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Cute Cat Videos

A Kitten A Cat & A Bag...

Crazy kitten Marmalade is trying to entice Cole the Black Cat to play, too! Read more

Copy Cat

A simple moment with two beloved cats says it all. Starring Shorty and Kodi. Read more

Put Your Paws in the Air

Elektra demonstrates the classic kitty “begging” stance dance for the camera. Read more

Shall We Dance?

Pavel the Kitten wants to be a dancer. Maybe because he was named in honor of the famous ballerina Pavlova? Read more

Smokey Joe the Cat Demonstrates Clicker Training

Here’s Oskar & Klaus’ buddy, Smokey Joe, demonstrating what can be achieved with some nightly clicker training practice. Oskar & Klaus just started this training too, so we’ll see how well they do in a month or two. Their video is coming soon. Read more

Kitten Fight! Kitten Fight!

A bit of entertaining rough and tumble fun from the DrNworb players. Read more

Kittens Play in their Hamster Balls

Exotic shorthair kittens and hamster balls … an adorable and fun combination. Read more

Kitty Love Song

New from the guys who brought us The Engineer’s Guide to Cats and other cat video classics: A silly little song about how kitties express their love every day. Read more

Henri 7 - "The Cat is Sat"

Henri Le Chat Noir suffers through an episode with an incompetent petsitter while his caretaker is out of town. Read more

Kiss Me Please

Kitty wants kisses. Read more

Make Your Life Better: Adopt a Cat!

Are you lost? Confused? Life not making sense? We can help! Read more

Kitten Shpuntik

A two month old kitten from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine plays in this sweet little video. Read more

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