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Cute Cat Videos

Kitten Ruffians

Sibling kittens Monkey & Thunder fight it out for the “Top Ruffian Kitten” title. Read more

Cat Gives Possum Piggyback Ride

An Aussie cat carried a baby possum on her back as she gave it a ride around her yard Tuesday morning. Read more

Cat Sitting Relaxed

A cat just chillin’ on a wall livin’ the good life has been getting a lot of attention this week. Read more

Cat and Dog in Love

It must be love. A cute cat and dog give kisses and cuddles to one another. Read more

Long box and Maru

Maru finds a new challenge in a long and narrow box. Read more

Rufus Tower

Billy Browne builds his cat Rufus the awesomest box tower ever. The video soundtrack is from Billy’s brother’s band Parralel Lions. Enjoy! Read more

Cats Confessions and Little White Lies

A charming little video on what our cats are really up to. Read more

Synchronized Dancing Kittens Chorus

Well done! A gorgeous litter of kittens we’ve seen in other recent videos move their heads in time to music. Read more

Catnapped! Cravendale Cats With Thumbs

What happened to all the milkmen? That’s the question both asked and answered in this highly anticipated new video from Cravendale Milk, which also brought us 2011′s viral hit Cats With Thumbs. Read more

Ray Ray the Bulldog and Mango the Kitten

Foster kitten Mango has a loving moment with foster “Uncle” Ray Ray the bulldog. Read more

Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat Catches a Fly Like a Ninja

Anakin, the amazing kitty born without a pelvis or hind legs, show his lightning fast reflexes in this video. Read more

Venus the Two Faced Chimera Kitty Cat Leaves New York

New video with Venus the two faced chimera cat shows her relaxing with her petparents after her appearance on the today show, and before leaving New York to go back home to Florida. Read more

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