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Cute Cat Videos

Box and Maru 13

Maru believes that when he digs the narrow box, it becomes wide. Read more

Bella and the Christmas Tree

Bella has some fun attacking ornaments on the tree. Read more

Black Cat Chasing His Own Tail in a Bucket

As the title says, here’s one silly little kitty cat. Read more

Crazy Cat Attacks Christmas Tree - Again and Again

Our crazy cat started attacking our Christmas tree decorations when we put it up. He went crazy over the shiny decorations and tree lights and wouldn’t leave them alone … Read more

Kitten Does a Backflip

Kitty flips for the wand toy. Read more

Kitten Attacks Christmas Decorations on Tree

Eight month old Lily plays with the decorations on the Christmas tree. Read more

Oskar the Blind Cat and The Cat Tree

Oskar the Blind Cat demonstrates the safest way to descend from a tall cat tree when he can’t determine what’s below and doesn’t want to jump directly to the floor. Butt-first fireman pole style! Read more

Cat Wrestles Boy to the Ground

A little boy can’t stop laughing as the family cat is all over him. Read more

Smile: Cute Kitten Fun

Kitten fun with adorable Nikita, in glorious slo mo. Read more

Kitten vs Mirror

One of the Ninja kittens is very interested in the kitten in the mirror Read more

Anakin in Dreamland

Miracle kitty Anakin, born without a pelvis or hind legs continues to show he is completely adapted and able. In this video, He is able to charm while getting his 40 winks. Read more

Cat Helps Baby With English

The cat goes meow. Read more

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