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Cute Cat Videos


Wait … is that a balloon? Read more

Kitty helps with the laundry

Kodi helps with the laundry. Read more

Cat Loves Water

Miles Davis the Cat loves his water WHEREVER he can get it! Read more

Cute Crazy Kitten Vs Mirror

A cute kitten sees himself in the mirror. Read more

Pay Attention to Me!

Reo loves his guardian’s grown son and cannot get enough attention from him. Read more

Maru and Hana are in the bathroom.

Maru and new kitty Hana share a beautiful and loving moment. Read more

Cat,Hedgehog & Dog (Best Buddies)

So this is what happens when you put Flubby the super Chill Cat, Nimbus the Gentle giant and Poki the outgoing Hedgehog together. Read more

Chick Sleeps Under Cat's Chin

This Chick found Oscar’s chin to be a comfortable place to sleep! Read more

Chorus Line of Cute Kittens rehearses

The famed Chorus Line of Cute Kittens rehearses. Read more

Kitten Sleeping in Cup: The Song

What does a kitty dream about when it’s snuggled in a cup? Read more

Shark Cat: The Song

What goes through a cat dressed as a shark’s mind while it rides a Roomba around the kitchen? This song will tell you! Read more

Kitten Jumping Party

A kitten play session becomes very animated. Read more

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