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Cute Cat Videos

Ladder and Maru

Maru makes the most ordinary activities seem fascinating. Here he climbs a ladder to get to a broad windowsill where he can enjoy his cat grass. Read more

Alley the Cat Hugs Her Stuffed Kitty

Adorable Alley hugs her stuffie, in one of the sweetest little cat videos we’ve ever seen. Read more

Our Kitten Hazel

Hazel is a beautiful, healthy, inquisitive and adorable kitten who can expect to enjoy a long and happy life. The person who dumped her in a dog poo bin did not value her existence or her right to happiness. Thankfully her new family does. Read more


Kittens race around at super fast speeds during a madcap play session. Read more

Cute Kitten Kisses My Face

Cutest kitten kisses ever! Read more

Marmalade, the hugging rescue cat saved from death!

Marmalade is a big, lovey boy with a very special story. Read more

Thunder The Love Sponge Cat

Thunder wants everyone to know that he eventually let his brother Monkey have some quality time with their butler. Read more

The irresolute kitten

An adorable little kitten tentatively tests boundaries with a grown up cat. Read more

Cats vs The Annoying Halloween Candy Bowl

The Furball cats would do just about anything to get their paws on some friskies party mix treats including going up against the Annoying Candy Bowl! Happy Halloween! Read more

Happy Halloween from Pudge the Cat

Pudge the cat celebrates Halloween by investigating a plastic jack o’ lantern and posing with the holiday decorations.. Read more

Happy Meowloween!

Cole the Black Cat and Marmalade celebrate Halloween. Read more

City the Kitty and his sparkling water

City the Kitty always is curious about sparkling water. He just can’t figure it out. Read more

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