug

Sweet and tender. Read more

Henri le Chat's Ennui Over SXSW

Henri, le Chat Noir reflects on his thieving filmmaker’s trip to South By Southwest for an Animal Planet party. Though he wears a tuxedo, Henri is left behind. Read more

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