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Cute Cat Videos

Cute Kittens Making Their Own Video - Part 2

A documentary about foster kittens who make cat videos? You bet! Read more

Bottle Baby Kitten with a Big Appetite

A beautiful compilation of clips shows tiny kitten Nikita enjoying her bottle feedings after her family rescued her and saved her life. Read more

Timo the Ragdoll Cat in the Garden

Compilation video of Timo in the garden; Digging like a dog, King of the garden, playing Ping Pong with his Koi friends, chasing butterflies and his daily visit to the Koi pond. Read more

Cat Plays the Theremin

In this cat video classic, a cat plays the theremin, much to his friend’s dismay. Read more

Lucille & Ricky - Kittens That Will Wobble Their Way Into Your Heart!

Kittens don’t come much cuter or sweeter than Lucille & Ricky and they don’t let having Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) get in the way of their having fun either. Read more

Kittens vs. Mice

How to catch a (toy) mouse. Read more

Cats Compilation

A compilation video with cute cat clips. Read more

Hana turns and Maru watches

Hana can play with her own tail, but Maru cannot, because his tail is slightly short. Read more

Anakin The Two Legged Cat Rolling Around on the Porch

Anakin, Mika & The Gang Love to be out on the screened porch. Mika, George, Trixie, & Zoe like to lounge on the porch BUT not Anakin! Little Man Anakin rolls and rolls around on the ground! Read more

Twitchy Kitty...

When Marmalade the kitten sleeps, he sleeps deep! He’s the cat that’s playing one second then sleeping in a very weird position the next! Enjoy these cute clips of him chasing mice in his sleep! Read more

Cute Kittens Making Their Own Video

A feisty group of foster kittens give new meaning to the term cat video, when they take over the camera. Read more

Cat Teaches Baby To Walk

Kitty shows baby how it’s done. Read more

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